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Vintridr (Scenesys ID: 1584)
"Even if the ends justify the means, that does not absolve us of the guilt for employing them. What we can't mend, we must do penance for."
Full Name: Vintridr
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Valkyrie
Citizenship: Asgard
Residence: Asgard
Education: Asgardian, Valkyrie training
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 November Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth {{{DOB}}} Actor: Katie McGrath
Height: 185 cm Weight: 90 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Violet
Theme Song: Dragonforce - Through The Fire And The Flames


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Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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This woman moves with the casual ease of an athlete, her figure fit and toned. Long, brown hair is usually pulled back into a single braid to keep it out of the way. Her expression is mostly serious with heavy, dark brows over thoughtful, violet eyes. The woman's complexion is naturally tanned, her features angular. Her nose and chin are strong with full lips that seldom smile. It's a rare exception that she wears cosmetics.


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At a "mere" fifteen centuries of age, Vintridr is among the youngest Aesir ever to win the honor of being inducted into the Valkyries, Odin's personal guard and special forces. She served with distinction for several centuries, battling the enemies of Odin and Asgard as well as seeking out the valiant fallen on Midgard to conduct them to Valhalla where the brave live forever.

A few centuries ago, however, in the aftermath of a particularly bloody battle against one of Asgard's many enemies, she realized that she'd been especially busy on Midgard in the previous century ( a period of time coinciding roughly with the Sengoku Jidai in Japan and the Thirty Years War in Europe ), and try as she might she could not quell the doubt in her mind at the 'fortuitous' coincidence. She confronted Odin during a private audience, demanding to know if he'd foreseen this and deliberately stayed his hand in the knowledge that conflicts would erupt and people would die... and his silence in the face of her questions broke her heart.

"The hardest lesson for a ruler is that sometimes he has to do what is necessary rather than what is right." was his rationalization, and while she couldn't quite argue against the outcome she couldn't reconcile the means with the end either. In exhange for her silence, Odin permitted her to take what amounted to a leave of absence, living on Midgard in self-imposed exile and penance. She's kept a low profile -- mostly -- ever since, but the recent emergence of superheroes, and especially the appearance of Thor on Midgard are likely to change that. In her current 'incarnation' as "Vinnie", she is the favourite barista of quite a few college students in MIT, most of whom think that her knowledge of history is due to an unfinished college degree rather than personal experience...


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Several centuries of living on Midgard have mellowed this Valkyrie somewhat. She's still fiercely loyal to Odin, Asgard and Midgard, but realizing how fragile 'mortal' lives are firsthand has taught her to be a little more considerate about when to start a fight, and what to fight for. To people who don't know her true nature (IE, almost everyone she currently knows) she comes across as a strongly passionate individual that's maybe a bit more mature than her age suggests, especially when she talks. Those who know her for who she is likely see her as a bit thoughtful compared to the average Valkyrie, but no less fierce when angered.


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Like all Aesir, Vintridr's native tongue is the All-Speech, which lets her understand and be understood by every sentient species in the known galaxy, although her word choice and sentence structure tends to have a trace of 'epic saga' showing through.

Compared to humans, Asgardians are tough almost beyond comprehension. Vintridr can take a direct hit to the head with a club without blinking, get hit by a speeding car and take only superficial injuries, and will generally fully recover from any injury that fails to kill her within a day.

Vintridr can lift a fully grown human being one-handed with little effort, or a car with both arms and a moderate amount of effort, and flip a tank on its back with a great deal of effort. She can punch barehanded through a tree or a non-reinforced brick wall with a single punch, and do severe damage to the integrity of any structure less reinforced than a bank vault. Several hundred years of living on Midgard have taught her to moderate her strength so as to keep from accidentally killing anyone.

Vintridr can outrun a mortal Olympic-level sprinter, keep up the pace over a marathon distance on rough terrain, and still have enough stamina left to fight an extended battle at the destination.

