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Sean Cassidy (Scenesys ID: 952)
"Ye'd best cover yer ears, kids... this is goin' to hurt some!"
Full Name: Sean Cassidy
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Interpol Agent / NYPD / Educator
Citizenship: Irish
Residence: Cassidy Keep, Mayo, Ireland
Education: Bachelor of Science, Trinity College
Status: Dropped
Groups: X-Men, Xavier's School, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 44 Actual Age: 44
Date of Birth 18 December 1981 Actor:
Height: 183 cm (6') Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs)
Hair Color: Amber Blonde Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "The Parting Glass" by The High Kings


Interpol Agent, detective, Educator, X-Man, Hero: Sean Cassidy has worn a broad range of hats. A workaholic, he is always deeply into at least one thing, often several. Sean is less public in his display of powers, and while a member of the X-Men, is not usually recognized as such, staying more to behind the scenes.

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With an easygoing but powerful bearing, this adult male is a handsome Irishman of roughly forty years. His amber-blonde hair is short and cropped, having recently grown out of a military cut perhaps, in loose spears of natural blonde. Some of it fluffs to the sides near his ears, giving a sense of comfortable ease to his look. His facial hair looks like that of someone that just decided to let it grow for a few weeks, and it lends to a relaxed, rakish beard a bit darker than the hair on his head. His skin is Irish-pale, nose and cheeks lightly sunburned with a splash of too much sun most of the time! Features are strong and firm, though the laugh lines are clearly visible.

He's dressed casually for now, a comfortable dark blue athletic jacket over a button-up in mixed teal plaids. Jeans, worn brown belt, and boots complete the look.


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Sean was born and raised in Cassidy Keep, in Ireland, by loving parents. He had everything he could want as a child, and had silly boyhood dreams of fighting dragons and being a heroic knight. He had private tutors, but was never particularly the best student. He did all right, though. Growing up, his cousin Tom was always the smarter one, and the rivalry often made Sean feel like a second fiddle. Both boys discovered their mutant powers in their teens, and both hid this, except from each other. The friendship wasn't terrible, just rocky at times. Tom, however, was jealous of Sean's social success and his ease with people: Tom might have been smarter, but Sean was more popular. In fact, this popularity would show up when the both of them were interested in the lovely Maeve Rourke. Sean met her when he rescued her from an accident, saving her using his powers to fly and catch her. Sean's romance had an edge, as she had no trouble with his powers. Both men courted her, though, and she dated both cousins off and on, but it was Sean whom she loved and they were married in their low twenties. Tom was best man at the wedding, but things would slowly deteriorate between the two men later in life.

Sean graduated Trinity college with a science degree, and went on to join the police. He would rapidly show promise, and became an agent of Interpol. He had several run-ins with Hydra, which did not go well, as Hydra always seemed to be steps ahead. Still, as a rookie agent, the fault did not lay with Sean, and he learned from the mistakes. He would end up going into more and more undercover missions, finding he was particularly good at it. On a long deep cover assignment, though, he had to leave Maeve for many months. During this time, she realized she was pregnant. Sean had no idea that his wife was pregnant, and missed both that and the birth of his daughter Theresa. In fact, when he came back from the assignment, he was told that his wife was dead, and had no idea his daughter existed. She had indeed been killed in an unrelated terrorist attack. He went into a spiral of depression, and his tendency to be a workaholic went to obsessive levels. He left Interpol, blaming them unfairly for much of it at the time, and transferred to the NYPD. After multiple years, he did return to Interpol, though, until they discovered his mutant powers. Unwilling to be placed into questionable assignments due to his mutant powers, Sean returned to New York, and was brought into the X-Men group instead. He taught, primarily social sciences, and assisted with the administration of the school.

The more recent discovery of his daughter Theresa's existence turned his world upside-down. He wants to get to know her and have a relationship with his daughter, but also keeps getting pulled into other missions and work that needs to be done. Sometimes he welcomes it: he doesn't quite know how to interact with Theresa.


