Drake's Goodbye

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Drake's Goodbye
Date of Cutscene: 18 January 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Slipstream

"Hey Chat." Is Drake's voice as he stares at the computer screen before him as he logged into his online live stream, tucked away in the back of the Legion's space cruiser. He looks to be worn down, pale, his hair a mess and his eyes bloodshot. "I finally got some type of Internet up here. Yeah. I'm in space. It's weird. It's not like the movies ... everything just feels weird."

He takes a moment to watch the chat rush by in a blur of questions, concerns and emojis. Sub and donation alerts start to pop on the screen with messages of comfort, as well as links to the news articles. He takes a few minutes of quietly scanning before he runs a hand back through his hair.

"No, chat. I'm not okay. I .. I don't know how to explain what happened. You guys know that I hang out with Mon-El. He goes by Lars. He's ... he was ... my friend.." There is a wet noise from Drake as he rubs a hand along his nose.

"He's fine, chat. He's like .. invincible or something. It's just that .. so .. let me start from the beginning... The Legion was taking me on a trip to the stars on their spaceship. Right? You'd think that was fucking cool. I guess as I was stepping into some type of portal to teleport me up there, it was hijacked by his crazy chick named Glorith who is like a super bad guy." As he speaks, Drake continues to read the chat as it flickers, nodding his head here and there. "Yeah, you guys seem to know who she is. You got her Wiki or something. Anyways, she made the portal transfer me to some kinda weird dimension... it was like a prison full of these weird purple crystals. It then showed me memories and stuff ... you know .. of my life. Memories of what my life coulda been like. The memories ... they are like ... still in my head and now ... I don't know what's real." As he speaks, Drake begins to lightly tremble as he reads the chat, his voice cracking here and there.

"So .. so I got out .. obviously.. they saved me .. but ... something happened in there. It messed me up inside my body. Like .. I'm in pain. Like right now, I'm in so much pain that I'm trying not to tear my head off." Drake says as he glances upwards to the bright lights on the ceiling, blinking a few times before wiping some tears away. "They got me doped up on space meds but it doesn't really help. I keep vibrating. Like, my body is shaking itself apart. Doc on here says that .. um... something, something my molecules are .. breaking up.. tearing apart and that eventually it's going to kill me until they get a fix. If there is a fix. So, chat ... I'm going to die... I'm probably going to die on this space ship... "

There is a shake of his head as he clutches his face with one hand, leaning back a bit and out of the way of the camera as his voice rumbles out in a heavy sob. "And I got all these fucked up memories in me. In some of them I was married... I was married to the most beautiful woman I've ever met and we had a kid.. and then ... now it's all gone. It never happened. It's what Lar told me. He told me none of it happened... my mom... I ..." His voice cracks again. "And... and ...my life... my /lives/. I don't know if I'm even .. me .. anymore... "

By now, his chat is spamming a thousand clicks a second, with the numbers totaling well over a hundred thousand viewers. "I'm sorry.. I... I'm sorry if .. I don't make sense.. I can hardly think straight chat. My friend.. my best friend.... He just told me that he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore. That I'm just .. a fucking liability or something .. you know, because he's like super perfect with his super perfect body and his girlfriend and his ..." He growls out. "The fact that he can't break like I can... so he'd rather just.. not be friends with me, you know.. to /spare/ his guilt or something."

As he talks, he runs his hands back through his hair, pulling it away from his face as his entire body gives another violent jolt in and out of existence, like he was moving static. Shock comes across the chat now, ranging from excitement to fear. There is a loud hiss of pain from the young champion gamer as he clutches his head, feeling his nose leak blood. Clutching at his head, he sucks in a deep breath. "Fff... uck... it hurts so bad... I just ... I need it to stop."

There is another loud snuff as Drake looks back at the camera with his wet eyes, his lips trembling as he says, "It's never going to stop.. it's just going to get worse until I shake apart. Ch... chat.. I.. I'm sorry.. th..thank you for.. e...ev...rrrything..." He clatters out between his teeth. "But I can't live like this .. I can't.. this is no way ... I got... I got nothing left... everything is just a fucking lie. Nothing was ever real. Muh..my mom.. " As the words tumble out, he begins to openly sob now as he brushes his hand along his face, smearing blood across his cheek from his weeping nose. "But I just wanted you to know. Because I don't want to die like this. So I'm just... I'm gonna..."

"So, chat.. I just wanted to say goodbye..." Drake rasps out weakly to him as he tilts the camera away slightly. "I'm sorry.. Muh.. Mercy... always says that heroes never die ..." There is a pause, before the camera goes black, and the last words of his voice is heard. "But I am not a hero."

With that, the chat stream ends.

News surges through social media quickly as clips and full vids of the stream is shared, immediately wracking up hundreds of thousands of views in the first hour. Was that a video suicide note? What is going on? Commentary explodes with people trying to figure out how to trace the video, how to contact the Legion of Superheroes, and who to lay the blame on?