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Azazel (Scenesys ID: 1235)
"Your initial reaction is: 'How is this possible'? But contrast it with this: Think of all the times you enriched the powerful. Every time you stamped your boot down on the oppressed and scorned...because it made you feel good to win an easy victory. Because the wealthy and the corrupt let you stand by their side for a time, it almost felt like you were as important as they. When you did all those already served me. Now we're just putting it in writing."
Full Name: Azazel
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: Ruler of the Neyaphem
Citizenship: Brimstone Dimension
Residence: Brimstone Dimension
Education: Self-taught
Status: Dropped
Groups: Hellfire Club, Mystic Arts-OOC, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 9,000 BCE Actor: Gaspard Ulliel
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 68 kg (150 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: "Year Zero" by Ghost B.C.


An ancient mutant from biblical times, Azazel is the undisputed ruler of a demonic mutant tribe known as the Neyaphem. Along with his his legions, he has been banished to the Brimstone Dimension for millennia. Finding escape in the 20th Century, Azazel now barters in souls and influence as a member of the Hellfire Club's Black Court. Slowly furthering his promise to free the Neyaphem from eternal exile and retake that which he long ago claimed to be his. Everything.

You could say he's an ambitious sort.

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Azazel's influence in the classical descriptions of devils and demons as red-skinned tricksters is hard to ignore. The scarlet skin tone, the pointed ears and elongated canines in a wicked smile. The long tail ending in a dangerous point does little to dissuade the immediate apprehension most feel in his presence. Void black eyes hold the glimmer of malevolent yellow pupils. Dark hair, swept away from his face and those handsome, if sharp features. A black beard or goatee often a staple in his appearance. Unlike many of his offspring, Azazel has the usual five fingers and toes instead of three on each appendage.

Gifted with a naturally(or unnaturally, depending on your politics) tall and slender frame, Azazel enhances his imposing stature with attire befitting one of his primacy and influence. Favoring dark suits and elaborately knitted ties when visiting Earth on his "business trips". When shapeshifted to fit in with the flock of humanity, his attire and demeanor are sure to follow.


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Before the rise of civilization, an ancient tribe called the Neyaphem made their claim for control of all. Led by Azazel, this horde of demonic mutants waged a bloody war upon the Earth in an attempt to overthrow Celestial forces and their agents, a group of angelic mutants known as the Cheyarafim. With the intent to enslave or erradicate humanity, seeing the species as a toxic presence to the planet, he was met with staunch resistance. Eventually defeated, Azazel and the Neyaphem were exiled to the Brimstone Dimension for all of eternity. The Brimstone Dimension, a hellscape with thin barriers between various dimensions and a close link to Earth, was to serve as their prison.

For thousands of years, Azazel watched humanity thrive in his home while he was trapped. He watched them grow and advance, listening and learning along with them. Over millennia, he formulated a far reaching plan to free the Neyaphem(and most importantly himself) and retake what was rightfully his. Theirs. His rule over the Neyaphem persisted, their loyalty resolute. It was his powerful teleportation gifts and black sorcery that allowed him and only him to leave the Brimstone Dimension for brief periods of time. Using these excursions to bring mortals under his sway through magically reinforced pacts, Azazel slowly expanded a web of influence. Establishing "anchors" through bloodline ties and summoning rites, he gained more and more of a foothold on Earth.

It wasn't until the late twentieth century that Azazel began exploring new means to the same end. Overtly plundering souls from Purgatory and nearby Underworld Dimensions, in some cases even bartering them back for favors or more "lesser" souls. Empowering him enough to placate his Neyaphem armies with hopes of ever closer freedom, they wait for the grand portal to finally open. Azazel, on the other hand, has begun setting his sights on more than just Earth. Looking greedily at nearby Hellscapes and territories, Azazel is making powerful allies for his next go at fulfilling his destiny. Forging new pacts with the gifted and strange in this modern world filled with so much power and opportunity.

He's also -rapidly- making enemies while he's at it.


