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Date of Cutscene: 25 January 2018
Location: New York To France
Synopsis: A possessed Rikki meets up with a pair of hunters in France and the demon is removed from her body.
Cast of Characters: Arc

The nightmare continued. The teenage speedster who'd been possessed had fully left Metropolis. She'd run across the water and full into France. The city of love would be twisted into a city of lust. She continued her little reign of terror. Her influence only spread so far of course. Still, she was acting out.

Then it happened... A french hunter. Someone who could recognize what was going on. He looked at her and spoke the latin words. An Exorcism. He spoke them as quickly as he could but that wasn't fast enough. She darted toward him and took him by the throat, silencing him. Then, another hunter picked up on the exorcism. The demon panicked. It went for the other one. The two went back and forth until... A violent scream errupted from her and the demon poured out. A normal(ish) girl dropped to the ground, unconscious.