Fresh Air

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Fresh Air
Date of Cutscene: 16 July 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Pippi

After the disappointment expressed by both Alopex and Leonardo at her breaking of the buddy system, Pippi had been trying very, very hard to be good. She picked up extra chores (after being reminded of what hers were, and man that bathroom had probably NEVER been so clean or smelling like a jar of pickles!), she even put in extra time with her kata, but she felt restless cooped up in the Lair. She couldn't play video games (the instructions on the screen made no sense, and Donatello's recent improvements to the entertainment system left her more confused than ever with it), the giant stack of 'suggested reading' consisting of philosophy, science, and comic books made her nervous. She didn't know what this 'Sun Zoo' was, but she was pretty sure it wasn't like the one in the Bronx.

She wanted to run. She wanted to feel the wind against her ears and the ground beneath her feet yield like grass. Leap alleyways and feel that moment, that half second frozen in flight.

She wanted some fresh air. And to not smell like lemon cleaner.

So, in lieu of breaking the rules again, she got up, and went to the training room, stretching her shoulders as she went.

"I promise, Punchin' Bag, I'll take it easy on--"


"... not again!!"