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Forge (Scenesys ID: 816)
Full Name: Jonathon Silvercloud
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: The Maker, Soldier, X-Men
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Dallas, Texas
Education: Privately Mentored, Specialized Military Training
Status: Dropped
Groups: X-Men, Xavier's School, Mystic Arts, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 2 September 1998 Actor:
Height: 186 cm Weight: 92 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


A versatile combination of magic and the physical world, Forge is best when he has freedom to problem solve and invent. Also known as 'the Maker', he takes great pride in what he can accomplish with his mutant gift, but he is also very ready to fight for the cause and the dream alongside his fellow X-Men, in whatever method is needed.

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With a shoulder-length, dark mane of hair and a smoky, warm complexion, the Native American male has a strong physical presence, despite the usual reserve to his expression and manner. Dark, almost black eyes are often uncovered, though the high tech bright green goggles on his forehead are used equally often as actual goggles as they are a headband to keep his hair back. He has facial hair, both beard and mustache in front, kept short.

The man's stature is military and muscular, trained, though his clothing is nondescript: a gray and black tactical shirt for now, sleeves rolled up to muscular biceps. His right arm is covered in a black sleeve, as if he'd had an elbow injury to bind, and hand similarly gloved on that side, to hide the cybernetics underneath. He's wearing jeans, and boots of a nondescript type. Some tattoos, suggestive of tribal but with deeper meanings in their specific turns and arrangements show on his neck, wrist, arm, here and there.

He finishes this with pieces of jewelry along his left upper ear and a jade necklace tucked into his snug shirt in front. The tech and pouches at his belt are at mild war with the more religious feel to his other jewelry and tattoos, but somehow there's a harmony as well.


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The origins of Jonathon Silvercloud are a mystery even to him, though he has a good amount to go on. Before he could remember, he was taken in by Naze, a medicine man and sorcerer. Whether his family agreed to this or if he was an orphan, he has never been certain. He assumes he is from one of the Cheyenne reservations of Montana or the Dakotas, though Naze has never shared his true origin or family with him.

At this young age, Naze began teaching young Jonathon the secret ways of the spirit and tribal traditions. He sensed within the youth great magical potential. As such, Jonathon was consecrated and enlisted to fight an ancient foe known as, "Adversary".

During his formative teenage years Jonathan also learned of his mutant gifts. Discovering he had a way to 'understand' the objects in his world by feeling their energy. His resistance and stubbornness about Naze and his teachings led to a strong use of this mutant ability related to things outside of that world: technology, invention, design... machines.

Unhappy with his life and the preordained plans for it, Jonathon set out on his own at 18, even enlisting in the United Stares Army. He became a high speed soldier and an excellent marksman. After his first tour of duty he was even invited to join SHIELD. He declined this, he had decided, stubbornly, that he was an Army man through and through. He rejected paths others put before him, resentful of Naze and not having a family, he made his own in the army with his fellow soldiers.

Many years later, in a third tour of duty while on a joint operation acting as a forward unit Jonathon's platoon was decimated by hostile fighters. Losing another 'family', his soldiers and close friends, caused an explosion of reaction from Jonathon. He invoked a dark, magical spell that was empowered by the spirits of the fallen: his fellow soldiers and the villagers they were securing. A gateway to a demonic plane opened and spewed forth its denizens.

Realizing what he had done he called for fire on his location, to try to erase the horror he had unleashed. An airstrike managed to defeat the horde, but at the cost of a hand, and a leg and a half. It also cost the souls of his comrades-in-arms.

While recovering from his actions and physical dismemberment, (and adopting 'Forge' as his moniker) Forge pulled away from active duty, acting as a weapons designer for Nick Fury, the Atlanteans and just about any who requested his aid. He was aimless, guilty, confused, and trying to make up for the magical onslaught he had caused. His most recent invention directly after the ordeal was the 'neutralizer', a device that can actually nullify superpowers. To suggest he created it in a way to stop others like himself from doing horrible things would be right on the nose. He provided a number of other objects after that, while numb and disturbed, and trying to cope. Recently he witnessed some of his 'toys' in use and has grown disheartened with being a manufacturer of such things. He has reoriented himself back home. His story is a well-fleshed one with plenty of encounters and experiences with aliens and mutant monsters, but the path he finds is now tied in to that of the X-Men. Where, maybe, he can try to redeem himself a little further by being one of the good guys, even against his government that is so intolerant of mutants. But sometimes Forge can't disagree with that, looking at his own past...


