Dark Is So Bad for the Roses

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Dark Is So Bad for the Roses
Date of Cutscene: 25 July 2017
Location: Arkham Asylum, Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary Needed
Cast of Characters: Poison Ivy

"Miss... Miss Isley?"

Inside the dark cell, something shifts. It was the middle of the night - the 'quiet' time for the night shift. The man shifted his weight from foot to foot - the orderly having gotten used to the low and quiet cackles and sounds of madness that filled this place.

That filled Arkham Asylum.

Ivy lifts her chin, stepping from the darkness of her windowless cell to the opening in the door, that the orderly had so wonderfully opened for her. And she smiles.

Jimmy's heart beats faster in his chest at that. All he could see was her smile with the level of the window - and all the Arkham Security station could see was green. Somehow, someway - someone had forgotten to trim around the camera that pointed at Ivy's cell. A vine had just happened to grow a single leaf in front of the camera.

"Jimmy," she says, and to him, her voice was like the voice of angels. She lowers her face, vibrantly, unnaturally green eyes going from his own to the package in his hand. "You brought me something - a gift?"

It was a rose. A single red rose.

"Y-yes, Miss Isley, do you like it? Y... you know, it's against the rules for you to be anywhere near plants. You know. Since... the last orderly."

"Of course," Ivy coos. "But you're sooo good to me Jimmy, and you like seeing me happy. That's why you brought me the rose - to give to me, yes?" A hand reaches through the slot in a simple, plaintive gesture.

Jimmy hesitates.

"It's against the rules Miss Isley, but you're so... so... I... please, just don't let anyone see it?"

He hands the rose over, and it disappears into the cell proper. And the leaf gently uncurls away from the camera.

"Trust me, my dearest Jimmy... no one will see it."

To herself, Ivy whispers, caressing one of the petals, the petal listing to her touch. "...until it is the right time, of course."