It Awakens

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It Awakens
Date of Cutscene: 08 October 2017
Location: Apokolips
Synopsis: Summary Needed
Cast of Characters: Shatterpoint

Somewhere in the darkness of the highest tower on the planet Apokolips, there is a room filled with the treasures of Darkseid's eons of conquest.

At the back of this room, there is an apparatus, from which hangs a cold corpse, as fresh as the day it died. Her glassy eyes stare timelessly at the floor in front of her. Her timelocked flesh frozen by the viscous chemical now halted in their pipes, no longer feeding into her veins.

"Wake up now, girly. You've been asleep, what, fifty years?"

A breath, held seemingly for longer than it ever should have been, seeps from the mouth of the dead. Impossibly cold, it spills forth in a misty gray. A body that hasn't moved in decades stirs, the chains touching her flesh splitting near instantly as they supercool on contact. Her arms drop in front of her. Like riding a bike, standing is difficult at first, but it gets easier within moments.

"Yeah, that's good. You're going to have to fight you're way out through the retreat."

Slowly, languidly, the corpse starts forward. From its flesh, long needles drag and slither like silver serpents, separating themselves from her body after what seems like eons. The holes they left seal moments later, the restoration of some form of "life" offering some level of similarity. The haze of death leaves her body. She looks alive, after moments, moving ever forward, inexorable. As if guided by hands unseen, it makes its way down, and down, into the bowels of Apokolips itself. Here, an invasion force returns from its mission on Earth.

A small legion of parademons- ten, twenty, perhaps more. They're all that stand between her and home.

"They're not dead, but all they know is suffering. Please, give them peace."

She can see her there, next to the opening of the boom tube. The ankh around her neck almost glows. Her eyes narrow, and she lurches forth. Strength radiates from her entire being, as she clashes, outnumbered, with the minions of the most dangerous being in the universe.

There wasn't a force in the universe, however, that would stop her from going home.

For ten minutes, at the very tail end of the invasion, a single block in Gotham reports that it was snowing.