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Hogarth (Scenesys ID: 8795)
You need to find your peace.
Full Name: Hogarth Hamilton Hart
Gender: Male
Species: Magician
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Sorceror
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City
Education: School of the Ancient Order
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 27 July 1998 Actor:
Height: 190.5 cm (6'3") Weight: 91 kg (200 lb)
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Hogarth is a young man, but carries himself with the stance of a much older man. His normal clothes would make one think he was a Jedi cosplayer. But of course, looks are deceiving.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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A man with brown hair and blue eyes, he stands tall, but not extremely so. He is dressed in blue pants, with black boots and a blue tunic made from linen, a vest of black leather and embellished with tooling accents that tunic on his trunk and shoulders. To those not in the know, he may look like a Jedi.


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Hogarth Hamilton Hart (Trip, or Hoagie) was born before the turn of the millenium in Bangor, Maine. His upbringing was very Normal Rockwell like, and of course, the boy grew up playing and going through life not knowing much of the outside world from his small town.

He had attended his first year of college in Metropolis, remaining an Undeclared major. It was at college that he was tempted on a backpacking trip around Asia. On a venture to go climbing, a crampon didn't latch correctly, and Hogarth fell and broke his leg. By chance, he was found by an incoming sorceress through a portal. She took him back to Kamar'taj to heal, while his leg was on the mend, it was revealed to him that he had the rare gift of magic.

It was then that he took the plunge to become something bigger than himself. He started off small, like everyone did. His first spell, was to conjusre a weapon, this was the typical ethereal rope, used in many ways to use as a whip againsst an enemy, along with other possibilities, the rope can be used to bind an opponent for questioning or a myridad of other things. Eventually, the years passed, and he rose from an initiate, to the title of Sorcerer first class. It was there that his compatriots had been sent off to different branches of the Ancient Order to further refine their skills, and to assist in defending the Earth from any dangers that would arise from the greater magical world.

Out of a typical trip of self-discovery, he found much more than that. He has not gained the title of Master, but he has earned the right to study and work in the New York Sanctum, which places him on the track to achieving this coveted rank.


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Hogarth is a peaceful soul, much like most of the Order. Living by a code of non-escalation, he would much prefer to talk things out without displaying his powers. He believes in the balance of the universe. The saying 'do not mistake kindness for weakness' is the epitome of him.

He often takes the teachings of the Masters to heart, and with this, he tries to live by the pieces that he has learned. Like Doctor Strange, he has a smidge of hubris, but as he was taught, the Order knows much more than the outside world does. The 'mundane' folk on a mission do not need to know what exactly he does, only that he can get the job done, and that cutting off of information allows him to better focus on the task at hand. Of course, unlike Doctor Strange, this can be done without being rude about it. In the Order's eyes, the mages in their employ are greater than normal humans, but the Order in of itself serves the Earth and her inhabitants.


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Banish Bolts:
Banish Bolts are Hogarth's primary offensive spell, from a small golf-ball sized orb of mystical energy which impacts with burning aether. This burning wouldn't cause much more than a sunburn to normal life forms with no mystic affinity, they would feel as if they'd been jabbed on the point of impact. To a mystic, however the heat of the mystic fire would be felt indeed. If a sorcerer of similar skill to Hogarth is hit with seven or more of these bolts, the burn would be third degree status. Hogarth himself had crafted this spell as part of his study towards the Master rank in the Ancient Order.

Illusion Magic:
Despite the obvious attempts at making things dissapear, making one see an object that is not there is much more useful. In combat, a flash of light or a simulated loud bang is mush more useful. Mixing the two, to create a distraction, often gives the mage an advantage to retreat, or enough of a distraction to catch someone off guard. In terms of making things dissapear, any moving object or sentient being can only use a dissappearing spell for thirty seconds before the residual magic fades. For stationary objects, a maximum of two hours until the spell would fade.

Parlor Tricks:
Hogarth is able to use a small amount of magic to conjure items such as a business card or other simple object out of thin air. He can make things dissapear in the same way. This sort of magic is seen as trivial, and do not cost much in energy. Many sorcerors however, see these tricks as juvenile, and degrading to true magic, swearing to not use them flippantly as neophytes do.

Shield of the Seraphim:
Calling upon the shield grants the sorcerer a shield lasting no more than thirty seconds and at Hogarth's power level, the amount he would be able to take would be three half-ton hits before the shield broke.

Through his studies at Kamar-Taj, he learned to access his inherent potential to wield the Mystic Arts. This encompasses all of the Arts, excluding Black Magic and Chaos magic.

