Jennifer Kale

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Jennifer Kale (Scenesys ID: 1733)
"Excuse me, there's a dimensional breach. The talking ducks again."
Full Name: Jennifer Kale
Gender: Female
Species: Magician
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student/Sorceress
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Bludhaven
Education: College Student/Sorcery Training
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mystic Arts-OOC, Scooby Gang, Midnight Sons
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 31 October 2005 Actor: Bridgit Mendler
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Devil's Teeth" by Muddy Magnolias


Jennifer Kale is a direct descent of the Atlantean sorceress Zhered-Na. She was raised in a magical tradition and further instructed by the near-immortal sorcerer Dakihm. With her education, her lineage and reading from the Tome of Zhered-Na, Jennifer has become one of the most power mystics on the planet. There's very little that Jennifer can't do except, it seems, get past her freshman year in college.

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This woman stands between five and a half and six feet tall, depending on the shoes. Blonde hair tumbles down her back in long, curly locks and parted down the center. Dark brows arch over big, blue eyes. Her features are exotic, with a Patrician's nose and prominent cheeks that dimple when she smiles. Full lips and a strong jaw also make her lineage difficult to ascertain.

She is slender, with the toned build of a dancer. The blue top has cap sleeves and a plunging neckline that shows a glimpse of cleavage. It's cropped high, tucked just under her bosom to completely bare her midriff. Bell-bottom jeans fit snugly, riding low on her hips. The snap is open to give a glimpse of black cotton in front. Flaring wide, only toes of her black boots peek out when she moves. A green dragon tattoo writhes along her left upper arm, its tail curling just past her elbow. Her only jewelry is a small charm on a thin necklace chain and wide, silver bracelets on each wrist.


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  • In the last days of Atlantis, the sorceress Zhered-Na is given knowledge of all magic and records it in her grimoire. Worried that such magic is too powerful for humans, the gods of the time bind the Hellphyr, a magic eating creature, to the Tome of Zhered-Na. While any of Zhered-Na's descendants can open the Tome, the Hellphyr will attack unless both a child of heaven and a child of hell are also present.

    * Zhered-Na founds a cult to pass on her teachings to. The cult, and her family line, eventually becomes the Kale family. The Kales settle in Citrusville, Florida, on the edge of the swamp that houses the Nexus of All Realities.

    * Jennifer Kale and her brother Andrew, steal a mystic tome from their grandfather, the head of the Cult of Zhered-Na. Jennifer attempts to summon the demon Thog the Nether-Spawn. However, she does not cast the spell correctly and instead summons a minor demon that she cannot control. Jennifer and Andrew are saved from the demon by the Man-Thing, guardian of the Nexus of All Realities.

    * As the weeks go on, Jennifer develops a psychic connection to the Man-Thing. Dakimh, the last surviving member of the original Cult of Zhered-Na, kidnaps Jennifer and the Man-Thing to another dimension and tests them. Finding them worthy, Dakimh sends them back to Earth.

    * The Tome of Zhered-Na goes missing. This leaves the Earth vulnerable to invasion from Thog the Nether-Spawn and his legions. Jennifer works with Dakimh and the Man-Thing to recover the Tome and stop defeat Thog. Dakimh takes Jennifer as his apprentice.

    * Jennifer has a number of other adventures, forming a team of sorts with the Man-Thing and several other mystics. At one point. Dakimh dies but his spirit continues to tutor Jennifer in the mystic arts. She enrolls in college numerous times, having her studies interrupted each time by various supernatural emergencies. During her adventures the Tome is stolen and Hellphyr is released, then defeated again (with the help of others). The Tome of Zhered-Na was then returned to Jennifer, since it belongs to her family.


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Cultist: Let's be clear. Jennifer Kale was raised outside the traditional Judeo-Christian, hetero-normative, two-parent family. She was raised as a member of the Cult of Zhered-Na. She believes in good and evil but her morality isn't perfectly in-line with traditional Western culture. Like Romani and other "outsider" cultures, what some see as a crime, Jennifer sees as just part of the world.

Good Old Girl: Jennifer Kale grew up in the swamps of Florida. While she's been exposed to the world at large she isn't what one would call refined and cultured. She knows how to mind her manners when she wants to but she's much more comfortable speaking her mind. Jennifer's just as happy to run with the guys as go shopping with the girls and her southern charm shows through in her accent, every time she speaks.

Sarcastic: Jennifer tends to speak her mind. In fact, there are times when she could use an internal censor. To others, there are times when she seems dismissive and sharp tongued. She can't help making a pun or letting fly with what she considers a witty comment, especially when stressed.

Sense of Duty: Despite herself, Jennifer has a strong sense of duty. Time and time again she has abandoned her own plans to build a better life in order to help a relative, a friend, or an ally. She has continued her magical studies, even when she wanted to give it all up, because she understands it is both her duty and her destiny to master to magics given to her ancestor, Zhered-Na.

Stubborn: Jennifer tends not to give up. She tends not to do what she's told if she thinks it isn't right. She will happily and willfully stand up to authority if she feels it is the right thing to do. There are, in fact, times when she should back down and won't.


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Master Sorcery:
Jennifer is one of the most powerful mystics on the planet. She has both a large amount of raw power available to her and a great deal of training. She was raised in a magical tradition and further instructed by the near-immortal sorcerer, Dakihm. She has also had time to study the Tome of Zhered-Na. As a result, her mystical ability is great. With time and resources, there is little she can't accomplish. Her magic can be used to open portals, summon and control both energies and entities, shield, ward, and protect, analyze and observe, and more. Specific examples include the following:

FLIGHT: Like many mages, Jennifer has mastered the basics of levitation. She knows several quick, easily castable spells that will lift both herself and others into the air. The spells don't involve a great deal of speed, however, and she can only fly roughly as fast as a bird flies.

