I've Fallen.. But I Will Get Up

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I've Fallen.. But I Will Get Up
Date of Cutscene: 13 January 2018
Location: New York
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Green Lantern (Cruz)

Jessica woke up.

That's a good start. She wasn't sure she was going to. She apparently took an energy blast from that enemy ship dead-on as she was returning to recharge - she was going to rejoin the fight but... was blasted into a crater somewhere north of NYC.

"Hey Anillo..." she murmurs, having come up with that nickname recently. The Lantern ring flickers briefly. "Oh no... you used all your strength to save me..." She feels like she was burned... but her clothes are fine. Curious. The ring blinks one.

"If I get you to the lantern, you'll be fine, right?" Blink. "If I don't make it in time, will you... be gone forever?" Blink-blink. "Ah, one for yes, two for no. Easy enough. Like a computer that shuts down...." She trails off. Blink. She can see the NYC skyline in the distance so starts walking in that direction.

"Just rest now, Anillo. I'll get you some energy soon enough... I am... I am a Green Lantern. I have the will to overcome this..." The ring blinks once more then goes dim. Shedding a tear for her new best friend's poor state of health, she starts walking towarsd the city, hoping she'll come across a road to follow.

"Hey... one more thing. Can Kyle find you in low charge?" There is no answer. "That's okay... just sleep..." she murmurs, as she keeps walking. Refusing to let fear touch her. There has to be a road somewhere around here.