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Manipulative. Egotistical. Treacherous. Azazel offers almost exactly what one would expect when looking upon his devilish self. Adhereing to a code of ethics forged by thousands of years ruling over a demonic tribe of exiled mutants, Azazel brings a special brand of corruption to the world at large. Driven by obsession and megalomania, this otherworldly tyrant uses those around him with promises of success and riches to move forward his agenda of eternal rule. Patient beyond measure, his exceptional greed can override a sense of prudence when an opportunity appeals to his baser demands for more and more. Not one to shy away from conflict, this ancient warlord may not be known for a hot temper but the cruelty he inflicts on enemies surely reveals a taste for violence that has not at all been tempered by his millennia of imprisonment.


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A deep connection to the Brimstone Dimension allows Azazel to blend almost flawlessly into darkness and shadow. Clothing or objects he is holding are not altered. This ability can be overcome by enhanced vision and does not impact the other senses.

Dark Sorcery:
The powerful degree of mystical might that Azazel has demonstrated is said to be the cause of his possibly demonic blood. Branded a demon regardless, it's the time he's spent in deep study and his ties to the Brimstone Dimension that truly elevate this ancient mutant to the top ranks of the magical food chain. Though his chosen fields of study may be limited in scope, it would be no embellishment to call him a Master of the Dark Arts.

Azazel's black magic, empowered by the Brimstone Dimension and pilfered or bartered souls, brings a potent mix of spells and rituals. Some even thought lost to the dust and rot of history. Insidious curses and debilitating hexes, scrying, true name spells, conjuration, binding/freeing and even some dabbling in necromancy. Though he may know spells from less corrupted sources, their uses can be unpredictable or short-lived and are mostly avoided for more dependable results.

Demonic Constitution:
Whether due to mutation, ancient lifespan or mystical gifts, Azazel is more durable than the average mortal man. Skin and muscle all more dense but far from invincible, he's withstood direct impacts of great force that would normally kill or seriously injure a human.

Devil's Tail:
Keeping true to his image, Azazel posesses a prehensile tail that is more than strong enough to support his own weight. Known to even wield an extra weapon in a pinch, though nothing demanding fine dexterity. While able to draw blood against flesh with the barb at tail's end, he cannot damage metals or other hard materials with it.

Flexible Bone Structure:
A gift of his mutation, Azazel's bones and joins, ligaments and all are highly flexible, allowing him to perform acrobatic and contortionist feats with ease. Aiding in escape artistry, combat, stealth and even a night spent on the dance floor.

While it could be an evolution of his own mutation, mystical effects or the eleven thousand years bound to the Brimstone Dimension, Azazel has proven to be quite functionally immortal. Regenerating rapidly from mortal wounds and even destroyed or severed limbs, this regeneration is obviously quicker than a human but absolutely not at the same potency of other mutants or beings that claim a Healing Factor as their primary power. Near fatal wounds and horrible disfigurement may take a week or two to recover from, for instance. Though that speed can be enhanced by resting primarily in the Brimstone Dimension.

Inhuman Agility:
Possessing enhanced agility to go along with his unique demonic appearance, Azazel is capable of extreme levels of flexibility and dexterity that seem effortless to him but are simply impossible for others. A flexible bone structure, extreme elasticity in the ligaments and a prehensile tail to counter balance makes him a challenge to keep up with. Professional gymnasts at the height of their careers could not compare.

Night Vision:
Mutation granted, Azazel has an enhanced, reactive dark sight that lets him see in complete darkness and still operate normally in regular light. Though sudden shifts from pitch to flare will cause more than a bit of discomfort.

Azazel possesses an ability (and affinity) for disguise and camouflage. While unable to alter his mass by very much, he tends to prefer sticking to humanoid forms rather than the often asked for mythical creature or animal. Skin tone, hair color and length, body shape and more is easily accomplished but things like wings and or massive height are beyond his reach.

Azazel, quite possibly the most potent teleporter alive, is able to transport himself, his gear and additional mass across vast distances by moving through Brimstone and/or Earth dimensions. With no known limitations on the distances he can reach, Azazel has no need to see or even to have previously visited his targeted destination. Needing contact to teleport additional mass or at the least to be touching something the target is also in contact with, he is capable of truly disorienting feats of teleportation. Transporting chains of individuals and, in the past, proving the power to teleport an entire ship, its cargo and crew without showing any visible strain. This, of course, is most likely near the limits of his power.