When needed, Vintridr can voluntarily enter a combat fugue. While she is within that state her strength, speed, endurance and aggressiveness are significantly boosted at the expense of a diminished capacity to recognize friend from foe and a near complete inability to stop fighting while there are still enemies in sight that haven't been incapacitated ('surrendered' is not a distinction she's capable of making while in that fugue state; 'on the ground and not moving' is).

When she listens, Vintridr can hear the echoes of struggles that have yet to happen, allowing her to show up in time to escort yet another valiant fallen to the halls of Valhalla. She cannot, to her regret, use this ability to get to a site of conflict in time to prevent that death to happen (causality must be maintained, after all), but technically there are no laws or forces preventing her to choose to intercede on behalf of the fallen to honor their frequent last wish.

Vintridr's senses are exceptionally acute even by Asgardian standards. Her visual acuity registers at 20/5, and if she tries she can follow a whispered conversation from one end of a crowded plaza. The latter is arguably almost as much a hindrance as it is a benefit, because it requires constant low-level effort to ignore all the background noises of several city blocks, but she's had a long time to learn to adapt.

There are maybe a half dozen Midgard scientists that could follow Vintridr's explanation of the physics involved, but what it boils down is that her weapons appear in her hands when she requires them, and vanish back to whereever when she 'puts them away'.

Vintridr has partaken of the Apples of Idunn. She is currently close to a thousand years old, and unless she falls in battle she'll see a few thousand more before she passes on.

Self-imposed exile or no, Vintridr is one of the Choosers of the Slain, and she has the ability - and technically, the duty - to bear the souls of the valiant fallen to Valhalla, where the brave live forever. She doesn't use this ability as often lately as she used to; spending centuries on earth have taught her to adjust her standards for 'worthiness', as well as the concept of asking consent.

While using this ability in the exercise of her duties, Vintridr goes entirely unnoticed by anyone who lacks mystical senses and isn't at death's door themselves.


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Before she found her place among the Valkyries, Vintridr apprenticed in the forges of Asgard. She doesn't just know how to use her weapons, she knows how to make them. Of course, a craftsman is only as good as their tools, and short of the inside of a Stark Industries workshop her ability to recreate any of them on Midgard is severely limited.

Advanced technology or magic aside, the basic principles of reconnaisance work remain the same -- stealth, infiltration, observation, accurate reporting. On the one hand, her most recent experience in these matters was in the time when front-loaded muskets were still the most advanced weapon on Earth; on the other hand, some of it was against enemies that could see heat, hear the tremors of a leaf falling to the ground, or taste the scent of a living being on the air from miles away; a lot of the disciplines involved turn out to map very well to electronic surveillance -- tripwires and motion detectors are no great challenge for someone who had to outwit the giant spiders guarding some of the lower caverns of Muspelheim; giant serpents can taste the heat of a living body better than the most sensitive IR camera; one of Malekith's alchemists of a more experimental bent had bred creatures that were essentially winged eyeballs, and at least most cameras are on static emplacements. That said, Vintridr hasn't had any reason to tangle with sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment, so there'll be a learning curve while she figures out what's what.


...Sorry, couldn't resist. What I'm trying to say is that Vintridr has spent the last four centuries on Earth living among humans, and she's not the kind of person to sit on her hands. Her full skill list would likely take up several pages and ranges from the surprisingly practical to the eclectic.

As a random selection, Vintridr knows how to hunt and skin an animal, cure a hide, shear a sheep, weave cotton, card wool, ride a horse, drive a wagon, make charcoal, cook on anything from a campfire to a reasonably appointed modern kitchen, brew hops or mead, prospect for minerals (the Gold Rush was an interesting time to be alive), smelt, build a log cabin, play an upright piano and a shamisen (So was the Meiji Restoration), administer battlefield medicine (entirely too much practice), bury a body according to the religious rites of seven different major religions (ditto), rivet sheet metal ("we can do it!"), dance in about twelve different styles (including Disco, although she'll die before admitting to it), how to get men in their mid-forties to take the advice of a twenty-something woman seriously, and how to vanish from a community before the fact that she's looked like a twenty-something for the past three decades gets remarked on.


