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Star Sapphire (Scenesys ID: 28)
"Love is beautiful. Love is inspiring. But love is also lethal."

"For hearts long lost and full of fright, for those alone in blackest night. Accept our ring and join our fight. Love conquers all with violet light!"
Full Name: Carol Ferris
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: C.E.O. of Ferris Aircraft
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Ferris Plaza, East End, St. Martin's Island
Education: St. Martin's University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Green Lantern Corps, Violet Lantern Corps, Space-OOC,
Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 26 August 2000 Actor: Blake Lively
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 57 kg (125 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer


Carol Ferris is the second-generation executive of Ferris Aircraft, an aerospace concern with a wide range of products. She values her privacy, but is an aggressive, go-getting, and successful leader in the marketplace, with surprising business acumen for her young age, and well-respected in the field. At least, that's her civilian life. After being chosen by an alien queen, she became the leader of the Star Sapphire Corps, wielding rings fuelled by love. She does her best to keep her civilian identity separate from her new powers, but she means to explore the depths of her power now, and her civilian life may suffer for it.

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A powerful and dangerous-looking, yet still beautiful, woman stands before you. She is glowing with an aura of violet light that seems to be the colour of love itself. She has lustrous black hair that extends down to mid-back. She wears a violet mask that doubles as a tiara, concealing her identity, and showing her blue eyes. An eight-point star is on top of the tiara. Her face is pale and a classic beauty with violet-painted lips.

Her neck is long and slender, bearing a disco-like collar around it in white. Her torso is slender and curvy, for a lot of it is visible. She wears a violet top that covers the sides of her torso, leaving most of the centre bare, and barely manages to cover her ample bosom, while leaving more than half of the feminine curves exposed. Her arms are fully encased in violet sleeves, which turn to gloves. On her right ring finger, a glowing violet ring is visible, bearing an eight-point star icon.

Her waist is slender and her hips flare out in an hourglass shape. Cantered over her lower belly is yet another eight-point star in white. The garment curves down into a bikini cut, covering her groin and backside. Her upper thighs are bare, showing lightly-muscled bare skin before her knee-high violet boots begin, hugging the reset of her legs down to her feet where they have two-inch heels.


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Carol Ferris is the daughter of Carl Ferris, the former C.E.O. of Ferris Aircraft, and his wife Christine. Unfortunately, Carl's partner at Ferris Aircraft was an alcoholic, and his boozing ways were starting to damage the fledgling company. Finally, Carl had to remove his friend from the company. He never recovered from that loss, and Carol learned early the evils of alcohol. She would take that lesson into adulthood as she grew up, fascinated with all things that can fly, and was groomed to take over the company.

Things started going bad for Ferris Airlines when Carl became ill. Finally, he gave control of the company to Carol, and she became acting C.E.O. at age 16. She did her best to manage the company, but many lacked faith in her - for a high schooler was now C.E.O. of a major company.

Her relatively-normal life, though, became bizarre at age 18, when she graduated high school. The Zamarons were an offshoot faction of the Guardians of the Universe, and had been quarrelling with them for millennia. Deciding to test the resolve of the Greens Lantern Corps, especially their champion, they chose a backwater planet (Earth), sensing a few Green Lanterns on it. Queen Aga'po herself went to Earth, found a suitable host, Carol, and implanted a special gem into her body. It took her over, making her into a villain named Star Sapphire after the gem gave her Green Lantern-like powers, but hued violet. Overwhelmed by love and jealousy, she attacked the Green Lantern, compelled by the Zamarons' desires with no control of her actions. He found a way to defeat her and remove the gem. However, Star Sapphire reformed and would attack him again and again. Finally, when the Zamarons realised that this plan was not working (their champion was completely berserk, unable to control herself), and devised a new stratagem. If you can't beat them, join them.

The following year, Queen Aga'po appeared before Carol again, but this time not forcing anything. This time, she offered Carol something new; a way to be the equal of the Green Lantern. The Queen offered Carol command of a new Corps of Lanterns that could wield the violet light, instead of being wielded by it. Carol reluctantly accepted this offer and decided to try to atone for the actions she learned about - the actions that she finally learned she was responsible for.

Distrusted by many on Earth, Star Sapphire still did what she could to sway public opinion. Only the human Green Lanterns of Earth and the Justice League knew her true identity. She used her newfound confidence to build Ferris Air even stronger, to become a force of good for the Earth. She was also chosen as crown princess of Zamaron, to one day rule the Star Sapphires. Lingering distrust of her past finally caused her to put the ring away for a while. To just focus on the part of her life going well - being a CEO.

