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Date of Cutscene: 20 June 2018
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Sometime before the Ragnarok cut scene -- Vintrider senses Ragnarok and responds
Cast of Characters: Vintridr

The uproar around the Rising Tide's unmasking of 'Vinnie' as an Asgardian has by now pretty much subsided; as it turns out, most of her clientele is more interested in getting good coffee than gawking at an alien that looks and acts entirely human. She's only had to throw out one overly disruptive reporter this month - a record low; perhaps the fact that a video of that unworthy landing in a fountain thirty feet away went viral on Viewtube has had the desired effect. Sure, the history students have gotten a great deal more talkative now, but they're also well-paying customers and they know not to bother her during busy times. Life is quiet, and Vintridr likes it that way.

And then, all of a sudden, it isn't.

She's in the middle of pouring a triple espresso for an Economics student when she freezes in mid-motion, her entire body going tense and still as if she's listening to a sound no one else can hear, eyes fixed on something no one else sees. Then, with a full-body shudder, the moment passes and she exhales a long sigh before looking back up at her customers, looking more serious than they'd ever seen her except one time in a phone video.

"We're closing," she declares in a voice that rings with authority. "Everyone, please finish your coffee and leave; consider your bills settled. Miss Kensington, a word before you depart?"

A young woman with frizzy red hair and unassuming jeans and sweater jacket looks up from her tablet with a sudden almost guilty expression.

"Um..." she starts as everyone else has left, only to be cut off by Vintridr holding up a hand. "Save it, Agent Kensington," the Asgardian informs her while she closes the register before escorting the woman outside. "Your act was excellent, but it only fools me once. Please convey my apologies to Commander Fury, but I'll be gone for some time. Ragnarok is happening."

Whatever the agent might have thought of saying in response is drowned out by cries of surprise outside as a winged warhorse alights on the cobblestones in front of the coffee house. Vintridr pats the horse affectionately on his neck for a moment, then lifts herself up into the saddle without bothering with stirrups. A twitch of the reins, and the horse leaps into the air, powerful wings generating a down gust that staggers onlookers for a moment -- and then, in a shower of multicolored light, horse and rider vanish.

Kinzie stares for a moment more before collecting her wits, taking out her phone and calling HQ. "This is Agent Kensington, on Valkyrie watch. I need to report to Director Fury. ... Yes, as soon as possible. This could very well be an emergency."