Unnatural Reflexes:
Similar to but seperate from his enhanced agility, Azazel also possesses greatly heightened reflexes to compliment his feats of acrobatic wonder. Enhanced reaction times are necessary with increases of agility beyond the human norm. Having demonstrated the ability to reflect and dodge maintained gunfire, this is often accomplished in conjunction with his teleportation abilities.

Wall Crawling:

Able to cling to nearly any surface through highly sensitive micro-suction discs on his hands and feet, Azazel can crawl and run walls and ceilings. At most, he is able to hold up to an additional two hundred pounds while adhering to a surface.


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Ancient Academic:
Exiled from his home, Azazel spent thousands upon thousands of years watching and studying humanity from afar. Bordering on obsession, he's followed the advancements of Man with a curious and jealous eye. An aready gifted intellect fueled by a voracious hunger for more has led Azazel to consume and retain not only academic works from around the globe and from every era but also rare views of history thought lost to time. While nowhere near the level of those with superhuman intellect, Azazel's time spent enviously watching humanity grow makes him far more knowledgeable than quite a few career scholars.

Leadership Experience:
On the battlefield, from the throne or through a series of inspirational text messages, Azazel has mastered the art of command over the many and the few alike. Formidable charisma, artful intimidation and effortless dominance have given him a natural apptitude for guidance. One he's only expanded upon in the eleven thousand years of his rule over the Neyaphem. Whether leading a project to completion or an army to victory, Azazel has a style all his own. Somewhere between demagogue and warmonger.

Linguistics Scholar:
Having watched and studied humanity from afar for so very long, Azazel has learned their ever evolving languages along with them. Fluent enough to be considered a native among native speakers, his knack for talking the talk isn't hindered by borders or local dialects. He's forgotten languages. He's learned new ones when they come. From Arabic to Russian, Mandarin Chinese to Bengali, knowing how to communicate is paramount to slithering into influence.

Master of Steel:
While he is clearly no amateur when it comes to empty-handed techniques, Azazel prides himself on his mastery of the sword in all its shapes and styles. Coming of age when the sword proved to be the most effective weapon of the era, he spent the next eleven thousand years perfecting this deadly skill. Given his time of study and combined with his mastery of teleportation and other powers, it's easy to say that Azazel is one of the deadliest swordsmen alive.

Silver-Tongued Devil:

Often said to be one of the many influences on the traditional devil as a trickster and manipulator, Azazel possesses a charm that seems almost supernatural at times. A master of negotiation and diplomacy, his talent for uncovering weaknesses and exploiting them with a smile has sealed more than one ill-fated deal over the years. Double-talk, expertly veiled threats, sealing the deal and outright lies are often his first tools brought to the table.


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Through connections to his living bloodline(of which only three or four currently walk the earth), mystical items, summonings and demonic pacts, Azazel has created a means to anchor himself briefly to Earth. In theory, this may also extend to other realms though he hasn't had the priveledge of exploring that potential as yet.

While ties to his bloodline(Such as Abyss, Kiwi Black and Nightcrawler) only offer brief stays of a day or two at a time, other means such as summoning rituals, binding spells and possibly even scientific methods offer him more prolonged stays. The less "natural" means tend to have drawbacks such as conditions and discomfort imposed by the caster or casters.

Brimstone Dimension:
The hellscape prison that is the Brimstone Dimension is a still, desolate landscape ruled by the Neyaphem. Ruling over the Neyaphem, Azazel claims significant control over this realm through dark sorcery and his personal ties to the dimension. While not a complete mastery of the place as a god, his home dimension being that of Earth limits his potential complete mastery.

The Brimstone Dimension acts as a nexus of sorts, connected to all points on Earth and allowing Azazel to view anywhere on the planet with appropriate effort and preparation( i.e. Scrying spells and the like). The realm acts as a natural focus for Dark Magic, allowing Azazel to perform much more powerful feats of arcane might within its dead lands. Further, the Brimstone Dimension's walls feel "thinner" between other realms like Purgatory and other Hell Dimensions. Something he uses occasionally obtain souls through bartering and or outright theft to empower him temporarily. This is something that has earned him no small number of enemies.

