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Date of Cutscene: 25 June 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Punisher

The garage battle really took a lot out of Punisher, and he knew it. They got him while he was tired and had to power through his exhaustion, then managed some solid hits around his upper torso, even with the armor. Then, there was Karai.

He'd finally seen the face of the enemy... and it was a teenager.

After the fight, the tracker on the van had been taken off and placed in a construction yard to throw off Foot efforts to find them again, and they'd gone to ground in one of their more secure safehouses along the northern side of New York.

Setup under a fake ID, the warehouse was one of the upper tier locations, having been converted into a garage and apartment in itself... though the apartment was right now half a strategy room. Punisher had been looking into a map of the New York area and it's surroundings on and off for days now. The patch job from the grey market doctors had been sufficient for him to be able to walk without an issue... but he'd need at least two weeks of downtime before he could say his body won't fall apart on a mission.

It was time Punisher was using to go over his options.

A few minutes later, Microchip walked in from the garage. David was already frowning at the sight... but he knew better now to argue with Frank when he was in strategy mode.

"Any ideas?" Microchip asked as he stepped over to the table with the figures and map. "Yeah, I've got a couple. The ambush kicked the hell out of me, but the intel from Alopex should be worth it, if your background checks are any indication." Punisher shrugs to Microchip as they both look at the war table.

"What about the police? We have confirmation they have influence over the Quaid force with her being released. I say we concentrate on the corruption there. I even have a couple leads on who we should go after." Punisher just shakes his head, "That'd take too much of a risk with the Foot in there. We'd need to talk to our contacts in the department and they'd get suspicion on them. I don't want to burn any of the people helping us with an organization this careful. No... we need to do this from another angle."

Punisher moves around the table as Microchip continues, "We don't need to talk to our people in the police to find them, Frank." Punisher leaned over the table and looked to Microchip; a silent sign to continue, "These people are obviously connected. I can hack into the database and see who signed off on the release orders. We can follow the chain from there." Punisher looked back down to the wartable... then at the various 'P' buildings on the map indicating police stations. "It's worth a try." Punisher concluded, before he turned his head to regard the pictures on the walls... particularly the aerial shot of Karai, and he nods to it.

"Anything on her yet?" Punisher asks. Microchip shook his head as he moved to one of the couches and sat down. "Only the public record. I've been concentrating on the list that Alopex gave you." Punisher looked back to Microchip, and he continued, "Most of them are promising. We already knew about a couple of these being too hard to crack without bringing out the heavy artillery. You're still against bringing out the big guns for the warehouse, right?" Punisher nods back, "Until we can get inside and get a good accounting of the layout and the people inside, I'm going to leave that particular nut uncracked."

Then, Punisher looks down to the war table, and taps on a couple of the building figures. "What can you tell me about these, and what we'd need to burn them to the ground."