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Grimlock (Scenesys ID: 8146)
"Among the winners, there is no room for the weak."
Full Name: Grimlock of Iacon
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Dinobot Commander
Citizenship: Autobot Commonwealth
Residence: Simfur (Forgotten Plains, Cybertron)
Education: Primary Programming
Status: Retired
Groups: Cybertron-OOC, Autobots
Other Information
Apparent Age: 11 Million Plus Actual Age: N.A
Date of Birth 22 March Actor: Gregg Berger (voice)
Height: 646cm (21'2") Weight: 2659kg (5850lbs)
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Monster" by Skillet


A powerhouse of ferro-fibrous fighting muscle! Although dedicated to the Autobot cause, Grimlock resents authority. He is fearsome, powerful, and virtually unstoppable on the battlefield. Thick-skinned and stubborn, he never concedes a victory to the enemy. He has contempt for the weak, including all organics. In Mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex mode, his jaws can break almost anything in half. He carries an energon sword and galaxial rocket launcher in bipedal mode. Other than arrogance and lack of speed, he has no real weakness. Smarter than his reputation, Grimlock often leads the charge into battle.

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Easily over 20 feet tall, this creation of metal and rage is a broad chested creature built for brute force. Plate like shoulder pauldroons sit atop the shoudlers of this man like robot with protrusions folded against those pauldroons reminiscent of reptilian arms. The metallic pauldroons sit atop blackened shoulders that are as thick as the massive yellow chest of this big bot which sports the Autobot simple in the center. The black robotic head has two fins to either side of his head with a yellow visor.

Teeth like design sports at where his gut would be and leads into red hips with black upper legs that are easily as thick as this bot's shoulders. His lower legs are even thicker, like some massive metal boots and to match his forearms are thick metal braces with large black hands to match.


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Originally, Grimlock was a Cage Fighter. He fought in the arena. Fighting because he needed a place to let loose his rage. When things got bad, due to a previous relationship with a Decepticon from the Arena, he almost became a Decepticon. No one really knows for sure what changed his mind, perhaps it was their attitude, perhaps it was his but he threw his lot in with the Autobots. Grimlock was not a mindless killer or a ruthless fighter. Basically, while compassion was not a major part of him, it wasn't non-existent. He was strong, powerful, and he would not be controlled.

Eventually, Grimlock became the leader of his own squad. He was known for brutal, but effective tactics that would often leave the enemy wishing they'd never faced such a foe. While he had his good qualities, Grimlock's tactics became more straight forward, brutal, and devastating over time. He was often butting heads with Optimus Prime. The war went on for a long time till eventually it was heading to Earth. Two hundred years ago a ship that he and other Autobots were aboard came under attack. There was an issue with the ship and Grimlock sprang into action. It required a fix on the hull of the ship but it was too late.

Grimlock and his squad were sent flying to Earth and crashed into a portion of Earth known as the Savage Land. It was there that Grimlock and his squad found their alternate forms. It was there that they stayed for two hundred years. To this day they are stuck in the Savage Land, unable to interact with anything other than each other and the creatures there. Still, they would hope to one day hear from others and find a way to rejoin the war.


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Grimlock is something of a bull in a china shop. His approach to most situations are to be straight forward, brash, and get to the goal as quickly as possible. This tends to make others not like him and he tends to not care what others think. Grimlock respects strength above all else. Intelligence has its uses. Wisdom has its place. Both of those places are rarely not where Grimlock wants to be. He crushes problems, smashes barriers, and finds questions are best answered with a fist.

Grimlock has a place in his spark for friends and allies. He just doesn't have a huge spot for patience. He cares about those he has chosen to care about. He is loyal to the cause and will fight for it because he has chosen to. He will absolutely fight to the bitter end for what he believes in and if anyone harms those he has taken as allies, he will make them regret their very existance.

Some might believe Grimlock would make a better Decepticon than an Autobot and in some ways they'd be right. His value for strength and power puts him in their wheelhouse. The problem is, his value for strength and power is what keeps him out of it. The only thing he hates more than weakness are those that are weak pretending that they are strong. You prove your strength and use it. Crushing the weak proves nothing. One can show off, lord strength over others, but smashing them into the ground just because they are weak shows weakness in itself. Grimlock isn't without compassion. As long as weaklings know their place, there is no reason to smash them or crush them. Step over them? Maybe. Mock them? Perhaps. Destroy them just for existing? Not really his thing.


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Grimlock has a somewhat unique trait that he doesn't usually advertise but mainly because he doesn't have to. While he can get angry on a regular basis, sometimes he is pushed too far. When pushed to the point of being truly enraged, he can lift and put out force in the range of 150 tons. He doesn't really get any tougher though so he can actually harm himself somewhat with the power he puts out.

Note: This is a TP only ability to be used only with GM or staff permission.

Using holomatter projectors, Grimlock can create a holomatter projection up to 100 meters from his position that can more easily interact with organic species. The avatar has substance and can manipulate objects but with a strength level more in line with a small organic species such as humans. Larger avatars or images require large expenditures of energy and concentration.