MIND CONTROL: Some of the most basic magic Jennifer knows involves befuddling the mind. This power can be represent as simple as mental domination or more complex, such as illusionism. She has skills in both, though she is not an expert in either. As an illusionist, her constructs are believable but often lacking in important details such as scent. As a mentalist, she can basically perform hypnosis spells that remove inhibitions or convince people to do what they might already be inclined to do but not act against their will. (Note: consent is required for use against PC's)

MYSTIC BLAST: After the second time she got kidnapped, Jennifer made sure to memorize a number of offensive spells. They all boil down to a basic ray of magical force. Jennifer's basic mystic blast spell is about as strong as a rifle shot or a sword thrust.

TELEPORT: Jennifer knows a very nice teleport spell that will allow her to travel several hundred miles in the blink of an eye. Not quite enough to go from Florida to New York City in an instant but enough to turn a journey of hours into a journey of minutes.

Supernatural Shielding:

Jennifer has practiced and practiced and practiced her shielding spells so often and well that she can bring them up in a split second with a simple gesture. Her shielding spell is quite strong and provides a great deal of protection, turning away bullets and even blows from super-strong characters such as Spider=Man or Beast. Stronger characters blast directly through the shield, otherwise the limitations are based on her human-level endurance. The shield only works if she is conscious, of course.


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Jennifer Kale is quite the dancer. In fact, that was her major during her longest stint in college. It helps that she grew up running around the swamps of Florida, leaping over downed trees and swinging around in the ones still standing. If she put her mind to it, Jennifer might have a chance at a pro dance career.

Mystic Knowledge:
Jennifer was literally raised in the legacy of magic. A member of the Cult of Zhered-Na from birth, she learned magic at the same time she learned her ABCs. When she was older, she learned from one of the oldest and most powerful mages around, Dakimh. Since then, she has only expanded her knowledge and now it can be confidently said that she knows as much as most master sorcerers. Only the truly learned are her better in this field.

Nature Expert:
Born and raised in the swamps of Florida, Jennifer's learned quite a bit about survival and the outdoors. Her magic studies have helped as well, since many an herb, plant, or animal part has a use in potions and spells of all kinds. There really are magical uses for newt eyes, believe it or not.

Professional Student:
Jennifer has started and re-started college half a dozen times now. Despite being a little older than your average Freshman, she has never gathered enough credits to make it beyond that level of university life. Every time she enrolls, she ends up picking a new major and a new set of classes. Even though she doesn't seem to get a lot of traction, college is a really good source of information.


Jennifer's had a chance to take a psych class or two in college. More importantly, she's studied the magic of the mind. In learning hypnosis spells and illusion spells she has gained a firm understanding of what motivates many people. How desires, wants, hates, and loves shape who we are and view our world. In addition, Jennifer's got a big mouth but under the right circumstances she can be a lot of fun. Something of a party girl, she enjoys a good time and her general joy can infect others. Of course, when it comes to a battle of wits, she's pretty good on her toes and has been known to win an insult contest or two.


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Cult of Zhered-Na:
The Cult of Zhered-Na is one of the oldest mystical teachings on the planet, going back to the time of Atlantis. While the modern-day Cult doesn't have the same global presence that it once did, there are small communities of the faithful in most every major city. Jen can count on them for food and shelter in a pinch.

Day Job:
Okay, so technically it's a night job. Whenever she's hard up for money (which is fairly often), Jen works as an exotic dancer at a place called the Juicy Orange in Citrusville. Her stage name is Witch Woman, and her costume is a metal bikini.

Man-Thing was once a man, but is now a semi-sentient mass of vegetation that is nearly indestructible. Jennifer has a psychic connection to the Man-Thing and can always count on the swamp walker for aid. She communicates with it and in the course of being put into a combat arena for testing, they've established a good rapport. She considers Man-Thing as a companion and treats with it on equal terms. The distance for this communication is limited to a few miles without magical aid, such as spells and a handful of Man-Thing's native swamp mud.

Mystic Community:
Jennifer Kale is a member of Earth's mystic community. She also knows dozens of mystics, either personally or by reputation. Jen has even worked directly with some of them. In addition, she has the sort of pacts with extradimensional entities that are common among mages of high level and can call on them for power or aid if need be.

Tome of Zhered-Na:

Jennifer is the sole heir to one of the oldest mystical traditions on the planet. She is the guardian of the Tome of Zhered-Na and is keeper of the legacy of ancient sorceries. Zhered-Na's disciples transcribed her prophecies into the tome, revealing secrets about two spirit worlds at opposite ends of infinity and many predictions in between.

The tome is protected by an enchantment which only allows one of the Kale lineage to retrieve and use it, and only then if a representative from both divinity and underworld is assisting. The demon Hellphyr is trapped within its pages and will appear if this condition is not met.


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Over the years, Jennifer has made any number of enemies. The list starts with potent demons and moves straight through any number of guys calling themselves Satan. And that's just the ones she's personally ticked off. There's also any number of mystics, demons, and entities who would happily kidnap her, kill her, or worse for her power or because of her connection to the Man-Thing.

Only Human:
Jennifer is a mage of some power, however she is still human. Her power doesn't work well when she's asleep or unconscious or otherwise incapacitated. When she suffers extreme mental stress, she might well shut down and lose access to her powers as well.

Weirdness Magnet:

Jennifer has tried to live a normal life. It just doesn't happen. Something always comes up. When you have as much magical power as Jennifer, weird stuff just continues to happen to you no matter what. Even when she's not involved, chances are she's going to be dragged in by some freak and random occurrence.


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