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Talia al Ghul (Scenesys ID: 958)
"The day I took my first step, my father did not smile. He did not congratulate me. He did not take a picture and tell me how proud he was. No. When he saw me walk, my father gave me a sword. 'Fight,' he said. 'Or die.'"
Full Name: Talia al Ghul
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Assassin
Citizenship: None
Residence: Mobile
Education: Private Tutors
Status: Dropped
Groups: Gotham-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Batman Family, Hench, Light
Other Information
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 31 October 1994 Actor: TBD
Height: 173cm (5'8") Weight: 54 kg (119 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Talia al Ghul is as deadly as she is attractive. A child born to the immortal assassin and scholar, Ra's al Ghul, her life was destined for great things. Her youth was spent traveling with her father, learning both scholarly pursuits, and martial skills from her father as she was groomed as a potential successor to his League of Assassins. As she blossomed into adulthood she came into her own, a master assassin, skilled scholar, and excellent businesswoman.

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Talia al Ghul appears to be in her mid-twenties. She is beautiful by most standards, with long, untamed dark hair cascading over the dusky skin of her shoulders. Lumnious brown eyes are rimmed with soft lashes. Her features are an indeterminate mix of Asian and Middle Eastern lending her an exotic beauty. On the taller end of the spectrum, she stands 5'8" in height. Particularly lithe, Talia has perfect athletic tone supplemented by generous and gently-sculpted curves.

She currently wears a white poet's shirt made of thin silk, with a large collar, a plunging v neckline, and baggy sleeves that gather about the wrist. A snug pair of black pants covers her legs, with a utility belt about her waist, and a pair of sleek black boots.


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History 1:
As the daughter of one of the most Infamous men alive, Talia al Ghul had quite the childhood set before her. Her father was one Ra's al Ghul, an Immortal assassin, mystic, and scholar, running a secretive organization of assassins bent on changing the world. Her mother, Melisande, met Ra's at a rock concert in the 80s. Ra's claimed the baby soon after her birth, leaving Talia's mother still unknown to her to this day.

Talia's father steadfastly pursues his goal of unshackling morose mechanisms of society and clearing the way for those with more potential. He is an Ozymandias type figure obsessed with his legacy. So Talia's ensuing childhood had one real purpose, to prepare her first for a place at her father's side. And later for a place at the side of whomever Ra's chose as a successor.

Her youth was spent amongst a who's who of terrorists and assassins, traveling along with her father across the globe. Never having known her mother, instead raised by her father and a collection of tutors and lackeys of her father. Her upbringing was a carefully designed curriculum to develop the skills and traits her father wished to nurture in her, from the daily regimen of intense physical exercise, coupled with combat and stealth techniques. An in-depth education in the sciences and scholarly pursuits included a degree from the University of Cairo where Talia focused on chemistry and pre-med.

History 2:

As she moved into adulthood, Talia became more active in the family business, the League of Assassins, rising to become one of her father's chief lieutenants. Her activities got her involved in worldwide crime from Gotham to the Far East and everywhere in between. She met some of the various vigilantes of the world, but always kept as low a profile as she could.

Her familiarity with the world's most famous vigilante, however, had formed earlier. One of her father's students, Bruce Wayne was a young man with an astounding mix of potential and upbringing who quickly caught the eye of her father in his endless search for a successor. Talia was a tool for her father's pursuits. The young woman who had been groomed for the eventual successor of Ra's was pushed towards Bruce. Her admiration was quickly won, and grew. But Bruce ultimately rejected the warlord's philosophy, and an attempt to use Talia as leverage backfired and Bruce left.

Ra's kept the more damaging details of Bruce's departure concealed from Talia lest it cause a crack in her loyalty. The daughter was left hurt and bitter as she took the rejection personally. Worse, Bruce left before finding out he'd left Talia with child. A son that would grow up in the League of Assassins under the name Damian Wayne. Talia's feelings towards Bruce have since gone up and down through more encounters with him, at one point even using a Lazarus Pit to help one of Bruce's loved ones regain their soul after being resurrected.

Life continued for Talia. The heartache she'd suffered turned into rededicating herself to her father's mission. During this period of her life Talia met an unfortunate end at the hands of an enemy of her father's, identity still unknown. She was taken by her father to one of the Lazarus Pits and granted the gift of resurrection, an affirmation of her place at her father's side. After re-emerging, Talia continued on to organize and run Leviathan, a global organization that furthers Ra's vision largely by engaging in anti-capitalist activities.


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Talia is a largely a creature of her father's design, she displays loyalty to him before everything, and while she may not always see eye to eye, or obey the letter of his commands, she will not hesitate to defend him, even unto death, should the need arise. She is also a natural manipulator, always looking for ways to guide a situation to her benefit, whether it is a business dealing, or a command from her father, though she will stop short of outright defiance when it relates to the latter.

