Final Rendevous

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Final Rendevous
Date of Cutscene: 04 July 2020
Location: Bludhaven
Synopsis: The Scoobies are trying to determine their next steps.
Cast of Characters: Buffy Summers
Tinyplot: Blood of the Ancients

The Scoobies had tracked down the latest secret meeting of vamp wannabe recruits, and had weened out the demons from innocents. After a heated battle, between Scoobies and Vamps/Ghouls, those that were not initially vanquished, fled along with most of the innocents, piling into a long black 'Party Bus'..

"We gotta stop 'em!" "They'll turn them.." "We can't reach them, we're outnumbered.."

They already had their hands full, pushing back the vamps, trying to reach the unknowing victims who believed that the Scoobies were the enemies, that their captors were their benefactors who would grant them amazing powers. They were wrong.

"It's okay, I'll tail 'em.." the broody, shadowy avenger leapt from the shadows and chased after them as he leapt into his car..

A few hours later, when the dust settled, he had arrived at Buffy's apartment bruised, winded but determined. "I found them, they're still alive, for now. But they're in a high security compound...Magical barrier. Lot's of vamp guards."

Buffy sighed, "Great..How're we gonna get past all of that? Time's running out." and then she had an idea. They just needed a really smart computer hacker. And a really clever witch. or two..And some muscle. Already she had some people in mind, and a plan. That..Might just work. She reached for her phone, "Time to make some calls.."