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Dick Tracy (Scenesys ID: 9534)
"Freeze! You are under arrest!"
Full Name: Lt. Dick Tracy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: Detective
Citizenship: Metropolis
Residence: Metropolis
Education: College Graduate
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 39 Actual Age: 39
Date of Birth 24 September 1988 Actor: Warren Beatty
Height: 188 cm (6'2") Weight: 68 kg (150 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4936ZOiOZw


Dick Tracy is a detective from the tough streets of Chicago. For the past 15 years, Tracy was a dedicated member of Chicago's police department known for his determination and his ruthless pursuit of criminals. He has recently made the biggest arrest of his career when he nailed one of Chicago's biggest crime lords, Big Boy, who ordered his men to kill his fiance's Father, Emil, and later had his fiance killed as well. Tracy had no idea at the time, but this arrest made him powerful enemies and He was forced to flee to Metropolis y the Feds after an assassin nick-named Oodles tried to kill him in a car-bombing. He is currently in Metropolis living under an assumed alias and working for Metropolis' police department while trying to figure out who was pulling not only Oodles' string, but Big Boy's strings as well.

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Before you is a tall, surprisingly well-built man with blue eyes and black hair which is cut short, yet still somehow slightly messy. He has a distinctive pointed chin and hawk-like nose. He is wearing a black white shirt which is covered with a yellow jacket, black pants, and the occasional red tie and Yellow Fedora. He has a faint scar across his face, thanks to a brutal gunfight with a gangster calling himself Measles. He also has a secondary scar on his leg from where another gangster named Stooge Villar tried to stab him.


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Dick Tracy was born in September 24, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. His family were middle class, with his Father owning a very successful kennel downtown. From an early age, Tracy would often help out at his Father's kennel, where his Father taught him the value of hard, honest, work, a value Tracy always held on to. When he was 10, he had his first brush-in with the Criminal Underworld when a desperate fugitive ended up killing one of his cousins in a burglary gone wrong, only to be caught by a detective who trailed him to the house. This event would cause Tracy's life-long distaste for criminals and crime, and his lifelong respect for policeman, particularly detectives.

After graduating from Metropolis University, Tracy became a Intelligence Officer for the US Navy, a occupation that would help him in his later career as a Detective. During one of his shore leaves, he met and fell in love with one Tess Trueheart, the daughter of a local deli owner named Emil. After getting out of the military, Tracy moved back to Chicago and became a beat cop to be closer to Tess. On the day he was to announce his intentions to marry Tess, her Father was brutally gunned down by Mobsters for late extortion money, and Tess was kidnapped. Tracy, wanting to track down the murderous kidnappers, managed to get into the Plainclothes Unit, his first case involving the same crew who killed Tess' Father. After a year of undercover work, he was finally able to bust the extortion gang, but not before shooting their leader in a gunfight. Before the man died, he confessed where He hid Tess. When Tracy arrived, he was devastated to find that Tess was murdered by the gangsters. Tracy later found out that the gangsters were working for the Big Boy, one of Chicago's many crime bosses, and Tracy vowed to bring down Big Boy, even if it costed him his life.


After the successful bust of the extortion gang, Tracy was promoted to the rank of Detective. He worked towards his goal of busting the Big Boy, arresting many of his associates and surviving many attempts on his life in the process. During his early years as a Detective he had encounter with many infamous criminals, including the human trafficker Stud Bronzen, the mysterious Blank, and the murderous foreign agent only known as The Brow. When he was 35, he met the brute only known as Steve the Tramp, and his young "ward", Junior. Steve, was an abusive caretaker who taught Junior how to steal and tried to throw him onto train-tracks once Junior finally stood up to him. Luckily, Tracy caught up to Steve and arrested him, eventually adopting Junior as his own Son.

On Tracy's 38th birthday, he finally managed to gather enough evidence and, after years of trying, finally managed to bring down Big Boy and get him sent to federal prison for life. However, this arrest would unleash a power-keg not even Tracy could see and make him very powerful enemies. Six months after the arrest, Tracy was nearly killed in a car-bombing which he would learn was later set up by a 467 pound hit-man code-named Oodles. Tracy was forced by the Feds to flee with Junior to Metropolis to hide from his enemies. Tracy is currently still dwelling in Metropolis, serving it's police department under an alias as a detective and currently trying to find out who wants him dead.


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Tracy is a stern, hard-nosed man who is known to take his job very seriously. Tracy is known in the criminal underworld to be "incorruptible", refusing any and all bribes and often arresting those who attempt to bribe him. Tracy is a very devoted "servant" to Justice, especially after the death of his fiance and her Father, and has been known to ruthlessly pursue criminals. In most situations, Tracy is able to keep a calm, calculating, demeanour, managing to stay calm even when chasing down criminals.

Tracy does have a temper, which often comes out when facing certain types of criminals, often Human Traffickers and Child Abusers, or when his own Family is threatened. When angered, he tends to get more violent and has beaten up criminals in the past who has stoked his ire. He is also known in the Force for being stubborn, often being very sure that his plans would work, disregarding almost any voices that say otherwise. He has been observed to have a decent sense of humor, sometimes cracking jokes at appropriate moments. With his family, especially his adopted son Junior, Tracy has a softer, more fatherly side that is rarely seen by others.


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Tracy was once a member of the Chicago Plainclothes unit. As a result, he is a decent actor and can pretend to be different people with some ease.

Tracy is a fairly skilled brawler, able to take on 5 unskilled fighters at a time, but has no chance against the likes of Black Canary or Spider-Man.

Tracy is somewhat decent at disguising himself, being able to wear clothing, padding, and some cosmetics to make himself look like a different person.

Thanks to his time in the military and his years as a Detective Tracy is skilled in a variety of firearms on the same level as Punisher. He is moslty skilled with rifles and pistols, and the occasional shotgun.

Tracy is a skilled interrogator. Thanks to his years of experience as a Detective, he knows how to male people with low to medium will break without torture.


Tracy is a very skilled detective, able to find clues in even the most obscure of places.


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Police Station:
Tracy is currently working for the Metropolis PD as a detective under a assumed alias. While not perfect, Tracy, with the proper paperwork of course, can have the PD help him with certain tasks by doing things like issuing APBs, allowing him access to the local criminal databases, help start manhunts or lockdowns, and other tasks a detective can use a PD for. Of course, this isn't perfect and Tracy has to go through a lot of bureaucracy to get things done.

The Studio:
Tracy has access to the Metropolis' PD's special "Studio", which he uses to apply cosmetic makeup and other tasks to build his disguises.

The Tailor Shop:

After helping out a old tailor escape from a brutal loan shark, Tracy now has access to a tailor shop where he gets clothes for his various disguises.


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Taking out Big Boy has had consequences that has negatively effected Tracy's life. Big Boy was one of Chicago's most prominent mobsters and the Chicago Mob has issued a hit on Tracy, putting his life in danger and forcing him to flee Chicago. Not only that, Tracy also offended the criminal organization called The Apparatus, a criminal syndicate often called "The Maggia of The Midwest." This group, of whom Big Boy was a secret senior member, has ties to the terrorist group HYDRA and has marked Tracy for death. If these two organizations, or any of the other criminal forces Tracy has foiled over the years ever found out where he lives now, it could end in disaster for him and for Junior.

Tracy has a son named Junior and is raising him as a single Father. If anyone were to find him and threaten him, Tracy would have no choice but to back off in order to save his son's life.


Tracy is still human and can be easily killed by people more powerful than him


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