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D. Kirk Langstrom (Scenesys ID: 7054)
Full Name: Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Biologist
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Gotham University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Batman Family
Other Information
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 2 June 1993 Actor: Michael C. Hall
Height: 183 cm (6') Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs.)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Dark Green
Theme Song: "Ugly" by Six Feet Under


Gotham is no stranger to tragedy and Dr. Langstrom's story fits that narrative well. His life was quite privileged growing up, being born to parents who could help him through college. He fell into a cave filled with bats when he was young but survived the experience unscathed. He met a young Bruce Wayne, another kid his age, and regaled him with the story. But Langstrom was not destined to remain happy, even as he found love and a career in biology, specializing in bats.

After graduating from Gotham University he married Francine Langstrom and began his career trying to use vampire bat DNA to cure deafness and blindness. However the serum he invented backfired after he tested it on himself. He transformed into a bat monster and killed his wife. He took to the night sky and woke up in his laboratory days later, his audio notes replaying over and over, the recorded screams of his wife waking him up. He found her decaying body and lost himself. He made more of the serum, desperate to escape his guilt by becoming the beast forever. Now he remains human only long enough to make more serum or to conduct reluctant business transactions. Gotham's skyline is his only companion now.



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A monstrous bat creature which stands at nearly seven feet tall. He appears to be a cross between man and bat, covered in brown hair and light brown colored leathery skin. His eyes an intimidating blood red in color. Large wings extend from his sides with long, clawed fingered hands visible from the ends of his wings. Two small slits serve as his nose, which rest above a maw filled with long, sharp teeth. Indeed his teeth are designed to rip into skin to get to the blood.

His body appears to be designed to walk on two legs or all four appendages. His feet are also clawed. Long, pointed bat ears extend from the sides of his head, clearly designed to hear well from even far away.


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Dr. Kirk Langstrom was born to relatively well off parents. After all he was acquainted with Bruce Wayne growing up. One of his defining moments in his youth was when he fell into an underground cave and encountered large swarms of bats. He was rescued from his fall unharmed, however he was marked for life by the experience. He became fascinated by bats of all kinds and his interests led him to pursuing a biology degree in college. He met his future wife Francine while he was in college and the two eventually fell in love. He married Francine and began his career as a scientist.

Dr. Langstrom wanted to use vampire bat DNA to cure deafness and blindness even if he could. He was certain that there was a way to splice DNA and create a new life for the impaired. He created a serum that would have, in theory, improved the senses of those who took it. He was so certain that he tested the serum on himself, however the effect was not as he intended it to be. He transformed into a bat monster, killing his wife, and flying off into the night sky. He remained in that form for days, waking up in his laboratory to the sound of his audio voice recorder replaying his notes, in particular the screams of his wife as his claws ripped into her flesh and he drank her blood.

He soon after that found her decaying corpse, the stench and sight of her body driving him mad with grief. He spent hours trying to wake up from what he believed was a nightmare but it was to no avail. This really happened. He couldn't live with himself and decided that he was better off as a beast. So he mass produced the serum, hiding bottles in both his lab and scattered all over Gotham. He spent quite some time doing this, months in fact. Now he only remains in human form long enough to replenish his stock of serum or to conduct inconvenient business transactions of various sorts. His mind has become more bestial over time as his body has adapted to the serum, however he can pretend to be mostly normal when he must. His body has also gotten stronger from the constant activity.

It has only been six months since Francine's death and he had to cover it up by blaming an animal attack on a camping trip. He is determined at this point to spend the rest of his life as a beast, not having the courage to end his life, yet not wanting to face his thoughts. Being Man-Bat is almost like a drug to him now and he can remember his transformations at this point, remaining somewhat in control while transformed, however his human morality disappears altogether.

Now the night sky is his only companion as he runs away from his mistakes.


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Dr. Langstrom retains his intelligence, however he is quite eccentric now, his thoughts more beast than man most of the time, but he can put on a good show if he must fake being sane. He is concerned only with remaining in his Man-Bat form as much as possible, hating the very sight of his human visage. He has lost his sense of humor and all semblance of happiness. Indeed he is still in the process of grieving the death of his wife. He may eventually find a way past this but for now his only concern is his next transformation.


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When transformed into Man-Bat, Dr. Langstrom is far beyond human potential in every way. He has strength sufficient to lift up to ten tons, and is durable enough to survive being shot at multiple times by assault rifles or other powerful firearms. He could even survive being hit by a semi-truck. However he isn't going to survive being blown up, hit by characters like Superman, or being hit by missiles. His durability is far beyond human capacity but he isn't in the upper echelons by any means!

He can fly using his wings, which allow him to move faster than a speeding car. His long claws allow him to easily cut through flesh, wood, and softer metals. He would have to smash through brick or other strong materials as his claws will not pierce them.

His hearing is as potent as a vampire bat's and he possesses enhanced senses of smell and sight. His sense of sight is more so an ability to see in the dark. Indeed when in Man-Bat form his ability to see color is lessened in favor of night vision which can also detect infrared. He can smell as well as a vampire bat, which means that he can track prey by scent, especially if he has wounded them enough to draw blood.

While in his Man-Bat form he can also find his way around via echolocation, which allows him to detect solid objects from a great distance. Since his ability to see color is diminished in this form, this comes in handy as objects can blur together while flying at high speeds, and echolocation allows him to avoid crashing into buildings and the like.


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Dr. Langstrom possesses a basic understanding of hand to hand combat, mostly a recent development for obvious reasons. He relies far more on his powers as Man-Bat however.

Dr. Langstrom knows Gotham like the back of his hand. This comes in handy for hiding serum stashes where no one can find them.

Dr. Langstrom is well learned in biology and chemistry which allowed him to produce the Man-Bat serum in the first place.


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Dr. Langstrom made sure to keep all of his science equipment and keeps it stored in his hideout for whatever uses he finds for it, specifically creating his serum.

Dr. Langstrom is renting a low profile apartment that did not require any background checks. It is here that he creates his serum and sleeps.

He has run off with his research grant money, totaling at around $300,000. For now no one suspects anything but eventually his donors may begin to wonder about the results of his experiments.

Dr. Langstrom has vast caches of his Man-Bat serum spread around Gotham in clever hiding places as well as inside of his lab. Fortunately it has a long shelf life.


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While in Man-Bat form, Dr. Langstrom craves the blood of mammals, including humans. This causes him to attack people.

While transformed, Dr. Langstrom is vulnerable to sensory overload. This pertains especially to his sense of hearing which can be overloaded by certain frequencies and loud noises that can potentially stun him. Strong odors and bright lights will briefly leave him vulnerable as well as he tries to escape the source of his discomfort while disoriented.

The authorities are not aware of what he is yet and he has managed to keep up appearances as far as his research grant donors are concerned, however he is truly alone now, and it is only a matter of time before it is discovered that he has not made any progress in his research, and his funding is pulled. When that happens he will have to fund himself in order to create his serum. For now he is creating as much of it as he can. He was able to blame his wife's death on an animal attack, which was reasonable considering the state of it, especially after he dumped it in the woods outside of Gotham for the authorities to find. Nevertheless this dark secret haunts him and the guilt makes him quite antisocial.


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