The new Ferris Aircraft headquarters is complete, a towering building in Metropolis, with a private airport for test flights out in Hell's Gate. Now based in the largest city of the world, she has more ready access to the resoures she needs to have her business prosper. But part of her misses the other half of her life that she has been keeping locked away in a secure vault. Is it time to, once more, take up her ring, and become Star Sapphire once more?


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Carol is gentle, contemplative, flirtatious, and firm. She'd much rather help people than hurt them; she'd prefer to understand than to control. She's aware of the immense responsibility of her mantle and plans to live up to it, even if she doesn't yet know what that means. In the meantime, there's much good she can do on Earth, and you don't get to be a businessperson without being at least a little opportunistic, so she takes the chances that are available to her.


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Crystal Stasis

One unique feature of the Star Sapphire Corps is the ability to encase a person in crystals with the power of love. This 'entombment', if complete, will put the target into a form of suspended animation where the target will have dreams of their loved ones.

Emotional Influence

The violet ring can provide Carol with information on the emotional state of others, as well as allowing her to affect those emotional states. She can use this to cow or encourage the relatively weak-willed, as well as being able to (sort of) sense if someone is lying. Naturally, this does not work on beings that lack emotions, but it does work on beings that simply suppress their emotions.


The power of violet light permits Carol to fly through the air. She can travel at trans-sonic velocities in an atmosphere comparable to Earth's, and can reach space from virtually any world's surface. In space, she can fly at a significant fraction of the speed of light, and the ring can open space-warps allowing for effectively superluminal travel between star systems and other points of interest.

Force Fields

Carol can create violet force fields allowing her to protect herself and others from damage, contusions and injuries with great effectiveness. She is also able to provide life support, allowing for survival in nearly every environment including deep space, although some 'acclimation' is needed. She could make a shallow approach to a star, but a solar prominence would still present a problem.

Matter Control

The violet ring's light can change matter in ways more subtle than blasting it. This is how Carol creates her superhero outfit by altering the composition of her clothing, as well as various manipulations like fixing broken objects... Carol is even capable of passing through some solid objects, although this power is rather risky as it depends on two unknown variables: the object's molecular density and Carol's level of emotional investment. Doors, or better yet open grates, are about as far as she can push it.

Queen Aga'po a.i.

The violet ring bears an artificial intelligence modelled off of Queen Aga'po, a Zamaron Queen, which provides Carol with helpful advice on the correct use of the ring as well as dealing with the manifold threats she encounters. Queen Aga'po also provides "helpful" "advice" on what Carol should do, as well as grooming her for the long term ambition of becoming the Queen of the Zamarons.


The violet ring takes care of its owner. Carol is subtly kept in tip-top physical condition by the influence of the violet ring, as well as healing quickly from moderate physical injuries. They never leave scars, either. She can, with effort, extend this effect to others, although its main utility is either easing minor injuries or stabilizing the severely injured.

Ring Constructs

The violet ring, obedient to Carol's will, can create constructs - emanations of violet-hued light that can form projectiles, rays, structures and many other things. Constructs of violet light are as durable as the power of love in Carol's heart. But they can be damaged and destroyed - though violet constructs when shattered scatter a crystal dust that can disorient her foes.

Star Sapphire Ring

An example of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, the violet power ring which Carol has been "blessed" with can do a great many things. It can affect most of the forces of the universe, such as gravity, E.M. radiation, and other such emanations. It is a telepath, allowing communication with all forms of intelligent life, and many other things besides. The violet power ring draws on the emotional energy of Love in all of its forms. It turns out that love is violet.

The Power of Love

Star Sapphire, highly attuned to the violet light of love, can sense love in all its forms. They can look into the heart of a person and see the love in their heart... or show that person an image of their true love. This true love sight can also help a Star Sapphire to tether herself, and transport to, the location of a friend whose heart is in jeopardy.


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Carol may have inherited a company at a very young age, but she was taught how to run it quite effectively. Carol has turned around Ferris Aircraft into a profitable enterprise again, including several successful aerospace ventures. This extends, if somewhat less specifically, to related endeavours, such as training others and possibly ruling Planet Zamaron some day.


Carol is extremely intelligent, and is thoroughly grounded in multiple fields of reasoning. While she does not crest into the superhuman, nor has she been able to focus on mechanical engineering, she is very good at understanding what other people are doing... especially in the field of business and airplanes.


Carol has flown planes since she was a wee pup or pup-equivalent, and has flown everything Ferris has produced. Other demands on her time have kept her from flying as much as she would like, but she is capable of flying, maintaining, repairing, and otherwise dealing with aircraft of all stripes. She even flew an autogyro once. It gives her a great understanding of aerodynamics and three-dimensional thinking which she has found useful even as Star Sapphire.


