Friends of Humanity

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Friends of Humanity
Date of Cutscene: 09 March 2019
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed

OOC Note: Implied Violence

Cast of Characters: Punisher

The mission had gone mostly to plan. The objective was to either drive out of the warehouse with a Sentinel, or grab someone who could lead him to more information. Either way, it would be a win.

Now, standing in front of the man in one of his Gotham safehouses... it was amazing that anyone bothered to listen to him. Punisher was used to the trash being stupid, but these 'Friends of Humanity'? This was another league.

At least the fool had information he could use. Batman had seen him, so he needed to handle this whole affair quickly.

Microchip had been working through drone footage for intelligence while they waited for their subject to wake up. With a table of tools to his left, and the man tied down to his chair, he'd be getting to work as soon as possible.

An hour later, and he did just that. "MMMMPH! MPPPPH!" The gag kept him from screaming too hard, but he had seen Frank in front of him immediately.... and he knew what that meant.

Punisher leaned forward so his eyes were level with the mans own, "here's how this is going to work." His utterly stoic expression was a perfect compliment to the neutrality in his voice. "You're going to tell me what I want to know. If you're very, /very/ cooperative and lucky, you'll leave here with all your fingers intact." He narrows his eyes just so, "jerk me around, and you won't be leaving here at all."

Time to get to work.