Great White Shark

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Great White Shark (Scenesys ID: 9406)
"Did you know that livestock invented the wheel?"
Full Name: Warren White
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Influence Man
Citizenship: American
Residence: Gotham City, United States
Education: MBA, Princeton University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Light, Gotham-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 37 Actual Age: 37
Date of Birth 15 January 1991 Actor: Giovanni Ribisi
Height: 160 cm (5'9") Weight: 70 kg (160 lb)
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "And I Ran" - Flock of Seagulls


Warren White was a stockbroker and commodities analyst for venture capital, making his name in Fortune 500 companies before being caught embezzling pension funds, company slush funds, and brokerage fees, and spreading them throughout the criminal community of the East Coast. Despite his aspersions to be a Robin Hood to the underworld, he was rapidly labeled in the news as "The Great White Shark", a corporate criminal, and thrown in Arkham Asylum after attempting to plead criminal insanity for a club-med psychiatric stay. Abandoned by the Mafia, and abused by the criminally insane inside Arkham, he came out as The Great White Shark, a criminally insane influence man that reverse-engineers legitimate business into criminal schemes. His formula is simple: anything with government regulation, can be duplicated as a structure regulated by his gang.

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Warren "The Great White Shark" White stands below six feet tall, with a broad, yachtsman shoulder spread and a confident, gangster executive's gait. His head is bald, his skin deathly pale, and his nose missing, as well as his lips. His teeth, filed into points, are visible in a constant grin from the lack of his lips, his ears chipped and missing on the sides of his head. He wears a green and mute yellow-mauve Hawaiian shirt over his upper body, ending at the upper arms, with a several of his fingers missing on his hands. He wears a pair of khaki pants on his legs, ending in a pair of extra thick brown loafers, stinking of saltwater.


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Warren White was born into a family with a long line of Mafia contacts, criminal insanity, and deals with private police agencies. The Whites had conquered the Trade Routes, Africa, Canada, and the Wild West, a line of privateers, slavers, trappers, and cowboys. True land barons with the concept of a six-shooter that doubled as a contractor's stylus, they raged for centuries, a madness gene attracting them to lovers and a firm culture of the lazy employee with a report to the press as their prime tool of understanding how to set up a business. Descended from beggar blackjacks, men who would steal double-sided coins (the representative of a double-sided act, a trick in crime or upon the courts, in the ancient European world), they were the greatest bandits, outlaws, and mercenaries to those that hired them, but made their hand with such a quiet notion of self-pyre that few heard of them in their histories of legends. Perhaps a hung highwayman, or a pirate raid, or a stolen child, but rarely some kind of political mastermind or master thief, despite being both.

These combinations of mutational madness, the concept that the inferior mutation is the superior and skillful spread to a new biome, a concept stolen during the Crusades when they were prostitute thieves who would steal from the dead on the battlefield behind a Christian infantry line, created the most maddening minds of unspottable and unstoppable financial skullduggery, the family having many marks throughout history, always as the stereotype of the small mustache and the grinning dandy rake. Immortalized in novella, film, and stage, as the minor villain or the lecherous thief, they refined their tactics, until eventually the Whites, their name at the time, came to Gotham City, during the 19th century. One of them, Warren White, rose into government contracting, having arrived upon the concept of the public taxation of avenues considered untidy for a labor union-backed government from his father's experiences under the Kennedies, as a young man. When caught for theft of funds, distributed among criminals, partially for his own amusement, and a slim bit of spreading his ignoble oats, but primarily for the support of criminals in an attempt to inure himself to the police-sanctioned mobsters, he was arrested and the criminal element he believed to be his friend, deserted him. Clearly, he had not yet learned this game, the entire point of a beggar blackjack thief to learn criminal games over the course of their lives. His genetic heritage, of course.


