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Jinx (Scenesys ID: 7115)
"Just because you don't see me, doesn't mean I'm not there."
Full Name: Kimiko Arashikage
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: IDW (FC)
Occupation: Meditation Instructor
Citizenship: United States / Japan Dual Citizen
Residence: San Francisco, California
Education: Arashikage Clan, Military, Numerous Bachelor's Degrees
Status: Dropped
Groups: Martial Arts-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 15 April 2001 Actor:
Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs.)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Known only as 'Kim' to the world at large, Kim refuses to give a full name to anyone unless they insist upon it, and even giving only 'Kage' if pressed. Very few know her full name, and those that do, can be counted on one hand with fingers left over. A simple meditation instructor in the NYC area with small branches in Metropolis and Starling City, she is very effective as an instructor.

The truth is only known, and seen by the highest ranks in the US military. Jinx is an intelligence operative for G.I. Joe, an Anti-terrorist organization in the US Military. Jinx is a highly trained ninja and martial artist whose identity within is highly classified.



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Standing 5'5" tall, this woman has black hair cut short upon her head. She has large brown eyes that are almost black, framed by high cheekbones and dark eyebrows. She also has an angular face and normal looking lips.

She has an athletic body with some nice womanly curves upon her, but decidedly long and powerful looking legs. She wears a red T-shirt with a artistic dragon upon the front, and upon the inside of her left forearm is a strange symbol, usually hidden by subtle movements or deliberate arm wrappings.

She wears a pair of loose jeans held up by a belt, and a pair of athletic shoes with red accents.


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Kimiko Arashikage was born in the mountains of Japan, in a secret temple hidden away in the mountains known only to the Arashikage Clan. And it was there she stayed, and grew until the age of 8, when her parents decided that they didn't want the ninja way of life and left. It was only two years later, her uncle, a man known only has 'Hard Master' was killed by an unknown assassin. Kimiko still went to learn about martial arts on her own time, but mostly in the focus of meditation Even in school she did very well with the physical aspect of things, such as sports. It wasn't until she encountered a young man that only called himself 'Snake Eyes' that she learned of her uncle's fate....and the identity of the assassin: Zartan.

Despite swearing to kill Zartan if she ever met him, as well as his little group called 'The Dreadnoks', she and Snake Eyes ended up joining a group called GI Joe, an anti-terrorist group in the military that was meant to stop 'COBRA' a terrorist organization determined to rule the world. She found out that Zartan had joined this group, as well as a someone named 'Storm Shadow'. Knowing what that name meant, since her last name was another way of saying it, she had a feeling it was her cousin who had infiltrated COBRA, but to what end?

Meanwhile, Kimiko had earned the nickname of 'Jinx', due to how her opponents felt that she had given them bad luck when they sparred her. In her time off duty, she had gained a degree in nutrition, and opened a select few places where meditative practices can be done in different cities, using it as a bit of cover to keep tabs on those cities.


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Kim's personality is usually quite friendly. She can be quite cheery and occasionally quite bubbly, mostly to keep people's spirits up and have them have a good day. She's found that more often than not, all it takes is someone giving a smile or helping someone out can make someone's day, and that's usually what she goes for. While she has no real love for coffee, she does like hot chocolate and enjoys quite a bit of tea, if not flavored water. She doesn't mind the occasional spar, but she uses the opportunity to learn as well as teach, but usually sticks to Tai Chi, or Crane style kung fu. She doesn't enjoy fighting, however, but when forced to fight, she is all business. She holds nothing back, and while she will refrain from killing someone, she will if she must. Unfortunately for Zartan, and any others of his group, the Dreadnoks, she encounters? No mercy.

She tries to keep an upbeat personality, but sometimes her job, and some of her memories interfere. She tries not to have it affect anyone else's day though.


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Using extreme Focus and concentration, this is the most dangerous and powerful of the Arashikage's secrets. Using this, an Arashikage warrior can shake of pain and fear and has proven effective and casting off the effects of brainwashing.