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At the core, Forge is a troubleshooter. He solves problems, he formulates work-arounds and tries to make a situation better than it is. He finds the trouble with an uncanny intuition, and often has ideas on improvements. He is not a loner, though often he has to do tasks by himself: he values others. Forge is a man who cares a lot about loyalty and true inner strength, and attempts to bring those people into his life as his 'found' family. He believes in 'choice' of destiny, and will advocate for people to do what they feel is right in their lives, not what they are born into. He is a creative thinker, with a lot of patience. He is often friendly but never skirts the point, he can be blunt, outspoken and is usually very honest in his thoughts and feelings: even if it hurts.

He will tear the band-aid off and be a realist. The man is very pragmatic, incredibly analytical and likes to solve problems. He doesn't tunnel vision as some can tend to do, but he does have a very long attention span, able to stick to a task: but not to the point where he'd forget to eat.

He is an introvert to a degree, and regains his energy from being away from people. Times such as that are usually when he returns with something he invented, something game changing, outstanding, new, or just odd. Working with objects is cathartic to him, and the object can, for a time, be more important than the reason or stressor that sent him back there to work on things. He does not 'hide' from stress on purpose, but a great deal of social drama, if he can't fix it, can cause him to turtle in this manner.

Forge can and will lead, but usually only does so if there is not another strong leader he feels he can follow. If current leadership is not up to his quality required, he'll step up or even challenge the leader on the things he feels need to be changed, though it isn't his preference to have to do so. If leadership is there and strong, though, Forge settles into a solid, loyal soldier role, ready to go to the end for a leader he believes in.

Forge is also never one to back down in the face of danger. The man is the first person to meet it when necessary, and responds well to his duty or protecting others. Forge is an old world hero at heart: a lot of spirit, a lot of opinion and a lot of loyalty with very little concern on mincing words or sparing feelings. He is capable of being tactful, but usually prefers directness, the same way he'd solve a mechanical upgrade.


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Forge's primary mutant ability is that of intuition. It is very unusual, and often hard to explain. It ties into his sorcery potential, though. He can 'see' energy, and intuit how something works in a style of internal vision. He simply understands how an object or system behaves, the functionality of it, and can quickly reverse engineer items. This applies to spellcraft and sometimes biological things, but his primary focus is to determine how machines are structured and functioning. This, coupled with his natural high intelligence allows him to design, build, reconstruct, reverse engineer, dismantle and just in general behave like a technowizard. He is not a 'genius' in a way usually associated with it: this doesn't behave on smarts so much as using 'the force' to find his way through things. He doesn't always know why they work like they do, just that they DO, and can't teach what he does.

It is important to note that Forge's primary ability is in dismantling and reconstructing. He can design or invent, but his powers are usually oriented best on systems that already exist, or adjustments and upgrades on tech that he is exposed to.

Forge's ability to invent devices takes time (unless he has reference), but repurposing things he already has or finds is truly where he shines: it's a vision overlaying something that already exists, for him. He could come across an alien spacecraft he has never seen before, and immediately determine not only how to get inside, but how it pilots, how the power source is broken and exactly what it needs to be repaired or even upgraded, or convert the weapons into additional propulsion systems. The upgrade ability comes from seeing the energy, and how it could better 'flow'. But he'd be hard pressed to come up with that alien ship without having been exposed to it first: not impossible, but just unlikely to have thought of that way of doing it, particularly without those parts at hand. He's more an upgrader of existing things.

Inventions lend to being made of the things he is given. He can take high tech things and take the next logical leap. So yes, Forge invents, though it is within the 'tier' of the parts he has: it's an improved variant. Coming up with a plan out of nothing isn't his usual path, but rearranging things that exist is. If he has a regular car, he's not building a portal to mars out of it. He could make a really badass vehicle, though. High tech energy gun? He can make it shoot focused cutting laser instead, or take out the power coils to make a heat dampener so an explosive bomb doesn't go off when he tinkers with it. On that note, Forge is a wiz at things like bombs. Always cut the wire he picks-- or better, just let him remake it into a BETTER bomb...

Forge was born with an extraordinary potential for sorcery, which is why he was immediately trained from just about birth by the shaman Naze. A great deal of this potential has gone untapped, but still exists. Forge has only really used a portion of his magical potential, which could expand if he accepted his legacy. Until that time, it is potential only.


