It's Worse

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It's Worse
Date of Cutscene: 25 June 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Nuala Duvall

Nuala maintains her professional demeanor, she stands straight. She is disciplined. She's done all she can do for now to help the Asgardians, and her body is going to give out on her. She hasn't slept in at least 30 hours.

She steps back onto the Sea Song. "Timmy, shut the door," she manages to let the words fall out of her mouth. The ramp retracts, and as it closes, Nuala lets the mask of professionalism fall. She leans against the wall for a second, deciding whether a shower or sleep has priority. She taps the release on her suit, and it retracts into the small thumbsized device on her sternum. She tosses it into the cleaning apparatus, and goes to her washroom, seeing how greasy and grimy she is, and now smelling just how pugnent she had become under the slim suit.

Shower. Definitely shower. She washes slower than she would normally, but not by much, stepping out and drying off, she stumbles toward her bunk. She hits the pillow in unison with a ding that pulses through the room.

"Nuala, priority alert," Timmy's voice comes over the comm.

Nuala lets out a string of curses in Xandarian, but doesn't make any other acknowledgement, or even open her eyes.

"Nuala, there's a-"

"I heard you. I'm not dressed."

"The Oomycetan has a branch in space. It's growing from unrestricted access to solar radiation. It's moving closer to the system star."

Nuala leaves her head on the pillow. "Yeah we saw the growth a few weeks ago." Nuala mumbles. "How big is it?" she asks.

"500 meters in radius," comes the answer.

Nuala opens her eyes. "What!?" she asks, lifting her head up and sitting up on the bed.

"Yes, it is growing at a dangerous rate. At its current trajectory, the speed of growth is only going to accelerate as it grows closer to the star."

"And then come back," Nuala finishes, letting out a frustrated sigh and pulling her knees up to rest her head on them. "Okay," she says finally. "Give me four hours, then wake me up. In the mean time, do a full depth scan. Looks like I need to go talk to Earth's mightiest again."