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Caroline Ramsey (Scenesys ID: 1429)
"It doesn't matter how strong you are. How tough you seem to be. You will shatter, just like everything else."
Full Name: Caroline Ramsey
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Detective (It's Complicated)
Citizenship: United States (Give or Take)
Residence: Homeless
Education: College (Bachelor's Criminology)
Status: Shelved
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Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 83
Date of Birth 18 May 1942 Actor:
Height: 168 cm Weight: 54 kg
Hair Color: Midnight Blue Eye Color: Blue (Luminescent)
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Caroline Ramsey was a "star" detective almost a hundred years ago. The daughter of then-Commissioner Reginald Ramsey, she was allowed onto the force as both an acknowledgment of his service, and as a novelty. Nearly two years after her "induction," the bright woman vanished, never to be seen again. She was rumored dead, or worse, and her disappearance was a smear on Reginald's reputation that eventually resulted in his resignation. What she's doing here, now, how she got here, and what she even is... These are all mysteries that someone may need to solve, one day. For now, she's just focusing on the only thing she can.



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Looking at this woman is like watching a nightmare. While she may look unassuming, there is a palpable air of discomfort or dread that dawns, likely, on anyone gazing her way. The movements she makes are self-assured and cautious, and she carries no physical weight that her frame doesn't denote... But there is a mood about her, as if the universe, as if reality itself cannot hold the breadth of her existence.

Unimpressive may be the best way to describe her, otherwise. Her skin is a shade of pale that almost seems dead, her pallor that of a corpse, almost. She is not very tall, at five-foot-six, and her build is one of lean muscle. Shapely, of course, but toned. She is strong, and she looks it, even for her height.

Atop her head is an untidy but fashionable mop of hair that seems almost-black save for the way it shines blue in the right light. Cut and styled like a pixie, it frames the soft, round, and feminine face below it quite well. Her cheekbones are high and not-too-prominent, and above them, outlined in black eyeshadow and liner of some kind, are her eyes. They glow, faintly, every so often pulsing in a way that she seems unable or unwilling to stop. Bright blue, the glow of which can only be seen at night, they are still rather... Piercing. Between them, the low bridge of her small, pointed nose leads down into a neutral expression on narrow, blackened lips.

Below her face, the lean musculature of an incredibly active lifestyle is apparent. She is not a bodybuilder, but it is plausible that she never spends a spare moment not doing something physical. IN addition to this powerful physique, she bears a series of scars. Five, along her spine, and then one gruesome, aggressive looking line right across the front of her throat. One can only guess- likely correctly- what the causes of these wounds were, though the circumstances remain something of a mystery.

She is, however, almost entirely covered at all times. Her typical attire consists of something out of an era previous, though not the one she's from. Like some form of nineties reject, the woman clads herself in a buttoned up, hooded trench coat. There is no wide collar to it, and its front seems buttoned up the entire way. Instead, the coat seems to run all the way up to the upper half of her face. There is a seam, barely visible, where the half-face mask portion likely disconnects from the coat proper, but it is difficult to see at the best of times. On her hands she wears gloves, which seem to be both fingerless and knuckleless, for some odd reason. Knee-high combat boots and a pair of slim-contoured pants complete the ensemble, offering her a great degree of movement.


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Caroline Ramsey grew up to be very much her father's daughter.

Seeing as her father was the police Commissioner of the GCPD during wartime, this was probably a little bit of a controversial idea. Still, it was her ambition to follow in her father's footsteps, and she did so exceptionally. Quite bright, from a young age she showed a penchant for mystery and investigation, so much so that her father even tested her, on occasion, with real life examples. Nothing impossible, and nothing too controversial, but something here and there to whet her whistle. She went to college early, and graduated with high marks across the board, so much so that her father introduced the idea of allowing her onto the force. With her mother gone, she was all he had, and he'd foster any idea in her head, no matter how ridiculous.

He was successful, to a point. It was clear that she was a novelty, a press piece more than anything else. While her father loved her, he was very protective. Never anything dangerous, never anything too serious. He didn't need someone hating her presence, and he didn't need a maniac deciding it'd be good to off the new detective. As such, she never got more than the occasional petty theft or missing person to investigate, and never alone.