By combining different words to distort reality, Hogarth can warp the elements to his will, move objects about, conjure objects. Illusory spells allow him to take advantage of his enemy's moments of distraction to make a getaway or a new plan of attack. (For a list of useable spells, see abilities files)

The Sight:
Though not as adept at it as the Sorcerer Supreme, Hogarth can use basic elements of The Sight to view the supernatural, and the mystic. Lingering spells would be able to be seen or to see auras and curses. It can also be used to track something or someone.

Touch of the Seraphim:
Another classic spell in the Ancient Order, the touch of the Seraphim allows for the accelerated healing of wounds and maladies. Depending on the severity, a cut can be healed within seconds, a GSW healed within a day's time, and a compound fracture to be healed within a week.

Winds of the Watoomb:

A classic spell in the Ancient Order, this spell allows for the target to be pushed back or objects up to (at Hogarth's level) 500 lbs to be flung up to 30 yards


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Martial Arts:
In order to be worthy of the Staff of Final Judgement, Hogarth had studied and become a master of the bo staff. Bojutsu and Yin Shou Gun are the styles he has mastered.

Physical Fitness:

A fit mind and a fit body will produce the best magic. This is why Hogarth keeps his body fit and limber.


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Boots of Steadfast Ground:
A set of seemingly normal boots, however this pair of footwear allows the wearer to walk upon surfaces that would normally now allow a normal person to tread upon. For up to five minutes of continuous use, the wearer can walk on vertical or inverse surfaces, air, water, or create steps out of nowhere. The magic that controls this spell allows the wearer to defy gravity and act as if whatever is underfoot is the ground itself. (10 minute recharge after full use, recharged relative to amount of mana used.)

Network of Mystics:
Having the Earth's most powerful sorcerer as your sect's leader has many advantages, because of Doctor Strange's connections, Hogarth is able to tap into information that your normal human would not be privy to. This network of mages allows one to stay up to date on what is happening in the mystical world.

Staff of Final Judgement:
A relic passed down through the years in the Ancient Order. The staff is able to expand and lengthen itself to a length of ten feet. Along with extension, the staff can be twisted and segmented into a whip comprised of segments of the staff itself connected by a weave of ethereal energy. When the staff is in it's whip-form, the staff will crack with mystical energy, releasing a localized burst of power. This power has the concussive force of a bean-bag gun, and can be willed to as high as a hand grenade's worth of force. This is controlled by the wielder.

The Sanctum:

The Sanctum Sanctorum is one of three sanctums that the Ancient Order established and maintains in order to protect Earth from the Dark Dimension. Having been assigned to the New York Sanctum, Hogarth is able to access many of the things inside, including a range of relics that may prove useful in a mission.


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Glass Cannon:
Hogarth aside from magic, is only as durable as a normal human. He is not super strong, he is not super durable. If he is caught off guard, a bullet can kill him just like any other man.

Rule of Shade:
The Ancient Order prefers to keep their presence unknown by most of the human population. This means that Hogarth must operate mostly in secret. Should the population at large find out about the mystic world, it could very well lead to another Salem witch trials.

The Cost of Magic:

All magic has a cost, with every new magic discipline that Hogarth learns, he must sacrifice a bit of himself.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Something Sketchy Going On At The Sanctum January 21st, 2020 Sketchy business going on here.
There is a disturbance in the (Magic) force December 16th, 2019 Hogarth is sent to investigate a Night-Mare like event and instead finds an exhausted post-Phantasm Nick
I'm trying to watch tv December 4th, 2019 Nick happens upon the Sanctum where he is directed by Stephen to talk to Hogarth.
Taking a look around December 4th, 2019 Nick tours the Sanctum with Hogarth and manages not to touch anything destructive
ROXY VS. PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT: PART ONE November 5th, 2019 Halo Burger is challenged by its worst employee yet! Continuity errors abound! Kitora eats the entire kitchen, Katsumi celebrities around, and Hogarth orders up some historical comfort food. Really though, Halo Burger is both bad for you and sort of offensive to a major religion. It's a miracle (ugh) that they're still in business.
The Trickster's Mess, part 2 September 29th, 2019 9363 Sam and Shannon seek out the help of Doctor Strange in regards to the mysterious pendant from Loki. Doctor Strange crushes the pendant; however, all is not lost....
Non-Revolving Doors September 27th, 2019 Morrigan can finally get back into Sanctum Santorum and she meets Hogarth. Plus Alice towards the end!
A team of Mistfits invade the sanctum September 20th, 2019 Two teams invade the sanctum and two baddies leave.
Sanctum Zootorum, the Revolving Door of Witchcraft and Wizardry September 11th, 2019 Strange is encountered by Hogarth who sets things in motion
Rush Hour at the Magic Box September 7th, 2019 Business is booming at the Magic Box as Black Alice, Hogarth, Zachary Zatara and Rupert Giles discuss the weighty problems of the wizarding world, and Colette buys a book.


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