Love Conquers All

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Love Conquers All
Date of Cutscene: 07 September 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star Sapphire

Carol Ferris paces in her penthouse suite on the top floor of the new Ferris Aircraft headquarters building, late at night. She can't sleep. She sighs as she opens the safe and pulls out a plain unmarked briefcase, and then takes the ladder up to the roof. Standing on the roof, she opens the briefcase, gazing up at the stars - in the specific direction of one star that has a violet hue to it - she knows where it is by heart. In molded foam is a glowing lantern, in violet, and a simple violet ring with an eight-point star inscribed on it.

"I should've done this a while ago. I could have been more useful during those space fungi. I mean, my planes helped but... Star Sapphire could have helped more." She sighs as she looks at it. "But if I do this, Queen Aga'po will insist that I continue. She wants me to be her heir. And it just feels wonderful. I don't know why I ever stopped - but after what happened with Hal - once I found out who he was... I couldn't have feelings for him. Not after what I did. My heart was too dark." She then slowly slides the ring onto her finger. Nothing happened - it's been a while since she used it and it's completely inert. "But now... I'm over it. I'm ready to open my heart once more."

She then holds her ring to the Lantern. She takes a slow deep breath. "For hearts long lost and full of fright, for those alone in blackest night. Accept our ring and join our fight, love conquers all with violet light!" A bright flare of violet light engulfs her, as her clothing morphs into the relatively skimpy costume of Star Sapphire. Closing the briefcase, she rockets up into the night sky, laughing giddily, and raising her hand, create a large construct in the sky - an eight-point violet star inside a circle. The emblem of the Star Sapphire Corps. "Welcome back, Princess Ferris," comes a heavily-accented voice from her ring.