It was one such investigation that led her to her downfall. Betrayed, and essentially sacrificed, Caroline Ramsey found herself on the barren and burning world of Apokolips, where she was made to fight as a gladiator for the amusement of its horrid leader, the monstrous godlike being known only as Darkseid. Her prowess was not up to the task, but her cunning and resolve won her enough to be considered for a position as one of his Furies.

It took from her the life she lived, and at the same time, her voice. Wounded in the ring, despite all the medical marvels available to Apokoliptian society, the only thing that could be spared was her life.

Darkseid remembers, however, and the circumstances of her arrival here counted as her first defiance. Her refusal to become one of his followers, despite the torture and the rise to prominence as a combatant, the gifts and the pain and the hell he has tried to use to break her down has not worked... And this fact is counted as her second. The opportunity arose for her escape, the coordinates for her Earth were in her grasp. After months, perhaps years of fighting for her life, all she needed to do was get a mother box, and she could go home.

There was just one problem, on the cusp of success, she realized that by using them, she would give them to Darkseid. A secret that he certainly sought, a world that lay unconquered, almost ripe for the taking. She couldn't go. Instead, she did everything she could to destroy the technology that allowed Darkseid to extend his reach. Her success was tangible... But mild.

For her insolence, this third act of defiance, she was punished. Shackled to an apparatus of torture, body temperature lowered until every moment was painful for her, with that pain heightened by Darkseid's constant cathartic application of the Omega beams, she endured days, if not months, of endless agony. Time blended together, until finally, her body, still human, could endure it no more.

As darkness crept in, as her heart ceased its relentless pacing, on the corners of her periphery, she saw a woman. Wild, long hair, skin white as snow. Around her neck, an ankh hung from a chain.

"Sorry about all this. But I have a use for someone like you. It'll be a bit. You'll have to wait, okay? But until then, I've got a lot to teach you."


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Harsh and cold, Shatterpoint is very no-nonsense. Intensely driven by both an incredible desire to use the powers she's been given, to the best ends she can imagine, but at the same time the fire of vengeance burns in the frozen husk of her heart. The world has changed heavily from when she was last here, but it is still her home. She will defend it by any means necessary, and without even a spare moment's hesitation. With her demeanor and powerset, she is less a person and more a monster, but she fights on the right side.


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On the molecular scale, Shatterpoint can create and control constructs of ice. The degree to which she can do this is astounding, as she is capable of freezing the water inside of organic beings, and then will them to split, crack, and shatter, thus severing soft tissue. In addition to this, she can create elaborate constructs out of water in the ambient air, as well, though she does not use them in the ways exhibited by other ice-based entities such as Killer Frost and Bobby Drake.

Shatterpoint can see in darkness, both magical and non.

Shatterpoint is, in a word, immutable. The world around her isn't, of course, so this is only a matter of direct-influence. Her body is excessively difficult to transmute, and she cannot be teleported against her will. Altering her physical form via magic or reality manipulation is takes a lot of concentration and energy, and proves to be a temporary measure itself as once transmuted, she reverts to normal after a short period of time. This leaves her somewhat physically exhausted, when it occurs. However, as mentioned, this only extends to Shatterpoint herself. Should a reality manipulator try to turn her to stone, they would fail. Should said same person turn the air around her into high-carbon steel, she would be really miffed inside her steel prison, but otherwise helpless.

Shatterpoint is stronger and faster than a human being can be. Her maximum running speed is around sixty miles per hour, her reflexes are tuned to match or exceed, and her lifting strength is somewhere around 1500-2000 pounds. These numbers leave her short of the really strong, or really fast individuals around, but they also keep her competitive with the beings that she expects- and is expected- to go toe to toe against. Where she really shines is her impossible stamina, able to weather these feats in almost if not perpetuity. Whereas other cars run out of gas, Shatterpoint keeps going, seemingly indefinitely.