Forge possesses the X-Gene like many others. While not the main benefit, Forge has a genetic aberration which gives him a slightly greater stamina and durability threshold than a normal human being. This means, essentially, he can work harder and longer than most people, run for a longer period of time, and take a punch somewhat better. This durability is around 'super solider' level, but he doesn't get any of the other perks with it such as strength or agility: he has (still very good) human levels for those.


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While this fits into Sorcery, it more properly deserves its own entry. This is a knowledge of objects that are enchanted. Forge's abilities with objects and invention extend into occult items and weaponry. In theory he could make magical blades or talismans (though he rarely does this), but more importantly and commonly, is very good at identification. His mutant power of intuition ties in here strongly: to know the purpose of an object and how its 'energy' lies can give him immediate insight into if something is magical, if it is cursed, and other facts about it. He can't track who made something without some sorcery, but an object itself can be very quickly identified for what it is and does by Forge.

Forge is one of the leaders in Cybernetic invention and its use. The strange thing about it is that he is entirely self-taught, and his methods are usually odd to others, at best. He would, in fact, struggle to use this skill without his mutant ability of intuition, because he uses his mutant 'vision' to diagnose cybernetics in a way that feels as natural as solving a jigsaw puzzle. Forge is an ideal resource if a Cybernetic system is broken or ailing, but is also very capable of creating a metallic and functional version of a biological thing: meaning, he's best at replacements, and very swift at repairs. He can do this during a fight or a tight situation, the 'give me a second' to come up with an adjustment on a Cybernetic device for repair or to do a new function is actually a reality with Forge. He can MacGuyver cybernetics with ease and ingenuity.

A self-taught engineer, Forge has no real formal schooling in this. He has used a great deal of resources available to him to learn on his own and study, but primarily he learns by taking things apart in a very physical way. Books and plans are all well and good, but his knowledge and learning style is practical. He has been exposed to a large number of different tech styles and weapons, and has formed his own preferences on how things are created. Forge is not a great teacher, since his main method of learning is through trial and more trial. Just dive in and somehow it works out. He is less about science and chemistry, and more about the deeper energy or 'magic' or force within something. His techno-wizardry doesn't pair well with more traditional aspects of engineering on the surface, yet everything flows together.

Forge believed for a time that he would be a career soldier, a lifer. He attained the rank of sergeant before his injuries no longer allowed him to remain enlisted in the US Army.

He is quite experienced as a combat specialist and to be considered a war vet.

Forge has the expected tactical acumen, weapon/weapon systems proficiencies (small to heavy arms, explosives, onboard weapon systems, proper disposal, etc.), survival skills, fitness, athleticism, military protocol, combatives mastery, CQB familiarity and additional extended skillsets. His talent in these fields was actually what impressed SHIELD in the first place. Quite simply Forge is a magnificent soldier.

Forge has been trained in magic since before he could speak by Naze, an aged and powerful Shaman of the Cheyenne. Forge is a talented and capable spell caster and is considered a master of Native American sorcery. In his field, there are few that can match his particular style of magic. He is deeply connected the natural elements, ancestors, and scrying. The wind can be used to enhance speed, totems can be imbued with energy, and a creature that passed can be tracked. This magic must be used with high respect for spirits and life force, and using it incorrectly, such as to work with demons or negative energies, exacts heavy toll. Even spells with positive spirits or advice from ancestors have a cost to them, though they can be quite powerful when these things are paid.


From his upbringing, Forge is quite studied in the myths, stories, oral traditions and knowledges of not only the Cheyenne people but many of the other tribes, most specifically the ones branching from Algonquin and the Northwestern territories. This also includes various languages and dialects. This can also include other physical life skills and awareness of history and how things were done before technology. He knows how to respect the land and creatures in it, and proper technique related to religions of the Native American groups.


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Forge's Cybernetics have a number of weaknesses related to them, but the main goal of them is achieved: he is missing a natural leg, hand, and part of thigh, and these cybernetics replace those for him. He can walk, he can use his hand! Everything else they do is just additional benefits on top of those super important functions.

The cybernetics are 'hollow' in the sense that they are full of various parts and interworkings that Forge can use to jerry-rig something together if he needs to. A good deal of the zones occupied by his cybernetics are parts that can be switched in and out, in his own personal plug-and-play sort of style. He always carries some extra things that aren't actively necessary, because you never know when you might need a few extra parts.

