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Brad (Scenesys ID: 9175)
Full Name: Bradley Sawyer
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Mutant Town, NY
Education: Homeschooled
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 1 August 2011 Actor: Evan Peters
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 60 kg (132 lb)
Hair Color: Invisible Eye Color: Invisible
Theme Song: "Moby Dick" by Led Zeppelin


Brazen, loud and brave, Brad was once a sports star and rocked out with a band, but now? He's a literally invisible teenage boy with some bonus telekinesis. If he could shut the invisibility OFF or control the TK, then he'd really be in good shape. As it is, he's just trying to get by as a mutant, and figure out what exactly to do with himself.

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NOTE: This character is invisible, so there is no visual description generally.

However, if he's examined by touch for example, he's an athletic and lean teenager, at an average height of 5'8". His hair length is medium, just a clump of soft wavy hair that brushes eyebrows. All of it is the same length, due to difficulties with cutting it. His features are relatively handsome if examined, and he doesn't have facial hair yet. He's fit and quick, with broad hands and good posture.


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Brad was born to Greg and Natalie in 2011. His father is a lawyer, his mother in business administration. The family was very wealthy, and had a comfortable existence in Vermont. His little sister Brie is much younger, she was born when he turned ten, but they've always had a great relationship despite the age gap.

Brad's mutant powers were under the radar for a long while; the family seemed to have poltergeists, around the same time that baby Brie was born. During this time, Brad realized he was the cause, though, it wasn't Brie: he could move objects with his mind. Sometimes the objects would turn invisible, as well. Once that was realized, the 'poltergeists' calmed down for the most part, as he steadied the issue. Somewhat. He did use it to get attention, because sometimes babies are annoying with how much attention they get. It was relatively calm, that is, until he turned 14, and started to use his telekinesis on himself to try to fly. He suddenly turned invisible (not that he knew this), but also went blind while invisible! He came out of it quickly, but the fear was there. His attempt to fly meant he was blind? It made no sense. Gradually this happened more often, these times where he couldn't see anything. He confided in his mother, and learned that he was turning invisible. He was invisible when he couldn't see!

Despite the strange abilities, Brad was a popular football and baseball star with lots of friends: a third baseman and a wide receiver. He was rather entitled, going places. He was a very talented musician even from a young age: he started with guitar, but rapidly gave it up for drums. Considering his love of banging on things with telekinesis, the drums dovetailed into his natural rhythm nicely.

Within the next year, though, he couldn't shut any of the mutant powers off anymore: he was just invisible and blind all of the time. He was just 15. The objects flying everywhere became intense, as his stress also rose. His parents began to heavily argue, trying to decipher what to do. They home-schooled him, and things were at a breaking point for a few years. He began to learn how to recognize objects using his telekinetic ability, and the problems with blindness reduced. He wanted to go outside again. He could 'see' well enough with his telekinesis. Keeping an unhappy, invisible teenage boy in the house is not an easy task, but his parents argued constantly over if he'd be lost somewhere or hit by a car, or any number of things that could befall an invisible kid.

Brad finally left home when he turned 16, and began bumming in Mutant Town in New York. Sometimes he retreats home again, but he keeps running away again, not wanting to saddle his family with his burdens.


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Brad is very frustrated and is dealing with his entitlement. He clings to the past: "I used to be a hot sports star." He has a lot of things that 'should' be, and can be highly rebellious when blocked. He has a lot to prove that his blindness isn't a problem, but also throws it in people's faces as a defense mechanism: if he makes fun of himself, other people can't. He's aware how weird it is that he's invisible all the time, and what that makes people think of him. This has created a distance with others, which he doesn't actually want. He really likes having friends, and can be friendly and personable if he's not feeling extremely defensive about his body and powers.

He's capable of a lot of empathy, which means he can feel very very deeply, he just keeps others out, having many problems with his self-worth and what his future can still be. He's driven by fear: isolation, accidentally killing himself because a car hit him that he didn't dodge, and so on. He's very afraid of being forgotten, and being lonely, which stem from feeling as invisible as he is visually.


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Invisibility (Objects):
Brad can turn objects invisible if he can lift them telekinetically. He can only hold a few objects invisible at a time on purpose, and it needs high focus, if he's intentionally doing it. So he can't do it while doing another task that needs focus, like aiming a pistol. He can't telekinetically turn a gun invisible and hope to aim it at the same time, but he can snare a gun, turn it invisible, and then hide it under a couch. Or, he can invisibly get a gun, allow it to be visible, and then take aim. Throwing an invisible rock is pretty easy, though, and a favorite go-to. Sometimes things flicker in and out of invisibility when he's affecting them with his telekinesis, as well. It happens. Sometimes it's a hood he's wearing, and it's weird looking to appear headless. Brad isn't always aware if he's turned something invisible, because he can't see it. So these accidents can often go without his notice.