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Sean has led a very eventful life, and sometimes struggles to maintain a positive outlook throughout it: he can be prone to melancholy if he looks too long at the past. He is a genuinely 'good' person, wanting to defend those that cannot protect themselves, find justice, and teach others to be better people. He does not crave to always be the best or the strongest in something, though he will always give his all to a given challenge. There was a time when he was a competitive, brash young man, but loss and wisdom has cooled down those old habits. Similarly, age has helped rein in the Irish temper, though it still can explode, particularly from frustration. When stressed or upset, Sean devotes to his work, buries himself in it. He is a workaholic most of the time when left to his own devices, and can go without food or sleep, burning his candle on both ends. He is intuitive and passionate with people, and brings that to his work, but sometimes will avoid difficult social situations of a personal variety. He hasn't forgiven himself for not being there for his wife or daughter, and yet falls into being a workaholic again, the same problem that caused the distance in the first place, because he doesn't quite know how to fix it.


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The banshee scream (or the lower intensity wail) is Banshee's signature attack ability. It is a very narrow focus release of powerful sound waves that can shatter even vibranium at the appropriate peak levels. These blasts can disintegrate objects at the highest levels of strength, much like applying a very powerful concussive blast. If he broadens this or attempts to use it on large targets, he runs the risk very quickly of damage to his voice. The narrower focus, smaller screams are easier for targets to dodge, but are safe for him to use. He directly trades any additional high potency for personal injury, in this ability.

Sean can use his sonic scream to project force in order to allow himself to hover or fly. A low wail of sound is enough to hover, but is hardly quiet or subtle. Without his specific banshee superhero suit, he is limited to a top speed of about 50 miles per hour if he really pushes himself, but with the suit he can reach sub-sonic flight speeds. He does not have extreme finesse when traveling rapidly, though, as he himself is not able to react at superhuman speeds. He can carry one heavy passenger generally without harming them; trying to carry more risks making them disoriented or worse, due to the force he needs to project.

Manipulation of sound in a more broad field can create forcefield like conditions. He can't let certain things in or out of it, but he can project a steady sonic-force barrier in a set location to provide a blocker. He has to consciously continue to project sound at it to keep it up, and can't do other things while he maintains such a thing. It is a mostly invisible tremble in the air that most people would overlook, but it can knock things or people back with considerable power.

Using sound he projects, Sean can do a form of echolocation with it, bouncing his sound off of potentially unseen objects. With this ability he can navigate in the dark or other similar conditions, or find objects hidden in visual illusion, but this is not a fast ability, and he has to focus his attention on it. The range for this can be very large, possibly blocks of distance, but requires a lot of time and concentration for big zones.

Sean has a natural ability to understand and analyze any sounds in his vicinity, as well as the ability to then create the same sounds or deliberately block those waves with whatever specific vibration is required to counter it. He is very aware of any sonic waves around him and how to cancel or increase them: this means he can make a soft sound extremely loud or enhanced, or entirely nullify a sonic wave coming his way with a proper response. He's also great for autotuning.

Sean naturally can filter sound that is coming in, to selectively listen to certain sounds (which makes him a very good eavesdropper in a crowded room), or block sound from reaching him at all. This includes his own screams, which he automatically protects himself against. This does not include damage caused from creating the sounds on strained vocal chords, but it does mean he doesn't entrance himself with his own hypnotic range.

This ability covers anything his sounds can do to someone as a detrimental effect. Usually these come from Infrasound (Subsonics), and normally cannot be heard by humans. Stuns, Hypnotic Trances, Disorientation, Nauseate, Unconsciousness, all fall into this bucket. His sounds can be used in a multitude of ways with extreme or subtle vibrations. Overwhelming listeners with a barrage of deafening noise is most common, as is tightly focused very low frequency blasts to create effective stuns. Ear protection is not usually effective if Sean specifically targets this, because the sound can still pass through the skull. In regard to hypnotic trance, Sean cannot control anyone with this ability: he can't make them do anything. It is more of a way to hold someone in place, dizzy and disconnected, not noticing what is going on around them. Often the effects smear together, as well: stunning someone may also cause nausea.