Pleading criminal insanity, the family's old standby, he attempted to refuse his family's honor rite, the descent into their madness to become mastermind criminals, and he was placed in Arkham Asylum by a vengeful judge, instead of Willowood. His family deserted him for his show of cowardice, the Mafia put out a mark on his head for their own entertainment that he had considered himself a mobster like them, and he was committed for criminal insanity, diagnosed with redundant disorder, the belief that you have to repeat your parental behavior due to some genetic condition. The diagnostic, of course, to every doctor, implied a belief in eugenics and genetic superiority. Tormented in Arkham Asylum, he was locked in Mr. Freeze's cell during a riot, due to Fries having an insight into White's behavior, taking pity on him. White, had not yet had his family psychotic break. In this frozen cell, his skin rotted, his fingers falling apart, his face disfigured and his mind breaking. He came to fruition in his family legacy, and after the riot, being saved by Batman, he sharped his teeth to points, and escaped with a daring plan involving posing as a cadaver. Once he broke free from the morgue meant for potters, poor men and women of Gotham to be buried anonymously, he became the Great White Shark.


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Warren White suffers from so many uncountable genetic mutations and disorders that it would be pointless to explore them. Bred over centuries into a decent image of health, however a poor and complex mental state of atypical synaptic and chemical structure of the brain, his genetic combination lives to proliferate as it picks up rare mental disorders, successfully breeding members having a fine form of health and a functional mental state that gives them an advantage at picking apart structures for the mere sake of doing so, until they pick apart the structure of having a child and pass on their genetic capacity. This mating drive, to undo social structures, and eventually pass on genetic material, applies to his entire human behavior, after going into a psychotic state, whereupon the difference between fact, reality, and fiction, the negative form of preference, becomes the same, so he can take a fictional understanding of a structure and apply it backwards to reality, making his view of a system, fact, for a new scheme.

The Great White Shark is Warren White's invention, a nickname during his years as a financial player that he's taken from its previous meaning as fact, his appetite for constant motion, and applied it to his own form, an ocean predator that survives by preying 'upwards', going from the private sector position and into the public sector, establishing influence to understand a system, then dragging it back 'under', for his own personal patterns to spread within the ocean - chum. This system, his own understanding of his genetic deviance, grows in skillset with each strike upwards, into public influence, from his expanding circle of chum, drawing in more sharks - players, actors, the term for stage and economics now the same, their typical genetic method - to make his rises upwards easier.


The Great White Shark operates on the delusion of a Cold War soldier, after having viewed various film villains to the extent of fighting the perceived liberal ethic of regulation and betrayal of commerce, and applied them to the military, seeing himself as a corporate stateman, politician, and senator, his form of function as a crimeboss. His criminal ethics are as a politician, his insights taking a rare fictional concept, and applying it to the fact of the matter, looking at a fictional view of a situation as an enlargement of fact, then taking his fictional, delusional view, and making personal references to his already accumulated experience to apply it to a new set of plans as a leader. This, the board room, the politician's house, and the legislature chambers, combines in his mind as a diplomat of criminal behavior, managing his own nation as a competitor to the states he works against (not within, the truth of the matter), Gotham City one nation, each of the gangs as a nation, the superheroes as various nations and alliances, and his own outfit as a country. He interacts with other countries, in diplomacy, 'influence', then taking back methods he can apply to his own activity as a boss.

Great White Shark's primary countenance is one of pleasant intimidation, all fear gone and instead replaced with a simple savagery, preferring the finer things in an accidentally comical posture of mentally ill wealth. A nice boat, an expensive car, perhaps a decent parlor or a bottle of liquor from the top shelf. All bandied about and consumed in a brutal mockery of money that he's half aware of, the signature of an outlaw, bandit, pirate, street thief, pimp, and the other roles his family has established as cultural standbies over their years of proliferating their seed. What Joker does as a deliberate, carefully instructed artistic criminal reference, is the White family's madness with a half-joke that they commit to as a show of both esteem and intimidation, taking something from wealth and making themselves a fine connosieur by their lowly association. A living communications class on comedy to blue collar families, established by centuries worth of genetics from commitment to bad jokes about social status and priority of hygiene.


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Malignant Autism:

Great White Shark has malignant autism, not the standard spectrum disabling one from financial work, but the type practiced by the carpenter, among those a famous man who managed to acquit himself as a virologist (although unlike Ra's al-Ghul, he didn't create a virus, he made a contribution to society based on a prior observed malady - leprosy). The beggar thief with a blackjack stealing two-sided coins, the pirate on the waves with a suspicious deal with the government, the highwayman without a home besides the noose, the manager of men that simply wants a son to be his father, and of course, the most holy of all holies, the man who takes a set of facts and expands them to a fictitious representation for easy study. The carpenter, the mugger, the privateer, the pimp, the foreman, and the author. But who is Great White Shark?