Brad can turn another person invisible if he is actively using his telekinesis on them. This means they can't be moving around on their own. Any real struggle against Brad means they're visible again, because he can't fight someone with telekinesis while making something invisible.

Invisibility (Personal):
Brad is invisible all the time; he does this by passing light through his body. This is also the cause of his blindness. Brad is not currently able to shut the invisibility off, but could learn to do so. Currently, it is because he is always self-aware of himself telekinetically, and it is causing the constant invisibility 'side effect'.

He is not detectable by vision or tech that uses light. He can be seen in methods such as heat vision or sonic sonar. He is also visible to other telekinetics that use a similar sense like his or telepaths, or magic. He naturally turns anything inside his body invisible, and a thin layer outside of his body. This means he can hide objects in his mouth if he wanted, and is able to eat things without a floating stomach of food being visible. He does not show up if paint is flung on him since he turns the paint invisible, but does show in a rainstorm as a 'void' area if he doesn't telekinetically buffer by throwing rain around. He can wear spandex or snug clothes, they will turn invisible. Heavy things like overcoats don't, so he can do the 'invisible man bandage suit' situation to be seen. If it's freezing cold outside, though, he'll be cold if he tries to be invisible in just a regular spandex bodysuit. Illusions and inducers react weirdly: he will turn those items invisible if they are tight to his body as well, passing light through them. An image inducer that shows him as much bigger than his own body could work. He does not turn visible when unconscious, but will when dead or nullified.

Brad is a telekinetic that is able to pick up and throw objects within about 30 yards away from his body, or cause impact to things. He must be able to sense the thing with his telekinetic senses power.

He can handle about 300 pounds at one time, dispersed through however many objects. So thousands of grains of rice is an option to swirl around. He can shove people or lift them. He can stack chairs. He does not have the super fine motor control to manipulate inside an object, such as picking a tiny lock or telekinetic surgery, but has great control of being aware of things that move as a whole: so just bashing a lock is more his speed. Managing a car door handle is right on the edge of difficult, and needs high focus, but he can push a door lock down. He can throw or pull things, and can roughly tie some shoelaces with focus and some time.

Hitting things with small repeated impacts is his most skilled area, since it's close to his telekinetic senses ability. Usually these fall into patterns or rhythms. An 'impact' is essentially not putting enough force to actually move the thing very far based on it's weight. So striking it, but not to where it goes flying: like hitting a drum with a hand to make a sound, not hitting it to throw it across the room.

Crushing an object is possible, by putting impact onto opposite sides of an object at the same time, but requires more focus than just hitting something. Bending a spoon is in this category, as he's crushing it instead of throwing the whole thing somewhere.

He is able to catch objects telekinetically in the air, even bullets, if he has some idea that someone has a gun and he's ready for it. If he's distracted or focused on something else, his reaction time won't be good enough. This is not shielding, it's actively grabbing things, up to his weight limit. If it's heavy, like a car, he can't stop it but he can slow it or try to push it sideways.

He can telekinetically hover to fly, to about 50mph is comfortable; faster (to about 200mph) is dangerous but not impossible. He can just hang in the air as long as necessary, for the most part, with little effort. This is very, very common when he's in a busy place, so he doesn't get stampeded while invisible.

He has great endurance with Telekinetics, and can do heavy or intense lifting for a few hours, or light lifting all day. A drum solo telekinetically counts as 'intense' but not heavy, due to speed.

Telekinetic Senses:

This is Brad's primary power in terms of skill and usefulness. Since he is blind while invisible, this fills in for his vision loss very well. It's good enough to where he can usually pretend he can see. He can sense objects and shapes around him telekinetically, in a 30 yard radius, as if it were a type of sonar, with a focus on things in front. His mind finds things by brushing over them, testing them with tiny feelers of telekinetic force. This is always happening, always 'on'. It means he can 'see', better than others in some ways, and worse in other ways. The main 'pro' of this is that things can't hide from him: he perceives right through stealth, illusions, lighting conditions, smoke, etc, and can essentially x-ray through walls, but he can't get visual details that light would give him, such as reading anything or picking up facial expressions.

