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Joker (Scenesys ID: 11)
"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die." - Mel Brooks
Full Name: Patient #0801 (Real Name Unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Professional criminal
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Ha-Hacienda (West Chelsea Hill, Old Gotham)
Education: Unknown
Status: Dropped
Groups: Gotham-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Batman Family, Hench
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 1 August Actor: Heath Ledger
Height: 196 cm (6'5") Weight: 87 kg (191 lb)
Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Chemical Warfare" by Dead Kennedys


An irredeemable charismatic madman who has fashioned himself a criminal kingpin. His history is an enigma, with conflicting evidence on all sides making it impossible to discern the truth of what created this thing. What is known comes from the rapsheet on file with the GCPD.

Dozens of homicides vehicular and otherwise, biological and economic terrorism, extortion, jaywalking, racketeering, home invasion, kidnapping, mail fraud, the list is longer then the Gotham City Phonebook. All that discounting the efforts taken on his behalf by others.

Through it all he's managed to acquire a vast following willing to die for him and his deranged plans. He's a madman who can only be stopped by being put down, but thus far he's never stayed down for long.

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A lean mean towering clown lanky to the point of anorexia. At six foot five inches tall he's no dwarf, in fact he's intimidatingly large. Despite how lanky he might be he has very broad shoulders making for an almost ethereal combination to look at.

His skin is white as the driven snow or perhaps even more so, well beyond what someone should be able to achieve with makeup. His hair is a deep shade of green and his lips inhumanly crimson like fresh blood dripped onto a newly minted winters snow.

That smile, filled with pure white perfectly aligned teeth like something out of a twisted cartoon nightmare stretches wide enough to cover from one edge of his face to the other far beyond what a normal human could achieve, a face like a mask.

Green eyes are completely filled to the brim with the joy of life, that on its own might seem warm and inviting but with the rest of the combination there's an uneasy menace about him.

He's dressed in a garish purple and green zoot suit holding massively puffed out shoulders that cause him to tower even more over those around him. A small flower sticks out of his pocket and his shoes are razor sharp pointed at the end so tightly they could draw blood yet coated in a mirrored shine.


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A multiple choice with no right answer. There are many attempts in the past to correlate where the man became the legend. None have ever been successful.

The only truth that can be accurately documented is the simple facts laid out on the table: A little over a decade ago he started public activity in the city of Gotham. Seemingly overnight he unified a group of orphans, mobsters, and the insane into his own personal gang.

In short order he went from no one to one of the most powerful criminals in Gotham. Yet every so often seemingly without warning he changes MO, personality everything. Just as his history shifts ebs and flows so seemingly does the man himself.

He's been in and out of Arkham more times then most any other inmate, been in court countless more times, and survived his own execution several times over.

Who the man is, what he is doesn't matter, all that does is that no one can seem to stop him for long.


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The transition to become Joker did not make him entirely 'crazy'. After all, he knows who he is, and has a firm grip on reality (even if he jokes or plays otherwise). It did strip away any empathy he may have had, which spun his personality into an extreme psychopathic version of what he was. He became entirely focused on what is fun and beneficial to himself personally. It geared up into an explosive level a lot of positive traits as well, such as his ability to lead and his confidence, but for the most part it has made him so dysfunctional with society that the negative traits are far more obvious.

Joker can be unpredictable and lack attention span, but he can also focus to a high degree when it suits him. This is more his intellect showing up than it is a true judge of personality: he is aware he can be any number of things, or act in a variety of ways, and is entertained by how everyone around him reacts to this wild quality.

On being "crazy" more specifically: Joker is not psychotic clinically (as he knows what is real and what is not: he doesn't suffer hallucinations or similar), but he is a psychopath, having an antisocial personality disorder. Symptoms of this include the following traits: Disregard of the law in a criminal capacity, lies and deception, aggressive behaviors, manipulation for profit or fun, ignoring the safety of himself and others, entirely irresponsible, and showing no guilt or remorse for many actions.


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For all the claims of his insanity the joker has a staggering brilliance and the mind to use it. He's got the analytical mind of a detective, scientist, or perhaps even mathematician and knows very well how to use it.

Peak Fitness:
In spite of his wiry frame Joker is deceptively strong, able to throw harsh punches carry hefty weights and more. He's got endurance to keep going when the bodies of most men would simply give out completely under the strain, as if he either doesn't understand or doesn't care about his own limits.

He has been shot, stabbed, kicked out of a plane, pushed off a boat and many, many other things. The Joker is like the cat. He always, always comes back. Somehow, even if by the skin of his teeth and after lying in some obscure hospital bed for a few days, he returns. Even if his body is seen, it could be a double, or he might be using squibs, or so forth. He IS killable, though, he isn't superhuman. But somebody is often around to drag him back from the brink, even in those cases.


Joker is immune to most forms of toxins, especially his own 'joker gas' types. Similarly, he tends to be resilient to various forms of medication, though that often just means bigger doses are required to do the job!