Physical Traits:
Mainly, Grimlock is strong. He is capable of lifting 120 tons. He can put forth that kind of power into a punch. He can potentially brace or support a great deal more. He is capable of running upwards of 75 kph. His armored form can handle upwards of 120 tons of force. It's possible that an energon refinery could blow up with him inside and he'd walk out of it relatively unharmed. He is a brute force machine though, so while he is not exactly slow, he is not the most agile by any stretch. He's not known for his ability to dodge, more his ability to take such massive hits that he hardly has to. He may not always hit but when he does, it makes getting hit by a freight trrain seem preferable. Further, as a Cybertronian he is also capable of taking on a much greater amount of temperature extremes, doesn't have to worry about breathing or any form of normal disease or poison.

Like many other Cybertronians, Grimlock sees the world differently than others throughout the universe. His sensors are what allow him to see and he can see through infrared, ultraviolet, thermographic, and an energy sensor that can detect energy signatures and expenditures. He is also capable of picking up low and high frequency sounds.


Capable of changing into a powerful form similar to the Earth Species of T-Rex, it is a fairly unique option for transformation that Grimlock picked up after being stranded on Earth many years ago. While in this form, he can run upwards of 40 kph. He loses his ability to lift and move things with his arms as readily given the change to his limbs but his legs are much more powerful, with powerful claws on the feet being extremely powerful. His most powerful trait in that form are the teeth and jaws created that can create a crushing force that is a bit greater than even his normal powerful, creating pressures of around 130 tons with razor sharp and extremely tough teeth to go with it. He also has a tail with which he can whip enemies with his brutal strength.


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To put it simple, Grimlock is a combat machine. He is a terror on the field, fighting with a furosity and skill that is mostly unmatched. He has seen a great deal of combat and his fighting style is that of a brute. He uses his strength and his toughness to smash, crash, and destroy his enemies.


Despite being a bull in a china shop, Grimlock has been in a lot of combat. He prefers tactics that involve smashing through and crashing through the ranks of enemies, but, that being said, he is actually quite the tactician. He knows how to move people and a group to their best abilities in combat. The fact that he prefers to choose the tactic that involves maximum damage and charging the enemies is irrelevant to his skills.


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As a ranking member of the autobots, he has access to all of their resourcces, bases, and the like. This provides him access to allies, energon, information, and transportation.

Grimlock is the leader of the dinobots and has access to all their resources. Beyond that he can count on them to help him whe necessary. Dinobots don't have a ton but they do have each other and for them, that's enough.


Grimlock is not just powerful but also well armed. While in his T-Rex form, he has a galaxial rocket launcher mounted and his mouth can produce powerful gouts of flame empowered by energon that produce enough heat to even melt cybertronian armor. While in robot mode, he carries an energon sword that can cut clean through two foot of stone with ease. He also has a double-barrelled laser gun though he definitely prefers his sword.


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It's very simple. He is opiniated and he knows what he wants. When he decides something, he does it. Alternatives are not commonly considered.

Grimlock has to deal with the fact that he is an Autobot. The Decepticons are his enemy. However, he used to fight in the arena as a gladiator. He knew some Decepticons from then and in a way, they have tried to recruit him in the past. There's a part of him that wouldn't mind cutting loose from that milksop, Optimus Prime. He hasn't joined yet and isn't likely to, but the Decepticons continue to stand as both an enemy and a temptation for Grimlock.

He needs it. It isn't something he can get by without permanently. He can use other energy sources at times but he needs energy and Energon is best. Without it, he can end up reverting to stasis lock to reserve energy and life function.

Short Fuse:
To say that Grimlock has a short temper is an understatement. This bot gets angry and it isn't really all that hard to push him to such a point. Heck, he doesn't even do that much to stop himself from becoming too angry. He can sometimes be level headed but it just isn't in his nature.

Vocal Synth:

Thanks to a great deal of time spent in the Savage Land, eating not strictly energon rich food and the like, Grimlock's Vocal Synth has taken a bit of a beating. Combine this with him not minding at all if people underestimate his intelligence, he doesn't really speak all that well anymore and can come across as primitive.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Metal Munching Monster December 28th, 2019 Grimlock's nighttime snacking in a junkyard is discovered by a curious Vi.
Magic Wand, Make My Monster Grow! December 23rd, 2019 Fighting one of Rita's monsters, Grimlock showed up. Rita made the monster grow - so it was Giant Mantis vs. Grimlock and Sabertooth-Tiger Zord. The good guys prevailed.
No More Sleeping in July 10th, 2019 Sky Lynx gets a rude awakening and the Ark receives a couple visitors.
You called... July 1st, 2019 Megatron encouters only two Dinobots. Though one Lex Luthor observes from nearby gathering as much information on the Aliens as he can. They are elusive however. Lex may have enough though that he can make contact with them another time. Meanwhile, Megatron gives the Dinobots a false set of coordinates and heads for the Ark by himself. It is risky, but something he is willing to do.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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