Despite the ruthless nature of her upbringing, she is not however emotionally dead, showing concern, and compassion on occasion. The emotional experiences that had the chance to be the most positive, a relationship with Bruce Wayne and the raising of his son, Damian, were instead negatively affected by adherence to her father's goals. Though she still retains from those situations seeds that could yet find growth, Talia's emotions are often tinted through a view of what might be favorable to her. She would manipulate a loved one if it was crucial to her agenda, and likewise allow foes of her father to escape if she has some genuine compassion or sympathy.


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Lazarus Resurrection:

Talia has been resurrected at least once by the power of a Lazarus Pit, this has bestowed many things upon her, though the extent of these powers is limited, based on how few times she has been revived through the pit. Her physical abilities have been enhanced to a peak level of physical ability for a human, on par with the elite human heroes like Batman. The Pit has also given her an extended lifespan, and rejuvenated youthfulness, the extent of her longevity has yet to be tested, given her age.


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Business Management:
Ra's has had centuries to master everything from haggling and merchant dealings, to handling corporate boardrooms. Talia has been taught many of these skills and had a chance to apply them as she has run Leviathan and taken a hand in leading the League of Assassins.

One of Talia's greatest strengths is her beauty and charm, a weapon she wields with the same effectiveness as her sword, perhaps even greater. She knows how to insinuate herself into someone's life, find what they want and give it to them. She is an excellent negotiator, and capable of seducing some of the most stoic men. Equal to her charm, is her power of deception, able to build elaborate lies, and convince people that they are the truth.

Genius Intellect:
Talia is a genius, between the fine genetics her father has passed on, and the superb, if not cruel education she received as a youth. She was highly educated in the Arts and Sciences, with the equivalent knowledge of somebody holding advanced degrees in biology, engineering, and business, as well as history and some of the occult teachings passed on by her father. She has also become conversational or fluent in many languages across the globe, able to communicate at high levels in most places she might find herself.

Her martial training doesn't end with the traditional Martial Arts, for Talia is a deadly marksman as well, trained by the finest of the League of Assassins in both firearms, and thrown weapons. She favors, archery most of all, a world class talent with bows and crossbows.

Martial Arts:
Talia al Ghul has been tutored in the same martial arts techniques as her father, a unique blend of styles and techniques that were learned, forged, and honed over his centuries of life. Her level of competency is quite advanced, having learned these techniques since she was a young child, giving her nearly two decades of practice with a variety of weapons and tools, including swords, staves, and daggers, and any number of more exotic martial arts weapons, combined with brutal and efficient martial arts techniques, grapples, and pressure strikes. This unique fighting style is extremely effective, and can be quite deadly if the intention is to kill, and can be quite difficult to counter or anticipate for those not familiar with the unique blend of martial arts her father has created.

Master Assassin:
Talia possesses the skills of a Master Assassin, from the raw athletic and acrobatic talents required to execute her plans, and she knows how to employ a variety of assassination tools from poisons, explosives, and traps. She has the knowledge to expertly plan infiltrations, minimize exposure, exploit or bypass security systems, and leave little to no evidence of her presence. The application of the skills is not limited to just assassinations, and have great value when used in thefts or schemes.

Mystic Lore:
Over his long life, Talia's father has accumulated a great deal of mystic lore regarding magic, spirits, preternatural beings and even the nature of life and death. Only small amounts of this knowledge have so far made their way to Talia. But she does have a better understanding of such matters than a normal person, particularly in areas likely to impact the League of Assassins.


Talia has learned much from her father when it comes to asymmetric warfare, and could very easily and comfortable run a guerilla insurgency against a superior force numerically and technologically, employing espionage, partisans, terror and assassination, amongst many other techniques. Her knowledge isn't limited to just the execution of these style of campaigns, she understands the logistic requirements, the financing of these campaigns, and the organization of fighters and cells in an efficient manner.


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Lazarus Pits:
Talia al Ghul is familiar with the Lazarus Pits her father discovered, and knows how to tap into the regenerative and restorative powers that these pits hold, able to heal or resurrect individuals. She knows the location of several of the Lazarus Pits her father has discovered, a level of trust that has been bestowed upon her, albeit out of selfish reasons.

The means by which Talia al Ghul would make her own legacy, Leviathan is a shadowy organization founded by the Demon's Daughter. Where it was once a nascent thing, time and dedication have seen it grow into a truly great beast deserving of its name. For obvious reasons, Leviathan has extensive connections with the League of Assassins and has even absorbed several key members into its command structure, and holds a number of connections to various criminal and spy organizations besides, including several training institutions such as St. Hadrian's Finishing School. Leviathan commands significant power and influence -- and most of that power and influence is dedicated towards Talia's more anti-capitalist agendas.

The League of Assassins:
As the Demon's Daughter, Talia al Ghul is the second in command of this clandestine organization of Hitmen, mercenaries, and scientists. Her influence in the organization runs deep, both her natural leadership, and the fear of her father give her great latitude to make use of the assets of the League so long as they don't directly contradict her father.