Sean's mutantcy is to have superhuman vocal abilities, and he must use his physical chords to project sound. Physically this means his throat can create sounds well beyond most human abilities, and are extremely resilient to damage from sonics. He is able to injure himself very easily by doing too much, due to his high power levels. If he does injure himself, he has no special ability to heal particularly quickly, though he can eventually heal damage to his vocal chords that most people would find to be permanent.

Using sonic waves, creating and using vibrations can be extremely useful in many situations. He can rapidly vibrate himself or other masses at will using structured wails of sound. He can alter structural integrity, or use the vibrations to cause scanning equipment to be worthless and confused. There are physical benefits to vibration as well; vibration therapy is used to strengthen muscle or prevent bone loss, and there are other health attributes to using vibrations similar to these, making a substantial list of positive effects.


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Sean has a keen sense of observation when it comes to detective work, which was honed during his time with the New York Police Department. Coupled with his skill in diplomacy, he often finds it easy to gain the confidence of witnesses and targets of undercover investigations, in order to get the information that he needs.

Sean's time working with Interpol provided extensive experience in diplomatic relations as a liaison between the law enforcement agencies of other countries. His keen knowledge, coupled with an instinctual sense of diplomacy, allow for ease in negotiation as well as the ability to defuse situations before they can escalate. He is a peacekeeper and mediator.

With a good well of knowledge based on his education and life experience, Sean Cassidy is qualified to teach studies such as Political Science, Social Studies, Geography, Physical Education, and a few foreign languages. Throughout his time at Xavier's he has specifically taught Social Studies. His interpersonal skills help tremendously in his ability to reach and educate his students on a personal level. He has been known to try to help students with their individual power needs as well, giving off hours to assist a student in learning personal ability control.

Sean's training as an Interpol Inspector provided extensive education and experience with a variety of firearms, from nonlethal force to sidearm to more technologically advanced weaponry. He is a quick study of ranged weapons that could be put into his hands, which makes it easy to adapt to various hostile environments. He is usually more accurate with firearms than with his own sonic blasts, just out of the experience level. He prefers handguns and rifles. As a side note, he is able to use his powers with a combination of his firearm skill to cause his weapons to be silent by canceling out the sound waves with his own vocal vibration.

Sean's time in Interpol brought many of his language skills into direct use, cementing them in his brain. He grew up with private tutors in the Keep, learning a broad variety of European languages. He is able to mute his Irish accent to some degree, though rarely actually makes the effort. He speaks French, Italian, German, Swedish, and Spanish, in addition to English, though none of these additional languages have the vocabulary to be truly impressive - just enough to get by in most casual conversation. More recently, due to straining his voice, he is working on learning sign language, but isn't great at it yet.

As an amateur machine smith, Sean is versed on the functionality of mechanical engines and machines. A degree in science assists that knowledge in many ways to allow troubleshooting on the fly, sometimes literally. His mechanical know-how coupled with his education in science work together to allow him to problem-solve whether the issue is a plane engine or some smaller iteration of mechanical device.

While mostly a hobby, Sean adores music. He plays the piano with decent skill level, though he is certainly not at a professional level. His knowledge and style lends primarily to American country music songs, which he enjoys greatly.

Sean has flight training as a part of his tenure with Interpol. He is well-versed in the piloting of small aircraft, stealth and reconnaissance planes, and helicopters, and given this knowledge, he is often able to intuitively decipher and pilot similarly-oriented aircraft.

Also a boon in hostile and military situations, Sean has exhaustive training and education in tactics. This can be helpful in situations when he finds himself alongside a team, familiar or unfamiliar, and whether or not the objective is met with physical opposition. He has trained groups in Interpol in tactics, and brings this knowledge to the X-Men as well.

As an Interpol Inspector, Sean's education involved extensive training in unarmed combat. The military-based combat was a combination of martial arts, grappling, and law enforcement training that allows him to be versatile in unarmed combat regardless of the situation. As he relied entirely on this and his firearms ability (not on his powers) for many years, these skills in combat are well honed.