Demonic Bamfs:
A horde of little, red devils resembling Azazel. These little monsters mimic his abilities, mischievious personality and tend to have a bit of a cruel streak. How they became his loyal servants is likely best left unsaid but now that they loyally follow his command? They've proven invaluable. Capable trackers and a little on the vicious side with little fangs and claws, this surprisingly intelligent rabble often act as scouts, thieves, distractions and threats. Linked through a chaotic hive mind, they have shown limited telepathic resistance.

Hellfire Club:
Beholden to the Hellfire Club and particularly the Black Court, Azazel has taken the role of Black Bishop. An advisory role, the Black Bishop works to further the agendas of both the Black King and Black Queen, though is not adverse to assisting other Members in much the same capacity. Standing within the Inner Circle, of course, greatly increases his motivation. Able to call upon the vast resources of the Hellfire Club and its world wide chapters, it is more a network that he uses to compliment any societal shortcomings he may come across. His disdain for the Hellfire Club's human shock troopers is widely known. Information, favor trade, diplomatic access and the like are his favored tools. He prefers to use the softer influences the storied Club has to offer.

Often summoned by the greedy, the envious and the outright mad, Azazel lays claim to a network of infernal contracts stretching the globe. Bargains struck in moments of weakness by mortals and even the rare non-mortal being have kept Azazel's influence in the halls of power for thousands of years. Politicians and warlords, esoteric occultists and movie directors, men and women from all walks of life. It's these ties that he uses to influence the earth and its people when a direct hand is impossible or too costly.

The Neyaphem:

A race of demonic mutants orginating from before biblical times, the Neyaphem wait in seething frustraion in their Brimstone Dimension prison. Ruled over by Azazel and the only one capable of escape from the realm(albeit only briefly), these allies are of limited use on Earth. That is, until he can open a portal large enough for his sinister forces to wage war upon the earth once more. In the Brimstione Dimension, they provide comfort, counsel and legitimacy to his primacy. As varied in mutant gifts as homosuperior, these devilish hordes follow his command loyally but not without question from time to time.

(Note: Small groups of Neyapham may be brought to Earth with staff approval but no more than four in number. The act leaves Azazel drained and weakened for a day, further limiting their impact on the earthly plane.)


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Angelic Blood:
The blood of the Cheyarafim, historic enemies of Azazel and the Neyaphem, is incredibly dangerous to come in contact with. Even the blood of angels or angel-like celestial beings is casustic to the touch. Cellular degradation, intense agony and the fact that it tremendously slows his regenerative capabilities. Wounds caused from angelic blood take twice the time to heal and, given a large enough quantity, may be able to completely negate his regenerative abilities and finally kill him once and for all.

Brimstone Prison:
After losing a decisive battle with the Cheyarafim, Azazel and the Neyaphem were forcibly exiled to the Brimstone Dimension for all of eternity, never to return. They claim to rule the realm but it's really like taking over a prison. You make the rules but you still can't leave. Except for Azazel, of course. Brimstone calls to him while he's on Earth. Unable to spend more than two days and two nights away from his prison even with the use of his anchors, he requires the same number of days and nights rest to regain his strenth.

Extradimensional Rivals:
Azazel has, as expected by many, made more than his fair share of enemies across the various Hellscapes and Celestial realms. His excursions from the Brimstone Dimension to plunder and barter souls has put him at odds with many a demonic and angelic being for his clear disregard for their borders and dominion. Given the games of intrigue often played by various lords of Hell, it should be no surprise that many an extra dimensional being would like to put the King of the Neyaphem in his place.

Angelic realms and their agents will also view his many "visits" to Earth and elsewhere to be nothing short of prison break and won't need much incentive to try and hinder his schemes and or re-inforce his exile back to where he came from.

Summoning Magic:

The double edged sword of his nature and influence has left Azazel vulnerable to the magical arts and rituals of summoning magic. With the right preparation and correctly performed rites, almost anyone of sufficient arcane strength or talent can summon Azazel and attempt to bind him to their will. Due to Azazel's circumstances and mutant gifts, a binding of permanence is near impossible to maintain by any but the most powerful of practitioners. Not one to ignore an opportunity, Azazel has often come to agreements in exhange for extended access to the earthly plane.


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