Shatterpoint is absolutely, perhaps unequivocally, tough. Though not overwhelmingly strong, her resistance to damage is beyond that or normal human beings. Her flesh is nearly impenetrable, and nothing short of a tank shot is likely to breach her flesh or break her bones- meaning she can take hits from the strongest of foes and likely keep on ticking, though it is not without limit of course. In addition to this, she is in possession of an unfathomably strong willpower, that though it has no way of reaching out past her own mind, is an incredibly formidable thing unto itself.

Shatterpoint has no pulse, and is cold to the touch. Aside from brain activity and the whole... Walking around thing, she appears quite dead. She has no need to eat, breathe, or sleep. This creates as many problems as it solves, as her near immunity to conventional drugs and poisons leaves her essentially incapable of feeling certain things.

Shatterpoint has the ability to telekinetically control water and ice, to a fine degree. She can lift and support objects with water in them, including organic beings. This allows her some degree of strength amplification, through manipulating the water and ice in the air inside hollow objects, in addition to holding back organic foes via the water in their bodies. It isn't limitless, however, and relies solely on her continued concentration.


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Caroline Ramsey was a well-trained, legitimate detective long ago. These skills, though somewhat archaic with today's technological advancements, are still sharp and honed. Though she has a lot to learn about modern criminology, she can still track down an elusive entity, to at least a proficient degree. As well, her grasp of logic and pure insight and intuition are almost unmatched. While she is not a genius on the level of someone like Bruce Wayne, she is far from simple, and exceptionally cunning.

Though proficient with firearms to some degree, Caroline finds herself more and more relying on extremely well-honed hand-to-hand maneuvers. Her time in the pits of Apokolips have made her especially capable up close, and her powers further augment her ability to fight in close quarters, to an incredible degree.


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While Shatterpoint doesn't need ambient water to live, the lack of it in the air will greatly hamper her ability to form constructs outside of organic beings, and may render her theoretically incapable of harming inorganic beings if the air inside them is completely arid. It doesn't make her any less physically tough, but she becomes much less of a threat if her ground mobility is taken away- and without water in the air in sufficient amounts to create pillars and walls, her ability to evade is almost completely taken away.

Death has given her great, if not extreme, power. However, this was done because Death had some sort of mission for her to complete. Her time may not be limited- she knows nothing of the purpose for which she was brought back. What she does know is that her revenge against Darkseid... Is not it. She is making the best use of her time, but it is a matter of when, not if, Death calls on her.

The process of her creation leaves Shatterpoint with a weak connection to the world. She is in no threat of simply dying, but without the moral compass that her connection and empathy with the rest of humanity provides, it is likely she would become some form of errant monster, killing, maiming, and destroying somewhat wantonly in whatever form of perverted justice she deems, quite fallibly, as true.

Unrelated to other forms of magic, but including any aspected or weaponized form of The Green, any form of life-based magic or life-magically infused item/person causes Shatterpoint extreme physical pain on contact, and can be used to greatly lower her defensive capabilities.

Compared to other superbeings, Shatterpoint is somewhat immobile. While her ice constructs allow her to create certain advantageous outcroppings and the chains through which she gets around urban environments, she cannot fly. In addition to this, she is only somewhat faster or stronger than a human being can be, which means that she is not capable of extreme leaps, nor can she run faster than a car on your average urban road. Because her mobility is also tied to the environment, certain environments, such as suburbs, do not allow her a great degree of mobility.

Shatterpoint is, as yet, alone. She has no proper possessions or belongings other than some small amount of clothes. While it hampers her less than someone who needs to eat and drink, it is still a major hindrance, especially as operating during the day is frowned upon, to some degree, within Gotham.

Due to its otherworldly, impossible qualities, Shatterpoint is especially weak to weapons made from this material. They completely bypass her incredible durability, with bladed weapons being especially effective.

While physical magical attacks are subject to Shatterpoint's physical resistance, any form of metaphysical disruption to the shackles Death has placed anchoring her soul to her body will be especially effective. While it is unlikely to be fatal, it is an easier method of rendering her inert while the connections are re-established.

Simply put, the White Lantern rings, and the White Light of Creation in general are anathema to Shatterpoint now that she is the living dead. Even benign or harmless uses and constructs will cause her extreme pain on contact, and when weaponized, Shatterpoint's body is effectively human, with none of her toughness.


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