Carol is stubborn, determined and strong-willed, which has been a mild negative from the perception of Queen Aga'po. It is this will that has driven her to succeed in business, and it has also let her keep herself together in the face of the overwhelming influence of the Star Sapphire itself. Ironically, Carol would probably make a great Green Lantern.


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Ferris Aircraft

Once a mid-sized aerospace company, after a decline during the transition, and especially during Caorl's surge of confidence due to the violet ring, Carol has expanded Ferris Aircraft into a juggernaut of advanced aviation concepts. Carol is the C.E.O., like her father before her. There have been good times and bad times, but right now, business is good, and Ferris has contracts with other large companies like Kord Industries and Stark Industries, and a contract with the Department of Defence to supply many of the United States Air Force's aerial fleet. A more recent development is the launch of FerrisAir, a commercial airline, a small but growing player in that arena.

Star Sapphire Corps

Carol Ferris is the leader of the Star Sapphire Corps and its most powerful member, being the most attuned to the violet light through the exposure of the Gem before it was splintered into Star Sapphire rings. All Star Sapphires should respect Princess Ferris' authority in the performance of their duty. She has the authority to question and discipline rogue members - or even strip them of their rings. And in an emergency, she can call for help from Zamaron and she would receive answer, in the form of Star Sapphires.


The violet power ring can talk to anything that can talk back. While occasional incidents of the "Rop Lot Fan" problem - discussing concepts that simply can't be translated - arise, Carol can speak to whomever she wants, whenever she wants, at least as long as she has the ring. This extends to written languages, although not codes, which are deliberate obfuscations, or necessarily to full idiomatic understanding.


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Addicted To Love
There are perils on being on the edge of the Emotional Spectrum. The farther one is from the centre of the spectrum, the more one's light can control its wielder rather than the wielder controlling the light. Star has to be very careful to keep in control of herself, for if she lets her heart run wild, she can lose control of herself, and perhaps do things she doesn't mean to - perhaps even kill someone in a jealousy-fuelled rage or destroy something belonging to one who scorned her or one of her friends.
Business Enemies

Carol Ferris' expansion of Ferris Aircraft from a small test-flying company to a global powerhouse hasn't won her many friends. There could easily be several companies in the aerospace sphere that would have resentment towards Carol. Though she conducts her business in an honest manner, not everyone sees it this way and would do their best to denigrate her business acumen.

Darkened Heart

Like all Lanterns, their powers depend on their emotional state sticking true to their signature colour. If a Star Sapphire's heart is darkened, emptied of love - especially if filled with utter rage (the opposite emotion), a Star Sapphire's powers can fail her - or even, in extreme cases, the ring can abandon its wielder to find a more compatible host.

Divided Identity
Carol has many responsibilities as a CEO and as a Star Sapphire. Sometimes, these duties conflict. She's doing her best not to keep them separate but to keep them balanced; to handle both fairly.
Galactic Enemies

The Zamarons' campaign to seek out exciting new ways to force their idea of virtues on the universe have not won them many friends. What's more, even to those who know nothing of Star Sapphire or Zamaron technology, she looks a lot like some kind of Green Lantern.

Ghost In the Ring
Star Sapphire's ring is sentient. The AI in it has its own goals and its own understanding of love, which are sometimes frighteningly alien. The ring can't control Carol, but it can whisper to her, and its influence is already being felt in her approach to love for all beings.
Star Sapphire was not always a paragon of love and virtue. Years ago, she was a young woman implanted with a mysterious gem that had her basically a puppet to Zamaron, doing vile deeds without being able to control herself. She was eventually cured of this possession, but it happened again and again over a four-year period. Even though the Zamarons finally realised that the Gem was uncontrollable and shattered it into making the Star Sapphire Corps, some heroes (on Earth and in the galaxy at large) may be untrusting of wielders of violet light for their villainous past, especially those who were harmed by her when she was out of control. It will take much to re-establish her trust.

Like all power rings, Carol's can't hold an indefinite charge and needs to be recharged periodically (heavy usage would require recharge within 24 hours). Carol recharges her ring in a manner something like that of the Green Lantern Corps. However, the "lantern" is in this case a radiant violet crystal (a shard, actually, of the Star Sapphire Gem that once subjugated Carol) housed in a lantern-like object made to mimic the Green Lanterns' lanterns, and it is an immense energy source - as well as a powerful projector of emotional turmoil. Immediately after recharging, Carol often feels over-energised, full of boundless energy and passion... it is pretty addictive.


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