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Ralph Dibny (Scenesys ID: 9122)
"I smell a mystery."
Full Name: Randolph William Dibny
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Investigator
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Central City University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Justice League
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 6 May 1995 Actor: Hartley Sawyer
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 79 kg (175 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Ralph Dibny is an independent investigator available for hire (with reasonable rates!). He specializes in mysterious or otherwise strange cases and occasionally teams up with various members of the super-hero community to try and make the world a better place.

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This red-haired Caucasian man stands just over six feet in height and possesses a slim but fit build. His features are sharp, from his pointed nose to his long, clean-shaven chin and angled cheeks. A pair of blue eyes gazes out from under his brow, the man's face framed by a head of shaggy red hair.

The man is dressed in a form-fitting bodysuit of purple and white, divided vertically down the center of his torso. On his left breast are the letters 'em' framed by a horizontal black band around his chest and upper arms. The man wears black gloves and boots that reach respectively halfway up his forearms and calves.


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Randolph William Dibny was born in Waymore, Nebraska and grew up in the shadow of his buff, manly older brother. As Ralph entered his awkward teenaged years, he was disappointed with the lack of scrawny role models. He searched and searched, and finally found someone to idolize: the 'Indian Rubber Men' of circus sideshows.

Sure, they were scrawny, but they could contort themselves into impossible shapes! Ralph decided that he would plunder their secrets, and become the greatest contortionist of them all. Despite visiting dozens of circus, no one would help him learn the contortionists' trick. Luckily, using his knack for detection, he discovered it: Gingold Soda Pop. Every 'Rubber Man' he had met drank it. Ralph was determined to become even stretcher than them, and so dove into the exciting world of chemistry.

Ralph distilled the juice of the rare gingo fruit of the Yucatan peninsula until he had extracted the purest gingo nectar humanity had ever seen. Then, he drank it--and discovered several days later that his body was stretching to super-human proportions.

From that point forward, Ralph decided his calling was to be a hero and a detective. He spent some time in Central City foiling crime and chasing down mysteries, even 'going public' with his identity--Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man!--to promote his investigative business. Before long, Ralph began traveling the country looking for trouble.

In addition to finding said trouble, he also found the love of his life, debutante Sue Dearbon. Ralph and Sue, though they came from nearly opposite worlds, were drawn inexorably together, even deciding to continue the work of mobile investigations in a classic convertible.

Since then, Ralph has, with Sue's aid, searched out mysteries of all kinds, mundane and otherwise. He's found friendship in the super-hero community, where his abilities complement those of so many others--even serving as an honorary and official member of several teams/organizations.


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Mystery-Loving: Ralph Dibny loves mysteries more than anything--except, possibly, Sue. Ralph enjoys the thrill of gathering clues, piecing together the puzzle and figuring out whodunnit. He will go out of his way to seek out a mystery, but more often than not he stumbles into them without even trying.

Cerebral--when it counts: While he will fight if he has to, Ralph prefers to use his mind rather than his body to solve problems. Ralph may crack wise and put on a show most of the time, but he knows when it's time for business. Ralph's allies are often shocked to see the transformation from lowbrow antics to intelligent detective work when Ralph's on the case, but longtime friends recognise it as a regular part of his personality. Ralph has no problem switching from a terrible pun to an airtight theory and back again.

Wandering: Ralph and Sue have spent most of their marriage living out of their '65 Thunderbird, and that's how they like it. While Sue is quite wealthy thanks to her inheritance and writing career, and they could easily settle down just about anywhere, there's something about the open road that keeps calling them back. Perhaps it the thrill of the adventure, or the call of a good mystery. Maybe it's just the fact that they don't have to pay utilities. Who knows?

Annoying: Ralph is widely considered one of the most annoying geniuses on the planet. He is constantly in the thick of things, doing his damndest to take over the spotlight and direct all the attention onto himself. This is not because he's particularly selfish or arrogant, he just likes to be acknowledged. Seeing as he is often ignored or passed off as "Plastic Man's cheap knockoff," he feels the need to throw around his brain whenever he can.

Courageous: Ralph may act like a doofus, but underneath that veneer lies a true hero. When it comes down to the wire, Ralph isn't one to flinch or run away. Unless running away is the intelligent and prudent thing to do, of course. He won't pointlessly throw his life away, but he will fight to the finish if it means saving the world, or a loved one.


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Ralph's body is a high tensile material when he's had his gingold extract, and it has proven capable of temporarily restraining even Superman. Ralph's rubbery body shrugs off bullets and conventional attacks from most enemies, although restraining powerful opponents or objects will leave Ralph drained and unable to "pull himself together" for several minutes afterwards. Ralph can also absorb energy attacks, reducing the damage they do to him, while he can contain the impact of small explosions, though doing so will certainly hurt him.


