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Jazz (Scenesys ID: 8292)
"When we put on this badge, we made a promise. A promise to ourselves, a promise to the people of Cybertron. A promise to every other Autobot; past, present, and future. We don't give up. We don't lose hope."
Full Name: Jazz of Staniz
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Special Operations Agent
Citizenship: Autobot Commonwealth
Residence: C.S.S. Ark (Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia) and Decagon, High Pavilion, Iacon (Iacon Plateau, Cybertron)
Education: Academy of Cybertronian Law Enforcement (BCL), Cyber-Ninja Dojo (10th Dan), Cybertronian Military Academy (MPhil), Tyrest University (DExoSoc), and various others
Status: Retired
Groups: Autobots, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 23 May Actor: J. Lee (voice, holomatter avatar)
Height: 401 cm (13'2") Weight: 970 kg (2,138 lb)
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler



Jazz falls in love with every world he visits, and is always looking to visit more. His ability to immerse himself in new civilisations makes him an ideal undercover agent - he blends in with the environment, absorbing every bit of data he can, and looks for the anomaly that tells him Decepticons are present. Clever, cool, and adaptable, Jazz is a danger-loving daredevil with a bottomless bag of tricks. Optimus Prime entrusts him with the most sensitive missions, counting on his keen mind and natural leadership to accomplish even the most dangerous objectives with trademark flair. Despite being very stylish, competent, versatile, and daring, he can be easily distracted.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Description (Alt Mode):
"This spectacular car is a birthday present from Porsche Motorsport to fans all over the world", said Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, Vice President Motorsport and GT Cars in 2019. "Because the car isn't homologated, engineers and designers didn't have to follow the usual rules, and thus had freedom in the development". This 515 kW (700 hp) racer features a body reminiscent of the legendary Porsche 935/78, and was produced in a limited number of 77 units, although some believe that there is a special 78th unit out there.

The race car's technology for club sport events and private training on racetracks was based on the 911 GT2 RS high-performance sports car. Like its historic predecessor, most of the body was replaced or supplemented by carbon-fibre composite parts. With its streamlined extended rear, the 935/19 reaches a length of 4.87 metres. The width of the exclusive club sport racer measures 2.03 metres.

Its spectacular aerodynamics is a completely new development and pays tribute to the Porsche 935/78 Le Mans race car, which fans dubbed "Moby Dick", due to its elongated shape, massive fairings, and white base colour. The distinctive wheel arch air vents on the front fairings, which also featured on the GT3 Porsche 911 GT3 R customer vehicle, increase down force at the front axle. Measuring 190.9 centimetres in width by 40 centimetres in depth, the rear wing lends aerodynamic balance.

Many details of the exterior are a salute to winning vehicles from the company's motor racing history: The aerodynamically capped rims echo those of the 935/78, with the LED rear lights on the rear wing endplates adopted from the 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car. The side mirrors hail from the Le Mans-winning 911 RSR, with the exposed titanium tailpipes modelled on the Porsche 908 from 1968.

Picture: https://i.imgur.com/YtcLHUr.jpg

Description (Avatar):
In many ways, this adult human male is as average as they come. He is of average height, has an average if athletic build, with short black hair on top, which is even shorter at the sides, and no discernible jewellery, tattoos, or any distinguishing feature.

If anything, his entire image has been crafted to leave no lasting memory with anyone he encounters. He wears a black suit, with a white tie, and a blue tie, which has some subtle red accents. When socially acceptable, he wears black sunglasses over his brown eyes, though upon closer inspection, they are actually a dark blue tint.

When he speaks, it is with a non-descript American accent, the kind you would expect to hear on television. However, he does pepper his conversation with slang terms, proving that he has not abandoned his African American roots.

Picture: https://i.imgur.com/uDSPCN0.jpg

Description (Jazz):

Standing 401 centimetres tall, and weighing 970 kilograms, or just under 13'2" and 2,138.48 lb, many galactic travellers would instantly recognise this as a Cybertronian. They are hard to miss, with the mechanical form, and the kibble, or parts that seem to have ulterior purposes, such as a tire, vehicular windshield, and the like.

He has a sleek aesthetic, being a bit of a zebra, either white with black accents, or black with white accents. Either way, he does actually have some true accents, with a touch of blue or red throughout.

His head is roughly humanoid in shape, and has the look of a black helmet, with two tiny rabbit-like ears poking out. His face is grey, with a blue optical visor that stretches the width of his face. It is a little known fact that the visor is retractable. But he is the kind of person who would wear shades indoors or at night.

