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Modred (Scenesys ID: 1789)
"You are Human, I can tell."
Full Name: Modred
Gender: Male
Species: Magician
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: Sorcerer
Citizenship: Camelot
Residence: Bludhaven, New Jersey
Education: Apprentice Wizard
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 1446
Date of Birth 1 October 579 Actor:
Height: 180 cm Weight: 79.5 kg
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Magic Man"


An apprentice Magician from Camelot who allowed a demon to take his soul to save his love. Released into the present, he is trying to recover his soul, and NOT to become a monster in the process.



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A tall, lean man of hard but haggard appearance. His hair and eyes are both white, and is clothing and manners centuries out of date.


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After the Romans left Britain, the last Legion to remain helped to stabilize the region, giving birth to the brief age of Camelot. Modred was born in that age, possibly a younger son of a noble. He was found to be magically gifted and was taken as apprentice by the magician Gervasse. He had fallen in love with the Magician's Daughter, Julia, and was set to continue his apprenticeship under Merlin.

Unknown to many, Merlin had been replaced by an imposter. His erratic behavior, however, led many to think Merlin had gone mad. Knowing the land was endangered by Merlin's Madness, Modred sought out the only source of power he knew that could challenge Merlin, the feared book of Black Magic called the Darkhold. Being pure if intent, he was able to pass the barriers defending the book, but touching the book called up The Other, an avatar of Chthon.

The Other offered Modred great power, at the cost of his soul. Modred steadfastly refused until Julia arrived on the scene. When the other threatened Julia, Modred offered his soul for her. Gervasse arrived at that point and bound Modred into suspended animation until he was released into the present time by a pair of archeologists.


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Modred is a creature of contradictions. He is Chivalrous, but merciless, just but uncaring. It is the lack of a soul that leaves him missing many parts of humanity. Only his memories of what it was like when he had a soul and his dedication to the code of Chivalry stand between him and the temptations that Chthon sets before him. His single greatest desire is to get his soul back, while not becoming a monster in the process. The problem is, without a soul, it is not easy to judge what is monstrous...


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Possibly due to being linked to a powerful demon, Modred can absorb magical fire, using it to briefly increase his abilities. He can not increase his abilities by absorbing fires he himself creates or non-magical fires.

Ley Lines are lines of mystical energy, rather like magic rivers that flow across the world. Many of them were detected by magicians in ancient times and marked with monuments. Being within one mile a ley line grants a magician who knows how to use them a number of powers. First the Ley Line can increase their powers, letting them increase the force of their magical abilities...the amount of increase depends on how close to the line they are, if they are a mile away the increase is about 50, if they are within 100 feet of the line their power is doubled. Under certain condition, like at Midnight, the power of the line flares and the available magic goes from double to triple. Celestial phenomena, like eclipses and solstices, can increase the available energy even further. The length of a ley line can vary: some are "cold spots" only a few feet long, while others can be hundreds of likes in length. In addition to the increased magical energy, if within 100 feet of the line, Modred can use ley line magic in a number of ways. He is capable of levitating at ten times his normal speed. Can look at events at distant locations that are on the same line. Can teleport from any point on the line to any other point on the line. Can send messages to anyone who is also along the line (note though: any magician or telepath along the line will hear these messages, as well as the intended recipient). He can also increase his healing rate by letting the ley line energy run through him and refresh him. He can automatically sense when a Ley Line is near if it is within line of sight (if he is inside a building, he could not sense a ley line passing a mile away outside the building...but could sense one within 100 feet). While the ley line effects like teleportation can travel to any point along the line, it can ONLY be used to travel to points along the line or within 100 feet of the line. Ley Lines meet and cross at locations called Nexus Points (the Nexus of All Worlds is the most powerful Ley Line Nexus on the Planet). While at a Nexus, Modred can draw upon any one of the lines that meet there, but at double the normal range.

While not immune to magic, Modred is resistant to it. Many spells have less effect on him than usual, which greatly aids him in a magical battle.

Modred is well educated in Personal Magic, he can use it to do many feats without drawing on outside sources. He can read minds, hypnotize people, create realistic illusions, multiply his strength tenfold, sense the presence of magic, defend his mind against mental attacks, and project his astral self from his body. He can also do minor tricks like picking up small objects at a distance or lighting a fire with the snap of his fingers or cleaning his clothing by running his hands over it. In general, he can only detect things within his clear range of sight (roughly 100 feet) and can only influence those at a similar range...however the range is centered on his astral body when astrally projecting. His range of detection is much greater with regards to things involving England, things of an Elemental nature, and things involving the Darkhold (for example, if someone used the Darkhold to cast a spell to sink England under the sea, he might detect it all the way from New York).