Ralph can stretch his body, or any part thereof, out to hundreds of feet. The maximum length to which he can stretch his body is half a mile, but stretching this far comes with the risk of passing out, as his blood vessels will be too thin to properly pump blood throughout his system. While contorting his form, Ralph's physiology is still human, meaning that while he can stretch, compact, and exaggerate his features, he cannot "shape-shift" to any appreciable degree, he cannot open holes in his body, and neither is he nearly as invulnerable as, for example, Plastic Man.


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Ralph has spent a lot of time bouncing around as a big rubber ball. He's rather good at it. He can predict his trajectory based on the angle of his impact, estimate the distance he'll travel and control the location of his landing.

In his younger years, Ralph pursued an understanding of Chemistry with an almost religious fervor. His drive to uncover the secrets of the Indian Rubber Men, coupled with his gift for learning, helped him learn a great deal about the science in a very short time. Ralph is capable of analyzing the chemical makeup of a substance, isolating specific substances within a compound. He can also extract, refine and concentrate chemicals, as he does on a regular basis with the gingo juice.

If pressed, Ralph will use his abilities to fight, manipulating every part of his body to attack the enemy, from his fists to his nose. The stretching amplifies his meager fighting skills into a masterful superhuman array of combat abilities. Similarly, Ralph can use his body as a ranged weapon--by anchoring his arms or legs to two fixed points and flattening his torso, Ralph can turn himself into a giant slingshot or a surface to redirect incoming missile weapons.

Ralph is understandably skilled in the art of grappling. Not just because of his stretchy nature, either; Ralph has intimate knowledge of choke holds, joint locks and pressure points, thanks to his brief training in the martial arts and his extensive experience as a grapple-happy hero.

Ralph is a master detective, with knowledge ranging from criminology to research to forensics. He may not be professionally trained, but his years of experience and innate perceptive and observant nature more than make up for the lack of a certificate on his wall. Ralph knows how to dust for fingerprints, take DNA samples, examine clues on a scientific level, pick locks, and more. With his knowledge of forensics, he can interpret the results of these tests in a meaningful way, and then use his intuitive skills of observation to link those results to the greater pattern of the mystery's solution.


Ralph is adept at picking up on body language and conversational tidbits, and turning them around into powerful persuasive tools. Whether it's the briefly-dropped illness of a mother or the nervous movement of the eyes, Ralph will notice and exploit it to get what he wants.


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Ralph and Sue own a 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible in excellent condition. They've had the same car for most of their marriage, and have kept it running the whole time. This car has been with them on all of their globetrotting adventures, and she has a ridiculous number of miles on her. Most of the engine has been rebuilt or replaced a dozen times over, but the Dibnys would never dream of replacing the actual car.

Ralph's costume is made of a special nylon-type fiber that can stretch for hundreds of yards. It is highly durable, almost as durable as his rubbery body. The garish color scheme ensures that no one will steal it.

Detective Supplies:
Ralph carries a portable detective kit with him, which contains a variety of conventional and high-tech tools for forensic analysis, including magnifying glass, brushes, tweezers, chemical tests, and so on.

Justice League:
Ralph has spent a lot of time partnering with various members of the Justice League--more than almost anyone else in the superhero community. While he does not often get into situations where he needs to call in the big guns, he knows that when he does, he can expect help--and Ralph is more than happy to help a Leaguer in need.

Social Elite:
Ralph, through Sue, has rubbed his share of wealthy elbows in America. With Sue's connections to high society and Ralph's connections to Sue, they have an "in" if they ever have need of help from the self-styled aristocrats of America. Ralph, in return, is always willing to help a friend of Sue's family if there's a mystery to solve.

Sue Dibny:

Ralph has a life-long partner in his wife, Sue Dearbon Dibny. Sue is an excellent computer specialist, investigator, writer, and socialite. In addition, Sue's inheritance and writing career provide pretty much all of the money the Dibnys use to embark on their adventures together.


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Regular ingestion of a gingo extract (Gingold) provides Ralph with his super-elasticity. When he goes too long without refreshment, the Elongated Man becomes a much more physically ordinary individual, and he remains that way until he has enough Gingold in his system to re-activate his metahuman genes.

Obsessed With Mystery:
Ralph's behaviour when it comes to a mystery could potentially be called obsessive. When he's on a case, Ralph is focused on the current mystery to the exclusion of nearly all else. When he's not on a case, Ralph seeks out the next mystery to fill his time--even to the detriment of his well-being, his social relationships, and so on.

As a frequent participant in Justice League team-ups and adventures, Ralph has run across and foiled dozens of the League's greatest foes. Accordingly, any of the team's numerous rogues looking for an easy target for their revenge schemes may decide not to look any farther than Ralph Dibny.

Sue Dibny:

Sue is tough and can take care of herself, but she's still a vulnerable human in a superhuman world. In the past, Ralph's superheroics have often put Sue's life in danger, and that in turn leaves Ralph vulnerable. If captured, Sue is a powerful bargaining chip to use against her husband.


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