His upper torso, forearms, and thighs are all white, while his shoulders, biceps, hands, lower torso, and legs are black. His chest features a blue line vertical line, almost like an exceptionally wide tie, with a red Autobot symbol across it. Lower down, there are vehicle-like headlights and a grill forming much of his chest. There is a horizontal red line across his upper torso, and two large blue accents on either side of his waist.

His shins are grey, while his feet are white, with two wheels sticking ever so slightly out of the back of his legs. On his actual back, there is what looks like a car hood strapped there. A closer or prolonged inspection will reveal a few other hints that he transforms into some sort of automobile, and likely a sporty one at that.

Picture: https://i.imgur.com/mqKlGpL.jpg


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History 1:
Jazz was forged in Staniz, the City of Spires, a Cybertronian settlement in the southern hemisphere of the cyberformed comet come dwarf planet Gobotron. Virtually all of Staniz's economy revolves around starships, and starship parts and accessories. Jazz couldn't get out fast enough, and upon hearing some music from a passing extracybestrial visitor, he traded his services for passage off that rock. In his own words, Staniz just "wasn't [his] scene".

Hailing from a shipbuilding centre like Staniz, it didn't take Jazz long to figure out every facet of that alien starship. It wouldn't be his last. After paying off any debts he'd accumulated, he'd join another crew on some random world, learning about that ship, and repeat the process. Somewhere along the way, Jazz had become one of the best pilots in the galaxy.

It was all down to one simple fact. Before the War, that's the Third Cybertronian War, or Great War, but who's counting, Cybertronians were welcome on other worlds. The first two wars weren't nearly as destructive, and galactically, the species hadn't fallen into disrepute yet. Jazz made good use of this time, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisations, well, new to him, and boldly going where few Cybertronians had gone before.

Eventually he found his way to Cybertron, where he studied under Master Yoketron at the Cyber Ninja-Dojo in Valvolux, Tyger Pax. During another stint, he matriculated at Tyrest University in Tyrest, Tagan Heights. And in yet a third stint, he had a go at the Cybertronian Military Academy in Nuon, Toraxxis Plains. In yet another stint, he went to the Academy of Cybertronian Law Enforcement in Carpessa, Manganese Mountains. In a fifth... well, you get the idea. Jazz is always learning, whether it's by immersing himself in another culture, studying, or taking an interest in his own species. Life's all about experiences and Jazz makes the most of them.

Jazz never set out for profit, but along the way, he made some shrewd business deals, the kind of things you do when you happen to be at the right place and at the right time. Jazz made enough to pay for his education, and even had a ship of his own at one point. By the time he sort of settled down on Cybertron, he had become part of the wealthy elite. Never one to sit still for too long, Jazz took a job with Cybertronian Intelligence, ostensibly posing as a cultural investigator, which brought him to an impressionable Data Clerk named Orion Pax.

Sensing potential in the youthful Data Clerk, Jazz quickly befriended Pax, subtly guiding him towards that potential and keeping an eye out for his well being. When Pax needed it, Jazz helped him by becoming a sparring partner. When Pax praised the writings of Megatronus, then a gladiator, Jazz suggested that Pax visit him in Kaon, or at the very least, make contact with him.

Meanwhile, Jazz investigated Megatron on his own, watching him fight first hand, and studying his behaviour outside of the pit. Jazz grew suspicious of the man who has since become known as Megatron, after the crowd shortened it following a particularly rousing victory.

Continued in '+gen Jazz/History 2'.

History 2:

Continued from '+gen Jazz/History 1'.

When Pax later became Optimus Prime, Jazz was there, forming the core of Prime's inner circle. Following the Capture of Fort Scyk in Stanix, Hydrax Plateau, the first true battle of the Third Cybertronian War, Jazz cautioned Prime not to mourn the loss of every soldier. More were to come; a lot more. Indeed, Jazz was the lone survivor when a six person unit infiltrated the Kalis Energyon Refinery in Kalis, Cuprahex Mountains. The mission was a success, but they paid for it with precious metal.

Later in the war, Jazz came across a Cybertronian who had sustained massive damage to his optical sensors. Although the 'bot was understandably scared, Jazz convinced him not to give up hope. Despite being injured himself at the time, Jazz was able to ambush five of Megatron's most elite troops. He quickly dispatched three of them, but the last two, especially the leader, proved a more difficult task.