He can telekinetically 'see' things that are hidden (he can tell that a person is inside a box if he focuses on the inside of said box), but he can't tell what color the person's hair is, or even which person it is if they don't have something obvious about them to give him a clue. He's very good at judging body shapes and mass, so he can make good guesses usually. People with traits like tails or horns are easy to identify, but recognition can be hard sometimes since people change clothing mass so much.

Usually he doesn't look beyond walls or inside objects by default (it's easier to just go 'ok, that's a wall, don't walk into it'), but he can if he has reason. A drawer full of objects can often just be a jumble of unknown things that he sees as a clump, but focus can give more information. The more pressure he exerts telekinetically, the easier it is to tell what things are and get more information. So if he pushes around inside a junk drawer, things might be flying everywhere, but he'll find the keys! If he exerts more focus on a person, he can pick up some facial features: but they damn sure will feel it.

Even without a lot of focus, sometimes Brad's telekinetic vision is felt by others in an ambient way: usually a strange breeze-sensation on the skin, and for some it can be creepy, like a ghostly touch. Brad's sometimes detectable, even if silent and invisible, just from that alone: someone that is used to what Brad's telekinesis feels like can more readily figure out if he's looking at them the next time.

On the topic of people in Astral form or ghostly/phased forms, Brad generally can pick up on psychic presence since telekinesis is a mental power, but he can't always effect the person with his telekinesis: it's a case by case thing, usually depending on if the other side is weak to telekinesis or not.


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This is a skill blind people often develop. They don't have better hearing or sense of smell or touch, but they pay more attention to such cues. He is more aware of audible clues and quiet sounds than he was before he lost his visual sight, for example. It takes practice to be able to use sound to sense where things are by tapping a cane for the sound cues. He is decent at this, specifically sound cues, but he doesn't quite have himself trained to use this skill alone to navigate. He does have practice identifying people by voices, and being aware of certain sounds and fluxes in voices, because he has to use those to follow social context.

Brad can read Braille if he puts his hands on it. He can't read it from afar with any power, but he can read it with his hands by touch. He can use computer screens and electronic supports that have refreshable braille displays. Similarly he can compose documents in Braille with fluency. This is a critical skill for figuring out which bathroom is the men's, or similar public situations where his blindess can cause significant trouble.

Brad is a very impressively talented and skilled drummer. He has always had a knack for pulses of impact and patterns, and his telekinetic awareness made it even better. He can remember extremely elaborate patterns, create fancy drum-solos off the top of his head, and replicate a sequence even after just hearing it once. He's truly got a future as a drummer. As a telekinetic with practice in this particular feat, he can do some fancy things like playing multiple sets of drums at the same time as the one he's playing manually, as his own small drum-line. He can also play without physically doing it, in a pure telekinetic manner. Banging on things is one of the easiest items for his telekinesis.

Brad has been into sports since he was tiny, and doesn't let his physical problems stop him if possible. He's a sporty type, physically very coordinated and can pick up just about any sport. With his powers he has an edge in anything with thrown objects, but is also strong with items like swimming or track. He could have possibly found a future in either football or baseball if he wasn't a mutant. As it is, his telekinetic powers lend to cheating in sports, or rejection since he is blind. With his powers, he can throw a very, /very/ mean fastball, and pick a ball out of the air anywhere in his 30 yard range. His sports training means if he chose a weapon to use, it would likely be a baseball bat, from familiarity.

Being invisible does mean thievery has come up as a career path. He has some practice at trying to do it. He's not a great thief but is still extremely effective most of the time: being invisible and able to turn things invisible really does the heavy lifting here. It's easy when you can just turn the bread invisible and walk off with it. Same thing with an open cash register drawer. Still, there's practice and some skill with this, he's not new to stealing something to eat. He doesn't tend to steal money in general, since he can't tell the difference between the bills, so his skill is mostly in palming objects he can use immediately (like food). A favorite is stealing food off of people's plates in restaurants.


Although Brad can't write in a normal way anymore due to blindness, he has great skill with forming stories and songs. He just does it verbally, into spoken-to-text devices and similar things. He writes music as well as stories and articles, with good skill at grammar and forming thoughts sequentially.


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Brad's parents love him, but have had a very hard time dealing with his weird mutant powers and problems. He can call on them for money and resources, or even could go stay with them if necessary: the only reason he's out on his own is because he chose to run off. This makes his family a good resource when he can lower his pride enough to let them take care of him.


Holly is a seeing-eye dog. Holly is a black lab, affectionate and smart. She is fully capable of taking care of her boy (Brad) in physical settings, when he lets her. Brad loves his dog, but doesn't always have her with him, out of a desire for self-reliance, and that she 'clashes' with when he wants (or needs) to be invisible. She also broadcasts that he's blind by just being there, which he is sensitive about. She's best used when he's heavily clothed in layers (visible to the public), which he doesn't always want to do. A lot of the time he leaves her with his parents, but she is a resource he can use.