Being able to hear heartbeats, smell gunpowder, listen to the scrape of steel when a blade is drawn, hear the hammer of a gun click back when it's cocked, or be able to tell if someone is lying, when they're hiding something, or ready to attack is some of the things Jinx is able to do. She's had extensive training with the Arashikage to learn how to do all of this, which is much better than a psychology class. the various ways she was taught by Blind Master and Snake Eyes are summed up in some of the 'techniques' that are named.

The Ear that sees:
This is the training chat allows her to hear heartbeats, the scrape of metal from a scabbard when a blade is drawn and the click of a hammer when a gun is being readied. this effectively allows her to fight while blind, for she can use 'The Ear that Sees' to locate her enemy with her eyes closed, or blindfolded.

The Eye that Pierces:

This one was taught by Snake Eyes. It is the training of subtle gestures, facial movements and such that tells Jinx when people are being honest, sincere and truthful, or if they are lying, holding something back...or are getting ready to attack. This also helps her martial arts out, for it can give away where and when someone is going to attack.


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Jinx is quite athletic, and very agile. Part of her training was maneuvering through an obstacle course that required agility, courage and split second timing. So Jinx is very agile, able to jump over most normal sized people, and she is able to perform rolls and flips from a numbers of positions, including standing on her hands.

Jinx is a master at using blades. Not just knives, but swords as well. She's not fast enough to deflect a bullet after it's been fired, but if she's able to anticipate the shot being fired, she can deflect the bullet to hit someone else with her Katana.

Jinx has been taught to drive many vehicles expertly, such as cars, tanks, ATVs, and the like. However, the only vehicle she can be ranked as an expert in is the Motorcycle, due to her knowledge of her 'Ninja Cycle'.

Jinx is considered an expert in just about all firearms, being trained in the M1911 Handgun, Uzi SMG and even the AK-47. However, she prefers not to use them, due to her training. However, as someone once said 'Just because I don't prefer to use them, doesn't mean I don't know how.'

In this modern age, there are many secrets and people to get to behind computer controlled barriers, locks, and more. Jinx has learned ways to get past security programs and firewalls, but nothing about encryption, writing programs or defending against viruses. It's mainly moderate hacking and datamining skills she knows, such as to bypass a firewall and get the data onto a flash drive. Anything more advanced for security systems requires a program that she keeps on her ninja suit. If she doesn't have her suit, she can't hack it. If it's more advanced than the computer on the suit can handle, she'll need to bring someone who CAN with her.

Kimiko is the second best martial artist on the Joes, knowing quite a few martial arts, including Ninjutsu, Aikido Tai Chi Chuan and at least five styles of Kung Fu, including Crane, Tiger, Mantis, Snake and Wing Chun. She uses Crane Style and Tai Chi for Meditation and tends to practice daily. She does teach some of the martial arts she knows, but she does NOT teach the styles, forms and practices of the Arashikage clan.

One of the unique forms she knows is called 'The Iron Fist'. As much a form as it is a fighting style, The Iron Fist is not about strength, as the name might suggest, but where to hit an opponent, whether the opponent is a human being, wood, or stone, it's all about WHERE to hit your opponent. Blind Master used two saying to emphasize this form. The first: 'Take out the Foundation, and the rest comes tumbling down.' And the second: 'Aim for the Keystone of an arch. Take that point out, and the arch cannot stand.'

Kimiko knows quite a few languages, being fully fluent in English, Japanese and even Sign Language, so she can speak with and understand her teacher, Snake Eyes.

Jinx is able to pilot many flying vehicles, such as fixed wing aircraft such as planes, or rotary aircraft such as helicopters or VTOLs, but her expertise leaves a lot to be desired. She'll pilot one in a pinch, or if she needs to get somewhere fast, but she's not the best pilot.


Jinx is excellent at stealth. Being trained under Blind Master, she has learned the practice of 'The Heart that waits' from Blind Master, only further reinforced by Snake Eyes. To learn this, Jinx had to calm herself under pressure, causing her heartbeat to slow, her breathing to slow, and move a lot quieter than normal. With the fact that Blind Master was blind, his hearing was enhanced by that fact, so Jinx had to learn to get past HIS hearing to be recognized as a practitioner of this technique.