When he accepted the power of Chthon, no matter how noble his reasons the demon altered him to a more useful servant. His strength is at Peak human levels (roughly 800 pounds normally) and his endurance is even greater than human. His body heals rapidly and completely, on the average he seems to heal as much in an hour as a normal person would in a day (and can do far more if he uses magic to heal himself, including regenerating lost limbs and organs). He is not immune to injury, though he is tough, he was able to keep fighting after being shot in the shoulder for example.

When he is drawing on the powers of the world around him, Modred is quite potent. In most locations, he is able to create bolts of magic as potent as a tank shell and shields of magic able to withstand similarly powerful attacks. He can create mystical bonds strong enough to hold someone that can lift 50 tons. He can fly, though his speed tends to be limited to about 30 mph unless he is travelling along ley lines (where he can travel at ten times the rate). Beyond this, he has great mystical affinity for the elements, he can create whirlwinds of hurricane force wind, create walls, pits, or bridges of earth, can create or calm waves, can cause or end storms, and can create or extinguish raging infernos. There are limits to this power, many of these limits being based on his endurance (which is why he can accomplish so much more now than when he was a simple Apprentice Magician). In general, he can only effect things within line of sight (which means less than 3 miles on a fairly smooth surface), he could effect storms farther away than he could create whirlwinds, for example, because clouds tend to be well above the surface of the earth and can be seen further away. Still, he can often hold his own in a magical battle using just his Universal Magic. (See Also: Ley Lines)


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Modred lived his youth in the sixth century, and spent his time when not studying do things minor noble boys did back hunting, riding horses, fixing his clothes, and practicing with weapons. He knows how to follow a trail, how to build a shelter out of brush to survive a blizzard, how to slaughter and cook an animal, how to ride a horse and even fight from horseback, and how to use a bow or sling. He is not an expert, but has the basic skills to live off the land or run a small keep.

While not a Knight, Modred knows the basics of most weapons common to his time.

Having lived through it, Modred knows a lot about Camelot and Arthur...though only up to the point he was imprisoned.

Apprentice Mages have limited access to magic, so they learn ways to make the most of what they have by recognizing the properties of materials and enhancing them with magic. Things like healing balms or alchemist's fire or sovereign glue can be made with minimal magic. Additionally, Potions and Fetishes can be created to hold a magical effect and release it if Modred needed to give a spell to someone else to use when he is not present he would need to gather ingredients and craft a potion then place the spell into the potion, and it would need to be an appropriate spell for the potion, and it would only work once. Amulets are similar to potions, but the spell can be renewed (it still only works once each time the spell is cast, but the fetish can be used over again if it is intact). Because of the training, Modred can recognize most common plants, animals and Minerals found in England in the Sixth century (and thus can live off the land quite well).

Modred knows a lot about magic and the occult, particularly almost everything there is to know about Chthon and his minions. Some of is other knowledge might be a bit out of date.


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This armor provides some defense against swords, knives, and bows. It is not built to withstand ballistic attacks, so bullets go through it. It is flexible, so it is not much use against blunt attacks.

The Darkhold is one of the mightiest tomes of Dark Magic, penned in Ancient Days by the Elder Goth Chthon. Whatever Dimensional Magic Modred might have learned before is probably entirely lost to him. The dark magic of Chthon, along with a few spells from those demons he has occasionally associated with, are all that remains to him. With this magic, he can create or destroy Vampires and Werewolves, traverse worlds, summon demonic aid, and perform similar dark feats. The Darkhold is a vast, but corrupting, source of power. Using it makes Modred one of the ten most potent Sorcerers on the planet, at a terrible price. As such, when he is not under the influence of Chthon, he will avoid using these spells. <<Warning, this magic may only be used with clearance from staff. It is very powerful and should be kept for approved plot use.>>


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Modred's greatest weakness is the Old God (now degenerated into demon lord) Chthon. Chthon tempts Modred to use the powers of the Darkhold, and to perform horrid feats in the hopes of recovering his soul. If he uses the Darkhold, the demon gains greater control over him, making acts of great evil increasingly likely.

Modred's magic is primarily focused through incantations and Gestures. If he can not speak or move, he us pretty much powerless. In specific, his spells should be spoke in rhyme if possible. Spells of the Darkhold are spoken in an ancient tongue forgotten by modern man (but somehow the words are known when needed).

Modred lacks a soul, this makes others instinctively distrust him (though some who are distrusted themselves ignore this). He can not be influenced by kindness, compassion, mercy, or other "soft" traits. He does, however, remember having a soul and wants it back. He often tries to act like he thinks he would act if he had a soul, even if he no longer knows why to act that way.

Modred is from the sixth century, he does not understand technology or nearly anything about modern life. He is going to find many thing confusing.


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