Jazz fought valiantly, bringing it down to a one-on-one battle, as his companion was little more than a distraction without the use of his sight. Despite his heroics, it would have ended badly for Jazz if not for the arrival of an Autobot extraction team. Lifted off to safety, the two Autobots ended up being sent to different medics. Jazz had saved the life of that 'bot, and left a lifelong impression, without ever revealing his own name.

When Optimus Prime launched the C.S.S. Ark, a Vanguard-class Deep Space Interceptor, in search of new sources of energon and other necessary materials, Jazz was assigned to conn, owing to his extensive piloting experience. While in Sector 2814, the I.D.S. Nemesis, a Worldburner-class Capital Ship, attacked the Ark just after it had entered Sol's Main Asteroid Belt.

Jazz was able to evade them as the Ark travelled through the asteroid belt, which is no easy feat, but as both ships emerged from the belt, the Deceticons were able to make a magnetic junction and launched a boarding chute. During the battle aboard the Ark, the Autobots were able to break the connection, but not before both vessels were past the point of no return. Alas, Jazz was engaged with Soundwave during atmospheric entry. It was Optimus Prime who guided them in.

That was the last thing he remembered, until now...


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Jazz's upbeat and outgoing personality makes him one of the most popular Autobots. He lifts all those around him with his calm and easy disposition. He is adept at reading a situation, balancing his competency, with his jokes. Where some respond to a by-the-book attitude, he can exude professionalism. Others prefer a softer touch. Jazz can, over the course of a single conversation, shift from one to the other and back again, and what's more, he makes it look seamless.

One of the reasons he can get away with this is that he is as courageous and competent as they come. Some even believe he has ataraxia, the inability to experience anger. The closest you're ever likely to get with him is an offhand remark, in the form of a joke, as he goes about whatever suicide mission he's been assigned. He does not have a death wish, quite the contrary, but he is trusted, and his comrades know that he will keep his cool, no matter the situation.

And of special not is his adaptability. He can ease into any culture or environment, learning and improvising his way through the toughest of situations. Despite the galactic reputation of his species, he has friends on a number of worlds, or there are stories passed through the generations, about how their great grandparent befriended an Autobot named Jazz. Few species are as long lived as Cybertronians. But stories of the Autobot that is Jazz will surely live on beyond his own existence.


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Bag of Tricks:
Jazz has what seems like an endless bag of tricks. If you've seen a spy car do it in a movie, Jazz probably can too. This trait is meant to cover all manner of low-end abilities, be they tire-slashing hubcaps, surface to air missiles, ejector seats, revolving licence plates, or anything else that may come up in a scene along those lines.

Jazz's headlights, which are accessible in both modes, can be used as a full-spectrum beacon, from infra-red to ultraviolet. He can create an impressive light show, or disorient, possibly even blinding, his opponents. The problem is that as a light source, they at best only partially directed. He cannot pick and choose who to dazzle when using them offensively. They are also limited by line of sight.

Caltrop Ejector:
Jazz's alternate mode, currently a Terran Porsche 935/19, is equipped with a caltrop ejector. If being pursued, he can eject caltrops onto the ground that will piece and otherwise disable wheeled vehicles that drive over them.

Jazz's own tires feature an auto-inflate feature, which immediately seal any punctures, and re-inflate his tires. If he can do it to them, he's sure as pit going to make sure he's ready for it. Besides, he might have to double back on them.

Jazz is a Cybertronian, and as such, his durability is off the charts. His endurance on the other hand, is a far better gauge of what he can do. As a mechanical being, the two terms can often become intertwined. But there is a marked difference between being able to hold onto a cliff edge, and move to the next spot on the ledge as you climb across it. Jazz's endurance represents his ability to take that next step, to push his sentio-fibrous musculature to its breaking point.

In terms of his ability to perform repetitive physical tasks, Jazz scores in the 72th percentile, meaning he is equal or better to nearly three quarters of his species. He has limits, everyone does, but Jazz has made a career out of taking at least one more step than the other guy.

Grappling Hook:
One of Jazz's trademark abilities is his wrist-mounted Grappling Hook, a multipurpose tool that allows him to manipulate far away objects, and swing to, or from, other places. He deploys it with laser-guided precision, and he can rapidly retract the hook, enabling him to climb with ease. The hook and line appear to be made of a turquoise energy, and can be grasped by other Cybertronians.