The hand and leg aren't extremely strong on their own, they aren't weapons themselves, due to a wish to have balance in his body. He can't jump super high with the leg, but instead strove to replace the one missing accurately. Yes, they are metal and strong, but they are not made of any particularly extremely high powered armor, and can be torn up if unprotected.

Forge is responsible for many many inventions. The vast majority of them not listed below, what is listed are the ones commonly found on his person either in the field or with easy access.

  • Advanced Cybernetic Limbs: This includes from the point just below his elbow downward of his right hand, the thigh of one leg and his entire opposing leg. These are hollowed out in points and made of plastic and metal composites. (attached - prosthetics)
  • Micro Multi-Scanalyzer: This is a multifunction scanner, it's main purpose is to scan and identify 'abnormal' beings, energies and objects. It overlooks nonmodified or alien organic and inorganic materials unless they are outside a standardized range of normalcy. This includes a chronal scanner and a magnetic resonant imaging mode. (integrated)
  • Energy Shield Generator: This is a limited ranged preset hard light generator that erects a localized round shield from Forge's wrist. It could be altered to create something more but beyond it's settings would tax it out. He fashions his use of this after Captain America himself and can even throw it. (integrated)
  • Eye-Spy Drones - These tiny remote flying drones are for reconnaissance purposes. They scan, observe and transmit collected feeds back to Forge's goggles. (stand alone)
  • "Little Thunder" - This is Forge's personalized sniper rifle, a modified coilgun that fires high powered and accelerated rounds. It comes fully equipped with a specialized telescopic sighting mechanism that works with the weapons increased range. Each round is crafted for this weapon and not only hits with enough impact to blow a "Reaver" in two it also scrambles electronic systems with each blast. There is no 'hiding' the sound it makes either. (stand alone)
  • Psychic Dampener - This implant releases continuous pulses that work on a wavelength that telepathy matches, it creates a limited resistance against mind altering or communication from outside sources. It can be turned on and off at will. It does not offer full protection against psychics but enough to dull weaker ones and cushion against stronger ones. (integrated)
  • Spray Release - A simple ejector built in to his cybernetic hand. It can be loaded with various chemicals for differing effects. Limited range and ammunition. (integrated)
  • Stunner Grenades - These grenades generate stroboscopic flashbulb effects that mimic the power of the mutant Dazzler. It renders opponents blinded and disoriented. The only defense is protective eyewear. (stand alone)
  • Storage Bag - Forge claims this is magical in origin but its not. That's a joke on his part. It is simply a modified unstable molecule modification that is ionized in a special way to allow compression of objects, it lightens and 'folds' large objects in. (stand alone)
  • Jack and Spike - These two 'sibling' options are a cyberjack and a cyberspike. The jack is the soft opener, it allows for hacking, bypassing firewalls, downloading information. It's a softer approach. Spike is the hard approach, it scrambles, destroys and infuses viruses. It does not collect it only outputs unlike its brother Jack. (integrated)
  • Synthetic Telepathy Relay - This small dish unfurls from Forge's palm and allows for a booster in actual psychic link ups. It's good if a telepath can't reach him or needs to talk to somebody outside of their normal distances. (integrated)
  • Forge's Googles - State of the art multifunctional lensing that includes an array of visual enhancements, telescopic, x-ray, infrared, nightvision, his own 'sight-blind' sensory invention that interprets and transmits data from absolute darkness. A micro-hud that interfaces with all of his cybernetics and linked up gadgets. (stand alone)

Forge is also known to carry many other toys. He is the swiss-army-knife of mutants. What you see is not what you are always going to get. He lives by a motto of "always be prepared and if not? Gimme a minute". Macguyver has nothing on Forge of the X-Men.

Naze is an ancient and powerful teacher and Shaman of magic originating in the Cheyenne culture. He does not have the best relationship with Forge these days, but if Forge were to come back to embrace magic and his 'destiny' as Naze sees it, Naze would be there as a resource to help protect the world or continue his teachings.

Forge has a pass to enter SHIELD or similar facilities, though he remains more solidly under the government's group of the armed forces, not SHIELD itself. He had been heavily recruited by SHIELD (and declined to be an agent), but has made weapons and looked at mysterious alien tech for them in the past as a consultant. Forge is one of those nice tech resources that SHIELD doesn't share with others and prefers to keep in a back pocket.

