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Date of Cutscene: 25 May 2017
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star Shimmer

The day is finally here. Years of studying, learning, teasing, bullying, and abuse. All of which have lead to this time and place. Autumn is in her gown and cap as well as a special sash and medal. She is on crutches at the moment due to a 'drive by misfire which caught her in the leg.' She's got butterflies in her stomach. Quietly she looks at her notes. Its a lot to take in.

The Principal drones on and on about how great her class is and all. About the challenges they will face and so on. Its really kind of boring. Still that doesn't quell the excitement inside. Then, it happens. The Principal's voice rings out. "And now here is Autumn Stillwater, Class Valedictorian for 2025."

Her heart races as she gets up and makes her way over to the podium. She pulls out her notes and she begins. "Fellow graduates, We have gathered here for this auspicious occasion to celebrate our commencement from our time in school, to our time in the real world..." She pauses and puts away her notes. "The real world... Its a scary place. Today we have a choice. We have a chance to make a difference in this world. We can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution. I look around and I see a class full of potential. We have a chance to take the things we've learned and use them. We have been given the ultimate weapon in a world filled with ignorance. We've been armed with a weapon that can truly change the world. We've been armed with Knowledge. This weapon is like a muscle. If you don't actively use it, it will lose strength. This weapon. This Legacy has been passed onto us by those who have gone before. Now, we are the ones who face this world. One thing is certain. Today we do not say good bye to our place of education. Today We join hands and we face a darkened world. We join together and we say, 'Brace yourself world, The Class of 2025 is here. We will not be silent! We will not be complacent. We are here and we will be the difference we want to see. In school we were all different. We were different cliques, Different groups. We were bullies and those being bullied. We were Kind. We were jerks. We were students, getting acquainted with an idea of how things work. Today, We are one. We are Not all of these things. Today, We are Tomorrow!" With that she backs away.

The Principal takes his place and smiles. He finishes the Ceremony with everyone receives their diplomas and then... Tassels are turned. Caps go flying.