Impossible Compass - Liliput

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Impossible Compass - Liliput
Date of Cutscene: 11 March 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Gorilla Grodd
Tinyplot: Impossible Compass

Grodd slipped the compass into his machine, quite pleased with himself. If you had a super hero show up every time you tried to rob funds, what were your options? Team up with other villains..a wonderful, if temporary solutions until heroes showed up. Space? Other planets? Well maybe. Space was awfully big after all. Time travel? Possibly, but there was likely some stupid time patrol but moreover he wasn't going to do anything that would risk the safety that might damage Gorilla City. No, there would be no risk to himself or his home. That was why he had built several redundant temporal stabilizers when he had ripped the black opal through time and stolen the Impossible Compass.

The titanium spatula from spatula city had been absolutely perfect to link the strange arcane particles from the device into the chair which could have brought up to 20 people but as it was, worked fine for just one. Instead of sailing there through monster ridden seas, he had linked his teleporter to do the job for him, and he was just fine with that. Instant arrival using 7th dimensional calculations and the precise location discerned from the compasses directions. There was a flicker of vermillion, indigo and mauve light until he was suddenly standing on a beach with a small city visible in the background.

Of course they weren't expecting him. This was the moment of Liliput's triumph. He could see the fellow at the edges of his vision on the island of Brombignag, dragging their fleets back and preventing their invasion. Ah poor liliuptians, they had no idea what to expect as not a giant human but a giant gorilla came loping up the beach. To their credit, their guards sounded the alarm as he approached.

Gorilla Grodd chuckled as their bullets and cannon fire bounced harmlessly off his shield. Did Liliputians qualify as homo sapiens? He did not, for example have problems with Atlanteans or mutants, even if they weren't as good as Gorillas. Ultimately, Grodd decided to show a modicum of mercy for these pathetic ugly creatures even though the darkness part of him considered eating them like popcorn, gaining the knowledge and skills possessed from their tiny brains. Still, he surprised himself and simply set them down on the ground after taking the weapon that was proving utterly useless anyway.

Gorilla Grodd made a quick stop from something that he had learned about in a collection of Swift's notes that he had learned about that had given him part of this idea. Despite the inability to call on the scattered embers of Doom's Legion for this mad quest, he had both a primary and a secondary objective for each of these missions. A personal utility in addition to the flat out loot and as he was halfway to the palace, he grabbed the side of a house and cracked it open like a doll's house, brick and mortar falling everywhere, a tiny old man and his daughter clining each other in panick as Grodd grabbed the notes on advanced clockwork and lenses that the little man had invented. It would let him make non electronic devices of amazing precision. The man yelled in anger and panic and Grodd grinned but ignored him and walked on toward the palace.

Gorilla Grodd moves on to the palace as he ignores the bullets and cannons that bounce off his forcefield. In the distance, Gulliver has noticed that something is happening but is utterly unable to stop for fear of giving the enemies of Liliput back heir fleet and harming his friends. Grodd isn't worried about Gulliver any more than he is worried about the Liliputians and again cracks the palance open like an egg, moving 'massive' bricks and stone and stealing the hundreds of gold 'bars' within their treasury. It is only work $50 million but it is an easy steal and that is the kind Grodd likes.

Gorilla Grodd presses a button and returns to Earth without so much as a blink, leaving a bunch of shocked, saddened and now economically ruined Liliputians behind.