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Hulkling (Scenesys ID: 7088)
If you think about it... there's no such thing as normal. Normal doesn't exist. Every single person on the planet is entirely different from every other person on the planet. Which means you can be average. You can be typical. But kids don't end up killing themselves -- or taking guns to school -- because they want to be typical. They want to be normal. More then anything. And until very recently... so did I.
Full Name: Theodore "Teddy" Altman (Dorrek VIII)
Gender: Male
Species: Kree/Skrull Hybrid
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Manhattan
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 9 November 2007 Actor: Alexander Ludwig
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 77 kg (170 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Undecided


Student, Shapeshifter, Sports Enthusiast, Volunteer, Superhero, .. Lost Prince? Okay so maybe that last one is a recent discovery and he's not entirely sure how he feels about that. But what he does know is that he's pulled in a lot of different directions, between wanting a "normal" life and wanting to be a superhero, between being half Kree and half Skrull, and soon to be graduating college and having to figure out what comes next.

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Teddy appears to be in his early twenties with blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. He stands roughly six feet tall with a muscular, athletic frame. He has classically handsome features with a slight cleft in his chin, a strong jaw, and straight brows. Despite his obvious strength, he doesn't seem to be careless with it.

His clothing tends toward the casual with jeans and t-shirts being the norm, sometimes with a long-sleeved shirt or hoodie over the top when the weather gets cooler. He usually wears athletic shoes or boots.


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The son of Skrull royalty and a Kree superhero, Teddy's real name is Prince Dorrek VIII, stolen away to Earth by his mother's nursemaid to be raised in secret as her own son among the humans where, as he came into his abilities, he would believe that he was a mutant for some time. For a long time, he just desperately wanted to live a "normal" life and that included sports, friends, high school, and college. And he did manage to engage in all of those things. He played a number of sports throughout high school and into college.

And he did manage to make some friends. Unfortunately, he also managed to make a friend or two who wanted to take advantage of his abilities once they were revealed in order to play pranks, making Teddy realize that even those who seemed to accept him might only be doing so for their own gain. Then, he was kidnapped by a Skrull who revealed to Teddy his origins after revealing his adoptive mother as a Skrull and then killing her after she tried to shoot him.

Now, Teddy is faced with the knowledge that he has ties to not one but two alien peoples with little knowledge of either of them, has lost his mother, and is soon to be graduating college. Where will he go from here?


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Teddy is an easygoing, kind soul, who really does want to help other people. He is fiercely loyal to those with whom he becomes close. He's a slightly above average student but definitely not the top in his class. He enjoys playing sports but has to reign in his strength in order to do so. He sees it as a form of discipline to practice that restraint. He wants to be a superhero in order to help those in need. In his free time, he does volunteer work.


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His skin is able to become incredibly dense and hard to penetrate, helping him to endure the impact of a fall from great heights, deflect bladed weapons, and even high caliber bullets. It will not, however, protect him from projectiles of greater power than a high caliber bullet even if the damage will be greatly lessened.

He regenerates at increased speed, his healing times for minor injuries taking only hours and for major injuries, days, perhaps a couple of weeks depending on the extent and number of injuries.

Due to his Skrull ancestry, Teddy is able to shapeshift, changing his form extensively from growing functional wings and claws to taking on animal attributes such as becoming a centaur-like winged horse. He can only increase his mass so far, though, becoming no larger than a large draft horse. Likewise, he can only decrease his mass within roughly humanoid size ranges. His body will also shift unconsciously to protect his internal organs, making it harder to damage him fatally in a fight.


Due to his Kree and Skrull hybrid nature, Teddy has superhuman strength, able to lift somewhere between 75 and 100 tons. Likewise, he can exert incredible force with his grip and his blows are particularly potent.


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Teddy knows how to play a number of sports and excels at them -- basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, swimming, and track.

Teddy knows how to fight and is more prone to fight with his fists. This means that he has to get up close and personal in order to do any damage which makes him vulnerable. He's not very effective at range.


He has a public high school and college education. Graduating class of 2022 with a Bachelor's in Sociology.


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Teddy lives in the dorms at college, but he will only be there until June. After the loss of his mother, and since she had no insurance, he will need to find a job and a place in the world once he graduates.


For better or for worse, Teddy is Royalty, the lost Prince Dorek VIII of the Skrull, and that comes with a certain degree of clout among some circles, including those who believe he will be some kind of unifier in the future. It allows him a degree of influence in those circles that value and respect that inheritance. However, with so many wanting him dead, it's a very double-edged sword.


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As a long lost Prince who was supposed to be executed at birth, there are those who would really rather Dorrek VIII not be found and then there are those who would really like him to be found so that they can do away with him once and for all. Then, there are those who believe he has a great destiny to unify the Skull and the Kree. That's an awful lot of pressure to put on a guy who just lost his mom and is still trying to figure out what to do after college. Let's not even mention the mandatory Kree military service that he's trying to avoid. There's a lot of folks out there with a lot of expectations of poor Teddy.

Teddy just lost his mother and has nowhere to go once he gets out of school. It's a lonely situation to be in. And he's a little too proud to ask for help. He's going to try to go it on his own as best he can.


Teddy wants to be accepted and to fit in. Sometimes that means he's willing to trust others a little too much and ends up in situations with people who want to take advantage of him due to his easygoing and trusting nature.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Out for a Run June 14th, 2022 Teddy goes for a run in the park and meets Ivory, learns about their clothing line, and inspires a lazy cat design.
Central Park in June June 10th, 2022 Billy and Teddy head to the park to celebrate the end of finals, graduation, and make a couple of new discoveries about one another.
The First Meeting May 12th, 2022 In a move fit for a RomCom, Billy nearly gets a concussion from running into Teddy's backpack. In order to apologize, he offers to buy him some cocoa and the two hit it off.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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