Meanwhile Back in Limbo

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Meanwhile Back in Limbo
Date of Cutscene: 02 August 2018
Location: Limbo
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Jennifer Kale


It's not like Jennifer Kale is surprised when the dream comes. Even though she didn't spend a lot of time in that place with Illyana, Limbo isn't the sort of place one visits without consequences. She makes a mental note to run some magical diagnostics in the morning to determine whether this was somehow an Astral projection or only a dream.

She is back in Illyana's castle, looking at Belasco's sword where it rests quietly in its glass case. It's a bit odd, in hindsight. All it took was for Jen to simply *mention* touching the sword and Illyana went off the rails. The demonic transformation was probably an artifact of the locale, and Illyana wouldn't be the first possessed person to try and kill Jennifer.

She's long since stopped taking that kind of shit personally.

There's a tingling sensation as entropic forces try to affect her. To shift her. Change her. Yeah, she's definitely projected Astrally. Dreams don't work that way. Focusing more energy than she would have liked, Jennifer resists the changes. Forces back the budding horns and tail, the initial hardening of skin into scales.

Back to the sword in the case. It's softly glowing now. Yes, Jen has no doubt that Belasco's sword is the key to getting Illyana's soul back. Why else would it provoke such a reaction in the girl? Does Balasco know its importance? Of course he does. Or at least Jen should assume that he does.

More tingling distracts her again, only the effects are stronger this time. She concentrates again, taking about twice as long to fight back the effects. Need to get the hell out of here very soon. Her projection reaches through the glass and into the case, fingers wrapping around the hilt. Jennifer isn't sure what she expects to happen, but the glowing becomes suddenly brighter. Much. Brighter. With that simple touch she establishes a connection with the weapon, and in that instant she knows.

The sword is SO attuned to Belasco that it could destroy him. No wonder Illyana flipped out.

Releasing the hilt, Jen concentrates on the invisible, silver cord connecting her Astral form to her body. Giving a tug, it's a blurred, dizzying journey back to her own room. Back to her body.

With a gasp she sits up, immediately regretting it as the headache rush hits her. Fingers run through damp, blonde locks as she looks around the room. The sheets are soaked with sweat, she's completely naked, and there's a lingering stink of brimstone in the air. She needs coffee. And she knows now that she needs to go back.