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The superhero suit that Banshee uses was developed by the X-Men, and has specific wings on it that act as a sonic airfoil to allow for Banshee's sub-sonic flight speeds. They don't work if he can't use his powers, though, but even if he is unable to scream, the wings can still act as a parachute.

Cassidy Keep is a castle location in the Mayo county of Ireland. The Cassidy lineage is a well known, ancient and noble bloodline. It is famous for both heroism and tragedy. The Keep was built thousands of years ago, to protect the coast from Viking raiders. Various creatures are protected by the Keep as well: fae, leprechauns, and various magical entities are under the care of the keep. Through this link, Sean has a decent amount of funds to pull from, though most all of his resources are invested in the keep and area around it. Still, he has inherited it, and all the responsibilities along with it. Black Tom, Sean's cousin, was technically next in line in the inheritance, but gambled it away, and it came to Sean.

During his time as an Interpol Inspector, Sean made contacts around the world, with people in power, and those on the ground in the fight against crime and criminal organizations. He has a wealth of contacts and resources that he can call upon. Whether he needs to get information on the Russian Mafia, HYDRA, or the Irish Republican Army, information and help are often only a visit or phone call away.

While not currently working for the NYPD, Sean has made a big list of friends there, and powerful additional allies through those associated with the New York police department. He can ask for favors or information, and expect very positive and immediate help, since he was one of them. He can return to working there when or if he chooses to, picking up his detective work again.

As one of the X-Men, Sean has access to he resources that come with that position. He has the allies at his back, as well as the facilities such as lab space, Danger Room, and other mansion locations. He has access to the various vehicles and medical staff, when necessary.


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Having a long-standing rivalry with Black Tom Cassidy, his cousin, causes a number of problems within his life, since his cousin is also a criminal. The strain of this, and things Black Tom has done to impact Sean's life (and lack of relationship with his daughter) are severe. Black Tom often has gone out of his way to cause suffering to Sean. Additionally, Black Tom is immune to all of Sean's sonic powers (as Sean is to Tom's powers).

Sean has had some mild problems with depression throughout his life, and can be prone to melancholy. He hides this with humor and acting far more upbeat and pleasant than he feels, which masks the problem from others that could otherwise help him.

A major problem with sonic powers is they are various obvious, since they lend to be pretty loud. His power set lends to causing a lot of attention to whatever is going on, and to himself specifically. He can pitch things into zones that most people cannot hear, but due to the strain of doing that, usually he's just very loud.

Having a surprise adult daughter is something Sean is excited for but has no idea how to deal with. He doesn't know how to have a relationship with her properly, as he didn't raise her at all, and suffers a lot of guilt over not knowing about her. He escapes into his work to avoid making things 'worse' with her, but thereby makes things worse. She makes him uneasy, happy, sad, and reminds him of his wife, which makes things very confusing.

Sean's powers, when used at high levels, rip his vocal chords up physically. He can literally injure them to the degree where he can't use his powers anymore, if he pushes too hard. He is fully able to do some extreme feats, but it is at the cost of injury, potentially for weeks or even longer, if he does too much. If he injures his voice, that's it for his powers until he heals: and he has no special healing ability on them.

In order to use his powers at all, Sean must be able to use his vocal chords. This means that damage to them, things like gags, and so forth, all nullify his ability to do any powers at all. He must generate his own sound, he can't use ambient sounds: so if he can't make it, he's powerless.

The loss of his wife Maeve has never healed. Sean has a hard time connecting with new women or allowing himself to be happy romantically again. It could happen, but he will always carry Maeve in his heart, and continue to suffer her loss.

Sean is extremely devoted to his work or whatever job he currently has, to the point where he will slowly destroy himself, unaware that he needs to take a break. He subconsciously uses this to hide from personal problems, too: he figures if he just puts everything into his job, then things will sort themselves out, but usually those things just get worse. He is prone to burning his candle on both ends, and being unable to recognize it.


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