He is a man who takes his own life, reality, fact, and expands it into a fiction view, that of being the enlargement of his own grandeur, before finding the references in this fiction, these strange and queer realities of oddity to the viewer and his posture, and relates them to his own experience, for a greater understanding of his purposes. Commonly termed as criminal insanity, in the most stereotypical sense possible, it is how one crafts a social movement out of a house of decay, or alternately, how one crafts a private sector regulated strategy out of influence among a public place in the hallowed halls of social service, Great White Shark's usage.


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The Great White Shark understands the accounting of enterprise (the conspiracy of two or more individuals in a model signified by actor-label, that being individuals working under the auspice of an organization) for book keeping, tracking of wage and salary, and administration of assets of various principles (capital, the concept of resources for exchange in various forms, such as liquid, frozen, real estate, information, utility, human, political, perceived, network, organizational, trademark).

Great White Shark knows how banking, the distribution of commerce, functions. Commerce, is the movement of commodities (goods, labor, goods enhanced by other goods, goods enhanced by labor, labor enhanced by labor, and labor enhanced by good - raw, median, and finished concrete materials, services of construction, specialist, and distribution, composite materials, technological product, technique specialized services, and materiale outfitted worksmen) in markets (interaction of two or more individuals), and how it effects management (behavior as dictated by laws whereupon the behavior functions the same way every time, with conditionals for individual tactics supplied) of individuals qualified (passing parameter logic to match management principle, stated prior) to enact economic activity (parameters determining theory) for society (how measures of policy effect the agency, relationships, between actors, solitary or grouped individuals).

Influence Enterprise:

Warren White specializes in influence enterprise, maneuvering into the halls of a state-supplied (bureaucratic rational support service for maintenance of common need supported by taxation and administrated by government) services by means of prior enterprise, then finding the flaw in the circumstance and applying it to a privately regulated enterprise (the concept of enforcement services being privately administrated, the definition of 'crime'). By applying the flaw of this public sector service and applying it in a privately enforced manner, one can provide an alternative that is not supplied by the government service, the holder of the private enforcement therefore holding profit.


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Shark Gang:
Warren White has a circle of criminals, specializing in influence games (the securing of business markets for firms via contract by manipulation of individuals), under his employ, that he uses to manipulate business deals for ingress of criminals into business ventures.

Underworld Contacts:

Great White Shark has made his 'bones' (reputation of function) in both the underworld, and among the 'freaks' (rogues gallery of Batman), as an underworld fence and broker, also specializing in various 'market games' (referring to methods of administrating monetary exchange) and the creation thereof, hence his ability to function as an information broker.


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Criminal Insanity:
Warren White has many, many neurological flaws, and his basic mutation demands that he seek out women with similar neurological flaws for production of children.

Criminal Record:
Warren White is a high profile criminal in the police and criminal world prior to becoming Great White Shark, known for a brutally callous set of criminal schemes to defraud corporately backed poor in favor of Mafiaso elements.

Freakish Appearance:

Warren White has a condition from severe frostbite, his skin pale white, his nose and ears and lips and some fingers missing.


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Title Date Scene Summary
The Godfather 2: It's an Abortion April 16th, 2020 Great White Shark sets up a demonstration of his skills for Lex Luthor, with a pair of pawns in Chris Redfield and Catwoman.
The Light: The Shark of Gotham March 24th, 2020 L1 offers the Great White Shark a position in the Light.
A Dip in the Mediterranean: Green Olives March 8th, 2020 Great White Shark is hired to set up a contract to construct a racket for some demon hunting, in a good ol' fashioned bottleneck finance trace - animal shelter style.
A Shark in the Pond March 7th, 2020 Great White Shark brokers a deal with the Contessa, for a sniper rifle to assassinate a British ambassador. The plan, is complex, but simple, and of unusual origin.
Two guys walk into a bar.... March 4th, 2020 Victor Creed is approached about a job while at Josie's.


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