Despite its versatility, it's a surprisingly energy efficient tool. Depending on Jazz's needs, the hook will latch onto, wrap a cable around, or pierce its target. As the hook is made of energy, he can turn it off at any time, allowing it to dissipate. When used for climbing, the Hook can support up to three tons, and has a maximum reach of 30 metres.

Hydraulic Lifters:
Jazz is outfitted with hydraulic lifters in his legs, which enable him to make a vertical jump over 15 metres high. When using them as part of a sprinting jump for distance, it is significantly longer, but depends on the situation, such as how much of a running start he got, the arc he takes, and how he must land. For instance, landing on his feet is a different proposition than trying to grab onto a ledge.

Jazz's alternate mode, currently a Terran Porsche 935/19, is equipped with retractable hydrofoils, which enables him to operate on water. They are of the fully submerged variety, and thus, more stable as they aren't as affected by wave action.

Jazz has a set of 180 decibel speakers that are useable in either mode. When in his primary bipedal mode, they can emerge from his hips, and in his alternate mode, they retract near the rear of the vehicle. 180 decibels is the equivalent of detonating 1 pound of TNT at 4.5 metres, or just shy of 6 PSI. When combined with his beacon, it can create a very entertaining show. When used alone, it can be murder on someone's audio sensors. Jazz does not suffer any ill effects from emanating these sounds. He's been retrofitted for it.

Jazz is fast by Cybertronian standards, both in his bipedal, and his vehicular mode. He is not as fast as Blurr, but Jazz is fast enough to challenge him in anything but a piece of straight track. Add in some curves, other obstacles, and anything else you care to include, and Jazz can present a challenge. He's even won a few times.

In his vehicular mode, a nitro-injected 12-cylinder engine allows Jazz to reach speeds in excess of Mach 1. Again, he's not as fast as Blurr, but he's at least in the same conversation.

Jazz possesses the normal Cybertronian strength of a mech of his age, height, and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise. He is capable of lifting an estimated 20 tons.

Thermal Windows:
Jazz's windows, which are visible in both modes, are thermal sensitive. This enables them to absorb energy from sunlight, while warming a cold interior, and cooling a warm interior. Organic beings can appreciate the comfortable interior, while Jazz benefits from the extra energy in both modes.


As a Transformer, Jazz will scan something native to whatever planet he happens to be on in order to blend in. When he returns home to Cybertron, he usually returns to his Cybertronian sports car alt mode, but sometimes, if he finds an especially appealing one on his travels, he'll keep that one on Cybertron. His current alt mode is a Terran Porsche 935/19. He's not likely to give that one up anytime soon. It's got almost as much style as he does. Even when transforming, Jazz puts on a show, as his transformation scheme makes it look like he's break-dancing.


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Jazz is a longtime practitioner of Circuit-Su, a Cybertronian martial art and method of close combat in which their opponent uses a short weapon, or none. It focuses heavily on mental and spiritual discipline, often to the exclusion of the physical. Practitioners study the focusing of their willpower, as well as the nature of their sparks. Master Yoketron can actually harness his spark energy as a physical attack, but Jazz isn't at that level yet, even after many years of study at Yoketron's Cyber-Ninja Dojo in Valvolux, Tyger Pax.

Cultural Investigator:
Jazz's cover while working for Cybertronian Intelligence, before the war, was that of a Cultural Investigator. This was a wonderful arrangement for Jazz, as he got to combine a personal passion with his professional life. He holds a degree in Exosociology from Tyrest University in Tyrest, Tagan Heights, and has employed these skills on worlds too numerous to count.

Jazz is extremely intelligent. However, he is not your typical genius. Most go into the sciences, developing technology, doing research, or practicing medicine. Jazz could have pursued any of these, but that was never his style. He's more like MacGyver, applying his considerable intellect for practical purposes, primarily in the field. He's smart enough to follow along with the Perceptors and Wheeljacks of the world, ask intelligent questions, but perhaps just as important is that he's smart enough to know how much he does not know.

Law Enforcement:
Jazz is a graduate of the Academy of Cybertronian Law Enforcement in Carpessa, Mangnese Mountains. And he never served a single day as a police officer in any unit. He was going through a phase where he wanted to learn about everything. In a way, he still is. But what he learned there has served him well, as a citizen, as an Autobot, and as an intelligence officer.