The Choosers of the Slain are the Asgardian equivalent of special forces, and they have centuries to train. By this point, Vintridr can be considered proficient in a ridiculously wide array of handheld weapons ranging from swords and bows to assault rifles and energy guns, and will generally figure out the basic principles of weapons she hasn't used before fairly quickly.


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Vintridr's usual arsenal includes a bow, a spear, and a sword and shield. While these come across as primitive by modern Earth standards, they have all been crafted with metallurgy techniques that Tony Stark would cheerfully give up an eye for the opportunity to study. The bow fires arrows of 'ice', her armour will shed small arms fire like gentle rain, and with Asgardian strength behind them and Valkyrie skill wielding them, the shield will stop a tank round and the sword's edge will cut through the tank's armour.

Aside from the fifteen-foot wingspan, Bragi looks like any other prime stallion in the same way that Vintridr generally passes for 'just' a tall and athletically built human woman. He has been an Asgardian warhorse for as long as Vintridr has been a Valkyrie, however, and they've ridden together in flying charges more often than even a particular bright horse can easily count. He can hear Vintridr's call from anywhere in the Nine Realms, and can travel between them at will, with or without his rider. He's enjoying the current quiet time in the stables of Asgard while it lasts with the long experience of someone who knows that it never does.

The nice thing about living for hundreds of years is patience. Vintridr "got in at the ground level" with a few promising companies, managed to hold on to her shares during the 1929 crash, and at this point has a comfortable income from dividends in the low six figures -- enough that she doesn't generally have to worry about regular purchases and expenses, even when said expenses include new forged paperwork when an identity wears out its welcome.


Loyalty is a two way street. Vintridr is a Valkyrie, and if she calls for help, her sisters in arms /will/ come.


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As noted above, that battle fugue state comes with a few inherent downsides even while she's in it. On top of that, once she comes out of it she suffers the equivalent of a severe adrenaline crash - one which would be easily be fatal for someone without an Asgardian's resilience; even a fully trained Valkyrie will need about an hour's rest for every minute she spent in the state, and until she gets it she won't be able to do much more than stagger toward the nearest place to sleep. Her safe limit is somewhere around forty minutes in Berserker state; however, if the fight isn't over by then she will keep going until she finally keels over somewhere around the one-hour mark, at which point she'll need Asgardian levels of medical attention to recover in any kind of reasonable time frame.

Vintridr may have voluntarily exiled herself, but she has never actually renounced her position and its implicit duties to Odin, Asgard and Midgard. If the first ever directly calls on her, she will answer and obey; if she encounters anything that threatens any of the three, she will consider herself obligated to do something about it.

Not quite as bad as it sounds on the face of it, but compared to most Asgardian warriors' penchant for impulsive behavior Vintridr's a paragon of restraint - a temperament that's ideally suited to a scout whose purpose is to watch, report and wait rather than charge right in. When she's on her own, however, it does mean her first instinct in a crisis situation will be to see if someone else is taking charge before acting on her own initiative.

Most of the time, the combat fugue only comes when she deliberately invokes it. But when adrenaline is already running high and she perceives herself as being swarmed by enemies, and especially if she or someone she cares about has been wounded in the fight... Sometimes it comes unbidden. The end result is rarely pleasant to behold.

Vintridr is unswervingly loyal to the Valkyries, Asgard, Odin, and Midgard. In that specific order. This does not lead to conflict /often/ but when it does it tends to be debilitating to her ability to act decisively.

Even in self-imposed exile, Vintridr is still inordinately proud of Asgard, the Valkyries and the fact that she earned her place within the latter. Anyone who openly disparages either of those in her presence is going to have a bad time.


Vintridr has /less/ of a temper than the average Valkyrie. Unfortunately, that is not the same as having /no/ temper. She's significantly less likely to be the one that threw the first punch, but she /will/ be the one who threw the /last/ one.


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