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Art of War:
Joker has an intimate knowledge with combat, the firearms training of a hardened soldier the martial arts training of a lifetime practitioner. While by no means a master he's highly dangerous with or without weapons across the fields of combat, and an expert tactician at that when he chooses to use it.

Cult of Personality:
The joker is charismatic and manipulative beyond measure able to twist some of the most hardened men and women around his finger through his machinations. He can slide into a new persona like some slide on hats, and use that new persona to crowbar his way sometimes literally to the person's brain.

A borderline master of disguise Joker is able to slip into new roles with ease using an obsessive level of detail in the application of makeup and even going to far as to completely burn off his fingerprints so that he can craft new ones to apply to himself should the need arise.


From biology to chemistry Joker has an innate ability with chemical compositions and the understanding of their effect on the human body. He uses this to make highly lethal arrays of chemical compositions by identifying existing compositions in the world around him. This knowledge also helps in the creation of his newest toys.


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Gang Connections:
Joker has the connections he needs to get a hold of what he needs when he needs it. Manpower, weapons, and more within reason. Examples of this include helicopters, vans, guns, rocket launchers, corrupt cops, and so forth. It's not that he always has the items, but when he doesn't have it, he knows someone who can get a hold of it for him. Joker has an entire gang at his fingertips waiting for his beck and call, with extended additional manpower from there if he puts some manipulative pressure into play. Gotham is his primary spot and playground, getting things done outside of Gotham can be more difficult.

Having someone entirely in love with you that will do most anything you want is both a resource and a frustration. After all, Harley is something of a stalker to his viewpoint when he's not in the mood for her, but is also an incredible resource that can be used at need, even to do things nobody else would consider doing. Harley herself is tough, smart and capable, which often make her useful to him.

Hidden all across Gotham and even further out across the united states are a vast array of potential safe houses with the amenities needed to hide out from the law. While some are better known then others such as his funhouse at Amusement Mile there's no denying he's always got a hole in the wall he can crawl into if needed.

Smilex Toxin:
Smilex is known by multiple names. Usually it is in gas form. It is Smilex, Joker Toxin, or 'Happy Gas' by Joker himself. It is a toxin that attacks the nervous system and causes extreme effects on those that encounter it. It begins with causing the victims to laugh uncontrollably and suffer physical pain. Without an antidote, it kills those who are exposed to it, leaving them in a physical state of extreme muscle tension that creates huge grins on the faces of the dead. It does take several minutes to work. The gas is fairly heavy, and usually remains low to the ground when released: it doesn't float upwards. It dissapates and becomes harmless over time. Smilex can also be found in a liquid form, and the applications of it on skin (or worse, injected) can be far more rapidly lethal and potent. High doses can work even on extremely powerful metahuman targets that normally resist toxins, though it usually isn't as lethal.

In his relativly short time in Gotham Joker has become as much a fixture of the city as the Bat. It's incredibly rare that anyone who's spent even a minimal amount of time in the city hasn't at least heard of him. There's a fear that follows his name a terror in spite of the comedy. His crimes are known far and wide to the point many in the GCPD refuse to even go near him.


Joker has a standing pool of weird and extremely dangerous toys. These are usually objects that create mayhem and harm. This can be remote-controlled rubber duckies filled with explosive acid (or smilex gas), grenade launching guns shaped like bananas, or any number of clownish things that he's acquired to suit his fancy. In fact, if something he brings to the table /doesn't/ explode or try to eat a limb on contact, that's the time to be worried. These objects are almost always obviously his, in their bright and fun colors, as subtle tends to not be the idea here.


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Harley's tendency to get in the way and meddle in things he's doing can be frustrating. She often attempts to help him, but does the opposite to his eyes, and can drive him up the wall with it. Sometimes he cares about her, other times not. His 'love' for her varies, as he is not exactly emotionally able to connect to others in a traditional way, but he can be possessive of her. Others threatening her, when he has decided she's currently of value to him, can exact a strong reaction or distract him. He will often put resources into her well-being or freedom.

Lack of Empathy:
Lacking empathy means that the Joker can't quite get into other people's experiences emotionally. He can't connect and understand them, so he can't put himself in someone else's shoes. He can accept that something hurt another person, but fails to relate enough to them to care about it. For this reason he can't play well with others, because things come back around to just being about his selfish motives. Attempts to convince people he's their ally always feel false and fake: because they are.

The Bat. It's no secret that Joker is drawn towards the Batman and his kin. There's a pull he can't deny in the back of his mind that draws him into conflict with the Dark Knight. While he's got no qualms with going after other heroes this tends to for the most part keep him in Gotham.


Everyone knows him. They know the deadly effects of his toxin, they know one of his works when they see it. They even know where one of his safehouses happens to be. He's incredibly well known, even at a glance due to his iconic appearance.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Cold Open July 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Mister Kaufman July 24th, 2017 Summary needed


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