As Optimus Prime's aide-de-camp, Jazz is frequently charged with assembling and sometimes leading Autobot task forces to counter Deceticon efforts. Jazz has many talents, but oration is not one of them. He's far too laid back for that. Instead of fiery speeches, Jazz inspires his fellow Autobots with his actions and a very cool head.

No battle is hopeless when Jazz is on the field, and if it were, Jazz would've already recommended retreat. He's one of those rare Cybertronians whose mere presence can raise the spirits of his allies, and depress those of his enemies. Jazz never sought command, and he never will. But like so many other things, he's a natural.

Jazz is a ridiculously expert marksman. He could leap out of a window, catch a weapon mid-air that he has never used before, and fire it with accuracy, while transforming, in order to insulate himself from being electrocuted, by landing on his tires. And just for added measure, he'd fire it sideways because that looks cooler, even if the recoil can be a pain in the aft. Of course, the problem with Cybertronians isn't in hitting them, but in that their defensive capabilities far outweigh their offensive ones.

Jazz is one of the Autobots best pilots, having been at the helm of the C.S.S. Ark, a Vanguard-class Deep Space Interceptor, when it came under attack by the I.D.S. Nemesis, a Worldburner-class Capital Ship, and while inside Sol's Main Asteroid Belt. Evading a hostile vessel in an asteroid belt is no easy feat, but he managed. Unfortunately, as both ships emerged from the belt, the Deceticons were able to make a magnetic junction and launched a boarding chute.

During the battle aboard the Ark, the Autobots were able to break the connection, but not before both vessels were past the point of no return. Alas, Jazz was engaged with Soundwave during atmospheric entry. It was Optimus Prime who guided them in. But Jazz is one hell of a pilot, having been chosen for the mission, and they don't let you pilot vessels of that size without numerous houses on smaller craft. If it flies, Jazz can make it sing.

All Cybertronians are able to pick up extracybestrial languages, so long as their vocal synthesiser is in good order, but Jazz is a natural. He can pick up new languages in a twentieth of the time it takes the average Cybertronian, and he's especially good at picking up the local slang. He's smart enough to pick up on patterns, and just as importantly, when to break them.

He's gone from one side of the Galaxy to the other and back again. He has a passion for learning about other cultures, and when you've immersed yourself in as many as he has, it becomes easy. He just wishes that Cybertronians were welcome on more worlds. As many languages as he can speak, he's always on the lookout to learn a new one.

Jazz is a champion racer. Cybertronian races usually involve sections to be performed in both modes, and are as much obstacle courses as straight up vehicular races. This is why Blurr does not win every car competition, every time. Racing is about more than who has the best engine, the most aerodynamic frame. Cybertronian races are specifically designed to inflate the value of skill and technique, both of which Jazz has in spades. He's not exactly slow either.

Jazz is perhaps best known as an Autobot saboteur. All of his abilities, knowledge, experience, and considerable skills, are ultimately geared towards it. He is arguably the Autobot's most well rounded member. Give him a job, send him somewhere Primus awful, without any notice, and you will have every reason to believe that if anyone can handle it, Jazz can. To paraphrase Hannibal Smith, give him a klik, and he's good; give him a groon, and he's great; give him a quartex, and he's unbeatable.

Jazz's chassis has been retrofitted to facilitate him going undetected through normal means. He has a minimal electromagnetic signature, doesn't show up on usual scans, and he has the skill and experience to maximise this. He can sneak up on people, listen in on conversations, is an expert at hiding, moving quietly, and everything else required for a stealthy exercise.

As much as he likes to make an entrance, if he can get in, get the job done, and get out, then that's all right too. Though like Deadpool, sometimes he likes to do a lot of prep work, just so he can make a flashy exit, having already achieved his objective.

Jazz is streetwise, even if he doesn't know the street, or understand the language. He just has an innate sense about these things, built by vorns of experience. He can read body language, pick up on cues, little titbits, here and there, inflections, whatever's around, he just always seems to have a good bead on things, reading any situation he might find himself in, and reacting accordingly.

Jazz's motto is to "do it with style, or don't bother doing it". This sums him up better than anything else that could be said. Unless of course he's trying to blend, Jazz stands out in any crowd. He has a distinctiveness about him that is hard to pinpoint, but no matter what he does, it always seems to be in a unique, memorable, and fun way.

