Mister Kaufman

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Mister Kaufman
Date of Cutscene: 24 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Joker

"Right this way Mister... Kaufman, was it?"

"Yes, Kaufman, that's right. Doctor, the patient? Has he been... okay?"

"Well, your client, he's... a special case, as you know. We rarely get a case quite as... advanced as the Joker, and we've seen quite a few patients. I advise you don't get too close to the glass when you meet with him. We've had some problems in the past. Ah, here we go..."

Both men come to a stop beside a thick metal door, the viewport sporting reinforced plexiglass that hasn't aged well and has turned a sickly yellow, the outer edges smudged and stained into being almost opaque. "Remember, you only have ten minutes, Mister Kaufman," the doctor says, turning to the man in his tweed jacket, "We'll be monitoring the whole time right ove-"

"Hold on, Doctor, This is a privileged meeting. No matter his state of mind, my client has the right to privacy when meeting with his legal representation."

"Yes, yes," the doctor replies, waving off the lawyer with a dismissive hand, "We know the drill. The cameras only record video -- it's a necessary precaution for your safety. He's a dangerous, dangerous man, Mister Kaufman." The lawyer sniffs, shoulders his satchel, and moves to the door, "That remains to be proven in court, Doctor."

As he steps in to the private visitor room, Mister Kaufman blinks with surprise, forcing his eyes to adjust to the suddenly bright light reflecting off all the sterile white tiling, and it's a moment before he even notices the man sitting on the other side of the safety glass, bound in a straightjacket most other institutions had long since abandoned.

"Haw. Haw. Haw. Well... If it isn't my lawyer, 'Mister Kaufman.' You /are/ a sight for sore eyes, aren't you. Have you lost weight? Hitting the gym, eh? And that suit! Really makes your eyes pop. Bet you're a real heartbreaker out on the town, eh, Slugger?" Kaufman blinks at the introduction, looks down at his suit, then up to the green-haired lunatic addressing him with a goofy sort of smile. "You really think so, Mister J?"

"Of course! Mister J would never lie to you, Bugsy. Now come here and take out your notebook. I have some instructions for the boys..."