Lessons Not Learned

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Lessons Not Learned
Date of Cutscene: 05 April 2019
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Impulse

Bart looks over the stuff laid out on the kitchen bar at his Grandpas apartment going over the checklist of things he decided to 'take with him' today. "Three liter camel pack filled with simple syrup mixed with strawberry chocolate protein powder with 100mg of caffeine per eight ounces and B Complex vitamins. Check.. Two-Thousand count of super long, extra tough Zip-Ties. Check. Gideon, tap into Gotham's PD bands, and any public webcam's that are open to public consumption. I want everything"

Quickly trying something his aunt once told him Grandpa did when she was younger Bart quickly slaps the camel pack onto his back his suit morphing and changing to accommodate the drink, a bandoleer forming for the zip-ties to be stuffed into in an X shape across his chest, he moves to the center of the living room and starts to vibrate agitating the air around him leaving an imprint almost like a hologram in the air.

"Hey Grandpa! Just wanted to let you know not to stay up for me tonight! Getting an early start on my patrolling and superheroing! Left a jug of my super awesome mix in the fridge, it's good cold or hot and just what a growing speedster needs to keep him going!."

With that done Impulse races out the door in a flash of crimson and bronze lightning his jaw set with determination.

"I'm Impulsive you say, Don't know what I'm doing. Don't care if you dress up like a giant vampire bat, I'm gonna help people that need help and I'm gonna do it with the name you gave me. Look out Gotham, Impulse is coming to town!"