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More from Mutant Town
Date of Cutscene: 01 December 2017
Location: Mutant Town, New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Talia al Ghul

In the wake of the violent, anti-mutant protests in Mutant Town, groups of teenagers are seen passing out cards to any and all who will accept them. The cards promise safety and shelter, comfort and a hot meal to any mutants seeking relief from oppression.

It's early afternoon and one of the teens finishes giving out his cards, returning to a cafe for more. A man sits drinking coffee and hands the teen another box along with a hundred dollar bill. When the teen leaves he dials a long-distance number on his phone.

Half a world away, the red light of the sunset is dim as evening settles over the mountain retreat. A lone figure stands in the ruined upper battlements of a castle, watching as sunset fades and the stars come out. She reaches into the folds of her white robes to answer her phone.


"The seeds are sown."

"Good. I will be on a plane in the morning."

"Shall I send a car?"

"No. It will be better if I drive myself."

"Very good."

Ending the call, Talia al Ghul slips the phone back and smiles as the constellations fade into view above. "I have so missed New York."