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Despite being somewhat weakened by Zartan's attack on the Master of the Arashikage Clan, the rest of the clan are still around, and quite skilled, should Jinx need them. However, she usually uses Katana, Kunai and Shuriken forged by the Arashikage. There are other things she can use, such as the Kasuri-Gama and the Naginata, but they can be a little noisy and unwieldy for stealth missions.

As part of the Military force G.I. Joe, and a sub branch of that called 'Ninja Force', Jinx has access to a lot of government granted intel and ordinance, such as the M1911 Hand Gun, grenades, assault rifles, SMGs, rocket launchers, and more...if she has a need for them.

Kimiko draws a fairly good paycheck from her meditation studios. While it's not exceedingly wealthy as a multi-national corporation, Kim doesn't want for anything, and tends to have spare money, in case she needs something repaired.

Jinx has a rather unique, one of a kind Katana. Not only was it forged by the Arashikage clan, but she managed to get a bit of cutting edge tech placed into it as well. Not only is it layered steel, but it also has a monomolecular edge, as well as a plasma edge feature embedded in it. Which means, this katana can cut through most metals. It can't cut through Vibranium though.

Having businesses in three different cities across two countries is no small feat, but Kimiko actually manages it. However, she does manage it with the help of her students, in case Kimiko has to 'disappear' for a while. However, when she's able to resume teaching, she does, and the students welcome her back with open arms.

Jinx has a motorcycle that, despite being G.I. Joe hardware, has become a personal vehicle of Jinx. She calls it her 'Ninja Cycle', considering it looks like a 'Ninja' motorcycle made by Kawasaki Motors. However, there's a lot more than that under the shell of this cycle. First, it's top speed is 300 MPH, and can do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Second, and more importantly, it has hover technology built into it that it can change to when Jinx needs. It's speed is reduced to 120 MPH in that mode, but it can go over any terrain with an operational ceiling of about 1 mile.

When she brings it with her, Jinx has a white bodysuit that has many features. First of all, it has a place on her left forearm for a small, yet advanced, smartphone/computer developed by G.I. Joe as a communication device and hacking tool, as well as a way to gather intel remotely from G.I. Joe's database. It also has networking tools upon the suit's fingertips, so she can see into adjacent rooms to identify and scout targets. It also has a utility belt for carrying quite a few tools with her. Usually shuriken and kunai, some with an explosive addon, or smoke bombs to conceal her attacks. The suit also has claws that are meant for climbing, but are not meant for combat, since the claws are meant for gripping, and Jinx doesn't like to tear flesh.

However, the biggest and most notable feature of this suit is its optical camouflage. When Jinx pulls the visor down on the full face mask, the suit bends light around her, masks her heat signature completely and literally turns her invisible to sight. While light is bending around her, the visor is used to actually allow her to see while it is active. Even laser traps aren't broken by the suit.


Since G.I. Joe is a branch of the US military, Jinx has access to quite a few military secrets. While she is listed as a lieutenant, it's on a special status due to being a member of the G.I. Joe unit as a Counter-Intelligence Agent. She only keeps the rank when she's activated. However, only a few, high ranking military brass knows who Jinx is, and even then, only as 'Agent Jinx'.


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Her life as Kim and Jinx are pretty separate. Her life as Jinx does take a priority though, so when the Joes call on Jinx, Kim has to disappear for a while, perhaps even weeks or months at a time.

Despite all of her training and tech, Kimiko is a normal human being. No special powers. No invulnerability.

While the suit is technologically advanced and made of sturdy fibers and meshes, if the suit is torn or cut, it's Optical Camouflage is rendered completely inert since the circuit weave needs to be completely untouched for it to work.


Jinx is searching for someone named Zartan, the man who killed Hard Master, the leader of the Arashikage Clan. As Hard Master was a relative of hers, she is searching for Zartan to exact her revenge....by making Zartan feel pain for the rest of his life....however long Jinx decides to let him live.


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