Cold Open

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Cold Open
Date of Cutscene: 25 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Joker

The Detective watches as the patrol car finally leaves, and as soon as it does, he releases out a pent-up sigh of annoyance and pulls out a plastic walkie-talkie from an inside pocket of his tweed jacket. "Bring it around," he grunts into the slatted microphone before clipping it to his belt.

With a low whistle, he steps up to the wreckage of the Ace Chemicals delivery van, peering into the back past rows of various marked barrels, most designated toxic or somehow unsafe.

With a roar, another truck screeches up beside the other and comes to a sudden halt. The side is marked 'Kerr Party Supply' and both doors on the back open up with a bang to dispense a group of five clown-masked hulks. They rush over to where the 'Detective' in tweed points out three barrels labeled 'Liquid Nitrogen' and begin to haul it into the Party Supply truck.

In less than a minute all three barrels are loaded up and the truck, clown-masked goons, and tweed-suited detective are all gone, leaving two very confused thieves handcuffed and stranded on the curb beside a wrecked truck as a swarm of patrol cars, sirens blaring, come surging in from all directions...

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