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Date of Cutscene: 20 July 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Nuala Duvall

Nuala stares at the console. She'd been there for hours it felt like. No, it was only ten minutes.

"Timmy-" she stops. Timmy was offline, she took him offline. She reaches out and taps the comm, manually bringing up and configuring the subspace signal. She hasn't done this in a while. The signal was sent. She reaches out and takes her cup of coffee, cold. It's still coffee though. There's no answer. She gets up, wearing sweatpants and a tank top, and she exits the cockpit, walking back into her quarters. She downs the rest of the cup, and puts it by the bed. She used to be kept awake when she drank it.

She lays down in the bed, and taps the control for the lights, taking her into darkness.

The blinking signal from the comm causes her to awake immediately. She sits up. Commander Dro'Finn. She grabs her cup of...oh, yeah, she finished it. Hitting the lights, she gets out of her bed, and walks back to the living area of the ship, and sits on the couch. She taps the comm there, and the holographic screen brings up the Astonian's face.

"Agent Duvall," he says in standard Xandarian, "You tried to reach me?"

"Dad," she answers in Astonian, eliminating the formal tone of the conversation immediately.

"Yes?" he answers, a certain quiet falling over his countenance. He senses something has happened.

"Something has happened," she says. "I need to tell you about it before you discover it." She looks down at the empty porcelain cup in her fingers, and strokes the rim absently before looking back up. "I breached the non-interference pact," she says, letting it fall directly. She never liked beating around the bush.

Dro is quiet, waiting for a more thorough explanation. That was his way. He never spoke when he knew there was more that she would need to say. He just waited. It worked every time.

"The terrans refused the Asgardians proper rights to settle on Earth. One of their nations stood against it, and harsh penalties were going to come against them." She shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I couldn't stand by and watch. I could not remain neutral." A tear starts to well in her right eye. "They deserved better. They have protected Earth for thousands of years. Earth has never known. They needed to know. I appeared before the United Nations of Earth's government today. I told them. I told the whole world. I told them who we are, I told them the threats they face by rejecting the Asgardians."

Dro still remains patiently, waiting for more to be said.

"I know what you must think. I worked so hard to get here. You had to move heaven and hell to get me permission to join Nova. I prayed for this. You prayed for this. I just threw it away." The tear falls. "I'm sorry."

"My daughter," Dro'Finn answers. "I am so proud of you." The response is unexpected.

"What?" Nuala asks, her voice emotional. "Did you not just listen to what I said?"

"I did," he says quietly. "You stood for what you believed to be right. More importantly, you stood for what /was/ right. Why should you apologize?"

"I just broke an intergalactic treaty consisting of signatures from more than 1800 separate governments. I don't think that will be the majority opinion."

"No it won't," the Astonian agrees. "The majority is often wrong. I think that very fact is what led you to do what you did, was it not?"

Another tear falls. "But they will remove me from rank. I'll be forced to stay here."

"That is true." A tear is welling in Dro'Finn's own eye at this point. "But I could not be more proud, my daughter. You have done a good thing this day. Despite the consequences, know that I am very proud."

Nuala tucks her lips inside her mouth, and nods. "Morality sucks," she answers, bursting into a short laugh and wiping a tear from her cheek.

"It is just costly," Dro'Finn answers with a sad smile. "But its rewards prove worthy of the cost. I will do my best to slow the process. God knows we have enough bureacracy in Nova to make Earth blush."

Nuala nods with a sniff. "Thanks, Dad," she says. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Dro'Finn answers with a smile. "Get some rest."