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Brad can't see with his eyes when he is invisible, because his power of invisibility makes it such that light does not enter his eyes, it passes through. Zero light, zero vision. This isn't /so/ bad because of his telekinetic senses, but still causes issues.

There's a number of problems related to blindness. He can't read any signs, use maps, see color, people's expressions, use a computer with visual inputs, and so forth. He can't read labels on cans of food, certainly not expiration dates. General visuals are out: no movies, no tv, no standard books, no video games. He can use his power (telekinetic senses) to navigate and sense objects very well like good sonar, but he still can't tell details about them, like what color they are.

Brad tends to live in some level of fear. This doesn't mean he isn't brave: he is. It just takes a lot of bravery a lot of the time to do the things he dares to do. He's afraid of being alone and unnoticed, forgotten or overlooked. He's afraid of being hit by something he can't see, afraid of flying into a building and falling to his death. He's not quite ready to entirely trust his telekinetic senses, and often still feels like he's not capable of taking care of himself without vision. He's worried people that help him are secretly smirking at each other or making fun of him, and he can't see it. He's afraid of his future as both a mutant and a disabled person. All of it lives in a knot that can make him explosive and upset.

Brad does try to allieviate his fears: he'll try to get others to go places with him so he isn't alone, though he usually doesn't admit that he's afraid. If he acts out, it is almost always because of feeling afraid (and humiliated by his fear).

There are obvious problems while being invisible, such as people walking into him, getting hit by things, cars not aware that he's there. If he's injured or collapsed, people may not even be aware of it. If there were a fire drill and he was sleeping, nobody would know he was in his bed to help him. It is a life of constantly getting stepped on and having to be vigilent. There's always some bicycle coming at him or something like that to need to be careful of. Additionally, everyone assumes he's a thief or sneaks into women's changing rooms and movies: which is kind of ridiculous, since he's blind while invisible. The stigma still exists against the invisibility power, that he's a creeper.

Even if he's wearing heavy garb and bandages to look like a human, he's still a mutant, and registers on any mutant related scans. He has all of the difficulties that come with being a mutant in a society that does not like mutants, although it helps that he can be invisible if a mob came after him.

It's very easy to accidentally see things you don't mean to when people don't know you're there, or think they are alone. It creates a lot of awkward situations, to have to announce 'I am here' because people can't see you. Social stress can come out of announcing it too late, after the other person already started to pick their nose. There's a natural distrust of invisible people that is sometimes earned, sometimes unavoidable.

Sometimes it's better to just end up spying, instead of making the person uncomfortable. And that comes with a whole other problem that leads to eavesdropping and what happens if he's caught.

When people don't realize he's approaching, they don't censor private conversations. It becomes hard to cut in without making people jumpy, and make the stigma against invisibility even stronger.

Uncontrolled Invis:
If he could shut his invisibility off, it wouldn't be as big of a deal, but with it stuck on, it's a huge flaw. Not being able to turn it off has a big group of health problems. Any doctor or dentist can't treat him easily, because they can't see what they're doing. If a doctor can set a broken leg by feel, then fine, but otherwise, he is in trouble. A nullification of some kind is required to do such things. His body doesn't soak up any sunlight, so he has vitamin deficiencies to worry about. Emotionally, being invisible all the time takes a major toll as well, as people can't see his expressions, which can make for social problems.

Uncontrolled TK:

There are no ghosts haunting Brad, but his telekinesis can often go out of control and cause things that appear to be poltergeists. Stress, extreme fear, and similar pressures that make him unable to concentrate often cause telekinetic bursts. This can be as simple as all the kitchen cabinets flying open, or it can be enough to cause a living room full of furniture and objects to whirl about in a crazy manner.


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Upgrades For Brad December 11th, 2019 Kitty makes some upgrades for Brad's backpack, and finds he's dealing with his power in other ways. An appointment for an eye doctor is made.
Morning Tea December 9th, 2019 Tea and brunch are shared by all. Gifts changing over time are discussed, and plans to rescue Warrior Joe from the clutches of a scumbag landlord are made. Save Warrior Joe!
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Jet Farts and Musical Interludes November 15th, 2019 Brad and Jay chat about mutation and music.
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Stranger Things November 12th, 2019 Jay and Andrea discover a mutant teen living on the streets. With permission, they bring him to Xavier's for an overnight stay and to help him see there are people willing to help in the world.


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