The main important Inventions and projects credited to Forge are these:

  • Security and Base systems for the X-Men (cloaking, security, defensive systems)
  • Power inhibitors for the US government (mutant power nullification tech)
  • Advanced weapons and vehicles for the US Government (energy artillery and mid-sized arms, specialized vehicles for military use)
  • Advanced weapons and tools for SHIELD (energy rifles and guns, containment units and utility tech)

With a bit of digging, he can be traced to being responsible for inventions listed, and often is brought in to deal with upgrades in those areas with those groups. These projects are usually ongoing and Forge often will be in current work on at least one of these, with improved access to that current project type.

The Eagle's Nest is Forge's personal lab and penthouse space, located in Dallas, Texas. When Forge was designing weapons and examining extraterrestrial objects for the government, this was his base of operations to do so. It is a multi-story building, the floors suspended in space without any clear means to hold them up. It was a technological marvel, though it is generally shut down and not in use if he is away. It has the largest number of resources for him personally to work on inventions in private. It is not well guarded, but it is very well cloaked, and nearly impossible to locate without Forge's presence to unravel the high tech security.

While sometimes this can be an issue, usually it is a positive. Forge has a number of links and resources through creating weapons and working on and off for the government. He will be hired on to projects (and disappear for a time during them), but is able to access high security areas and has a high rank to pull when he needs to. Him being more disillusioned lately with the government doesn't affect his access. Being a war hero and vet does a lot alone, not even counting his tech services and consultant roles. If he chose to enter a political area he'd probably do well, his voice carries weight, when he does speak.


Though not a fixture at the 'school,' Forge is a part of the X-Men group and one of their most major tech resources. Similarly, he has access to the X-Men technology, and is quite capable of using all of it, and making upgrades and repairs to the X-Men facilities. With access, he can repair Cerebro if needed (even if he can't use it himself, he could escort someone else inside), handle the Danger Room upgrades including his own special training programs, and use the other training rooms or labs with full access. He can change and modify security programs both within the X-Men base or the mansion above. He can upgrade, invent or use the vehicles of the X-Men, and so on.


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Forge can be considered a 'partial reconstruction' cyborg. His replaced parts are those that were lost. He has a replaced right leg, a portion of the other leg at the thigh area, and a right hand. These do require constant maintenance and the occasional upgrade. They are quite obvious, though he can wear pants or a glove to reduce how apparent they are. Full tactile sensation is very limited, at best he has about 64% on a good day. It is mainly oriented towards 'detecting' or feeling hot and/or cold. These cybernetics come with the usual problems of such things, such as electromagnetic, although there are some resistances built in. On the upside, none of his cybernetics are required for him to survive, so even if they stopped working, it isn't life threatening, unless he had to, say, run fast.

The Shaman Naze is insistent upon Forge's importance to the world, fellow Native Americans and the Realms beyond. Naze finds the fact that Forge turned away from his fate frustrating and even slightly maddening. Forge refuses to give in to this pressure and is always very stubborn about it. Use of dark magic taught him a lesson, and he learned it very, very well. He would rather die than use dark magic again, well aware of the cost. In fact, Forge will resist using mystical powers or his shaman abilities in general, unless he has no other option available. Lives must truly be at stake, and even then he would try to find some other route than to rely on mystical power.

Guilt, when left untreated, can become a fearsome thing. It can expand not only out of the guilt from the past, but also things that he has yet to do, and fears feeling bad about. He has proven to himself that he makes horrible mistakes: he is capable of it, and making sure that doesn't happen again is held as one of his highest concerns. Finding out about a mistake, or being made aware of one, can hit very hard and cause emotional reactions.


Forge has been through war; he has seen a lot during his time in service. Guilt is his personal demon. He did many things he is unhappy about, things that haunt him. The largest of these, of course, being the demonic gate and sacrifice of souls. Even without that, he has also been a source of pain for others because of his inventions. Not everything he makes is used with the responsibility intended or expected. All of these past grievances weigh heavy on Forge, and he has bouts of night terrors, cold sweats, depression, anxiety, and explosive anger accompanied with a multitude of other problems that stem from guilt and trauma. In certain situations he will have a panic attack, and be unable to respond well. In a crisis, this can be particularly serious.


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