Jazz can follow people who do not wish to be followed. He can find them. Everyone leaves a trail, no matter how much they may try to cover their tracks, there is always something. Sometimes tracking involves literal tracking, following actual track marks in the ground, but more often than not, it's all about information gathering. It may take time, might take longer than is worth it, but it can be done. You just need the patience and wherewithal to see it through.


Jazz is versatile in the extreme. He can adapt to change, immediately, and by all appearances, effortlessly. Today, he has to do one thing, and tomorrow is another day. Nothing ever seems to faze him, and he has an innate confidence that he can do anything he sets his spark to. This may sound redundant, but it cannot be stressed enough how much of a jack of all trades he is.


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Jazz is an Autobot. He is Optimus Prime's aide-de-camp. He has access to everything the Autobots have, save for anything marked Prime's optics only. He can call upon the resources of half his species. Of course, the other half are out to kill him, but that's life for a Cybertronian.

Deflector Shield:
Jazz has a deflector shield, which although removable, draws energy from his internal reserves. As such, it is not something to be employed lightly. It has incredible defensive capabilities, protecting him from all manner of assault, but the cost is equally high. As such, he rarely makes use of it. But it is something he carries, just in case the situation may call for it.

Electromagnetiser Gun:
Jazz's quaternary weapon, he does love to come prepared, is dazzling and destabilising electromagnetiser gun. While not exactly impactful, it can play haywire with a Cybertronian's weapons and accessories, creating strong magnetic fields. It also has a lot of non-combat related uses. Curiously, the gun itself is not in any way magnetic.

Jazz's tertiary weapon is his flamethrower. It is his least accurate weapon, producing a wide breadth of flame, creating immense heat. It has the shortest range of all his weapons, although it can easily catch multiple targets in that field. Plus, who doesn't love a good barbecue?

Holomatter Avatar:
Jazz, like all Cybertronians, has access to a holomatter avatar, which is a type of drone. While engaged, Jazz senses everything that the avatar senses. He feels pain through the link. It is as much a part of him as his arm. These avatars are reconfigurable, though most Cybertronians pick one and retain it throughout their time on that particular world. For these avatars are a means of interacting with indigenous organic life forms.

Jazz's avatar is currently configured as a wealthy young man of African descent, who typically wears a black suit, with a white collared shirt, and a blue tie with red accents. The range of his holomatter avatar is approximately 100 metres. Holomatter Avatars are effectively indistinguishable from the life form it is meant to represent. However, behavioural cues may give him away.

Ion Gun:
Jazz's secondary weapon is a semi-automatic ion gun, which accelerates charged particles for offensive purposes. Less efficient than his Photon Rifle, and with a shorter range, Jazz considers it his back up weapon. However, it does pack more of a punch than his Photo Rifle. It's best when used close in, but not at hand-to-hand range.

Missile Launcher:
Jazz's has access to a shoulder mounted missile launcher. This is not part of his standard equipment. He only takes it when a mission calls for it. It's bulky, increases hi profile, and just doesn't suit him. But it can be fun to fire a missile. He actually has two, and could theoretically equip them both, but that'd just be silly.

Photon Rifle:
Jazz's favoured weapon is a hand held solar-powered photo rifle, which he uses with deadly accuracy. It has a range of up to 1.5 km, and packs quite a punch.

Turbo Board:

Jazz has a turbo board, which is like a rocket powered floating skateboard. It can be used at a variety of heights, from just above the ground, to atop a skyscraper. It uses its own power source, which is limited, and it is far from the equal of the bipedal mode flight so effectively employed by the Decepticons. Jazz's Turbo Board is largely for recreation, though he has used it in the field on rare occasion.


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Comparatively Weak:
Jazz is Optimus Prime's aide-de-camp, a crackerjack pilot, a special forces operative, and a host of other things. But compared to those around him, he is a bit of a pushover. He's smaller and weaker than the likes of Ironhide, Prowl, Shockwave, Soundwave, Starscream, and Ultra Magnus.

If not for skill, he would have burnt out long ago. But that is something to fall back on. When everything else is gone, when he's depleted much of his energon, when he can no longer fly, when the chips are down, Starscream is still a physical force to be reckoned with.

When Jazz is out of his bag of tricks, and when he has no more ideas left in the tank, when he can't somehow turn death into a fighting chance for life, he's just your average run of the mill Cybertronian.

Jazz is what you would call a daredevil. He is a thrill-seeker. He seeks out challenges. If people say that it's crazy, difficult, or can't be done, and it looks like fun, Jazz will probably do it, if for no other reason than he can. He is the Sir Edmund Hillary of his species.

Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first to stand atop Mount Everest. Many died trying. There are photos of Norgay at the peak, taken by Hillary, but none of Hillary, as he declined. Jazz is the same way.

He's not out for the adulation and respect that comes along with it. He does these death-defying stunts because he wants to. He risks his spark because he wants to. Even if he's doing it to save somebody's aft, it's his choice. One of these days, he's going to slip, he's going to rush headfirst into a situation he can't handle, he's going to make a mistake, and that'll be that. No more Jazz. To paraphrase Jazz's favourite saying, if you're going to die, you might as well do it with style.

Jazz is an Autobot, and as such, has been at war with the Decepticons since before most species developed language skills. Galatically speaking, to say Autobot and Decepticon is shorthand for natural opposites in much the same way as a human might say fire and water or snake and mongoose. Their issues are so deep seeded that they are now beyond comprehension.

They say that curiosity killed the cat. Whenever Jazz does finally join the All Spark, burnout, or whatever actually happens when a Cybertronian moves on from this mortal coil, curiosity will likely have been his downfall. There is so much in this galaxy to see and do that Jazz can easily let his curiosity get the better of him, losing sight of his goal, or the situation. So far, these distracts have proven to be minor, something he could overcome in style, making his ultimate success all the more impressive. But he ever knows when a distraction will be his last.

Jazz is a Cybertronian and as such, requires energon in order to function. He can get by using lesser forms of energy, but they are not nearly as efficient. He can go into emergency stasis lock, effectively becoming a corpse for all intents and purposes, except that his kind can be revived. But there's no way for him to come out of it without outside intervention. Energon is the lifeblood of all Cybertronians. Without it, they are just a collection of high tech parts.

Jazz is a mech of his word. Which is part of why he doesn't give it out to just anyone. When he says he will do something, it will get done, no matter what. If he offers someone safe passage, they will get it. It does not mean he won't be on guard, or ready for a double cross, but he will respect an agreement until someone else breaks it.

This goes for orders given by Optimus Prime, who is far more willing to give his word than Jazz. If Prime makes an agreement with the Decepticons, or some alien species, even if Jazz disagrees, he'll respect it. He might argue, usually privately, prior to the agreement being made public. But even if he disagrees, he will back up Optimus Prime with everything he has.

Jazz is largely composed of Sentio Metallico, better known as Living Metal, which is not ferromagnetic. However, some of his internal components and accessories, whether they are stored within him or have been permanently attached, are. This leaves him vulnerable to magnetic fields, which exist in nature, and can be re-produced through artificial means.

Robots In Disguise:
No one knows for certain how or why Cybertronians developed the ability to transform. Stealth and utility certainly play a part in its application, but what came first, disguise or performance? Either way, the ability to transform, especially when combined with holomatter avatars, allows Cybertronians like Jazz to hide in plain sight, a robot in disguise if you will. He can bypass Galactic protocols forbidding their presence on many alien worlds by doing it secretly.

So long as he remains in his alternate mode, Jazz is reasonably safe in these situations. There is a lot one can do as a car, especially a car as versatile as Jazz. But he is still just a car. No matter how much he might stretch the capabilities of a car, he is a car. Transform back into his bipedal mode, and he instantly increases his chances of getting caught. What the ramifications are of being caught largely depend on where and when. For example, when trying to spy on the Decepticons, they know that Autobots can transform too. They expect it and prepare for it. But... who could prepare for Jazz?

Sanctity of Life:

Jazz is not a killer, no matter how much he would like to be. All life is sacred, even that of the Decepticons. He has killed. He has been at war for years without end. But he has never taken a life that could reasonably be spared, and never without it being in self-defence. On the battlefield, he looks to incapacitate before he looks to kill.

There are some Autobots who once sided with the Decepticons, but have since seen the light. Jazz has to hope that the rest may one day see the light. Similarly, he will do his utmost to protect and ensure alien life is respected and protected, providing it does not become a matter of survival for himself, and his species.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Merriment on Monacus January 18th, 2020 Jazz and Jessica Cruz gamble on Monacus
Getting to know Knowhere December 17th, 2019 Summary needed
I've been jacking cars, I won't be counting dollars, I'll be racking stars November 20th, 2019 Interpol Agent Chun-Li commandeers a Transformer, with the holomater avatar owner still in it
Welcome to the Village November 13th, 2019 An impromptu public performance in Greenwich Village


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