Ubu is the right hand of the al Ghul family, and their foremost bodyguard. "Ubu" is not a person, however, but a title -- one that has belonged to a long line of men specifically trained and cultivated, representing the most loyal and fanatic of the Demon's servants. Many have borne the title; more than one has been under Talia's direct service, and she can depend on them for practically any she may require of them.


The foundation of Talia's wealth is built upon the treasure her father has accumulated over his centuries of life, allowing her to live quite extravagantly when she needs to. This wealth however is not always easily accessible, or often able to be liquidated at a moment's notice as some of it relies on influence, connections, or rare treasures and art.


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Taught by the best tutors and molded by elite fighters into one of the best female assassins in the world, Talia has a confidence in her abilities which can cause her to underestimate her adversaries. As an excellent strategist, this failing is lessened when she has time to plan, but is at its worst when she has not had time to think a matter through clearly.

Talia's role as a chief lieutenant within the League of Assassins puts a target on her head, many vigilantes would want to take her down, and she is surely a person of interest to the more powerful governmental agencies. Her father paints a large target on her as well, his enemies could use her as a means to get to him.

Risk of Darkness:
The Lazarus Pit, while capable of miraculous healing, is also imperfect. It may have contributed to the mental state of Ra's over the centuries, and can leave some amount of inner darkness within a person. Talia was resurrected in a Lazarus Pit on at least one occassion. Though there has not yet been much revelation of such an effect on her, it may be there inside, waiting for the right trigger. Further use of the Pits may worsen the situation.

Risk of Ra's:
Though occasionally deviating from her father's wishes, Talia has remained loyal to her father throughout her life so far. She believes in his cause, but over time has encountered situations that test her loyalty. In particular, her infatuation with Bruce Wayne and the ongoing situation with her son, Damian Wayne, may test her. Ra's al Ghul casts off things he no longer requires, even family members and pupils. She runs the risk of incurring his emnity should her loyalty ever become too strained.

The Waynes:

Talia's feelings about Bruce Wayne have been both strong and varied over time. In addition to potentially causing complications with her father, depending on her current emotional state towards Bruce he could be used as leverage against Talia. There is also their son. Damian Wayne may have seen his childhood more as a tool being forged than as a mother loving her son. And he would not be completely wrong to think that. With additional age, Talia may regret her choices, and her maternal feelings for Damian could make him a weakness that can be used against her.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Farewells, And Soup October 31st, 2019 Talia is leaving Gotham ahead of her Leviathan enemies, and says goodbye to Damian
Vampires, Lycans and Demons, Oh My! October 17th, 2019 Talia assists Selene in pursuing Lycans, Wutan and Raze, spotted in Gotham.
Knightfall: Their Worst Fears October 11th, 2019 Barbara tells Talia Bruce's condition. Carrie and Damian work with the doctor to try to save Bruce.
Knightfall: You Seem So Serious Bruce. Serious Even For You October 5th, 2019 Bruce reveals to Talia what he has been obsessing over. Talia offers to help fill the void in Gotham.
Breakfast, Bat-style September 22nd, 2019 Talia and Carrie finally speak, over breakfast.
A Day in the Life of Bruce Wayne September 15th, 2019 Zachary comes to Wayne Manor to experience 'A Day in the Life of Bruce Wayne'
Hunted Demon: The Sins Of The Mother September 14th, 2019 Damian and Tim are assaulted by members of Leviathan hunting for Talia. Damian ends with an arrow to pick from his body, and a bone to pick with his mother.
Robin Hood or William Tell. Apple Anyone August 31st, 2019 Bruce talks to Talia while she takes archery practice
Explanations are Due August 20th, 2019 Carrie, Tim and Damian follow up on the situation from the charity event. Talia makes her son's favorite meal
Spider-Man: Homecoming... wait make that Robin: Homecoming August 15th, 2019 Damian finds out his mother is in Gotham, and staying with Bruce. No blood was shed in the family reunion.
Bat With A Broken Wing August 11th, 2019 Bruce returns from fighting Bane and has his wounds tended to by Talia and Alfred.
Bruce's Houseguest August 10th, 2019 Barbara Gordon sizes up Talia al Ghul, and gets information to begin tracking her attackers. The fireplace poker was not needed.
Nanda Parbat: Demon and Bat August 3rd, 2019 Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul flash back to their past in Nanda Parbat. A hatred that turned into something else.
The Tale Of The Hunted August 2nd, 2019 Bruce finds out Talia is being hunted by former associates set on seizing power. Whether she will accept his protection is up in the air
Daughter Of The Demon July 26th, 2019 Batman saves an unknown bowman from attackers and a potentially fatal fall, only to find it is someone from his past: Talia al Ghul
Council of the Light July 15th, 2018 The Inner Circle of the Light meets in Council for the first time. Agendas are discussed. A charter is ratified, making the Light official.
A Night of Bad Decisions May 12th, 2018 Summary needed
Returning to the Old Ways May 9th, 2018 Talia calls on Jason to visit the All-Caste
Dinner Interrupted April 17th, 2018 Jason has to cancel dinner with Talia to deal with some business - Talia decides to drop in.
Ghosts April 11th, 2018 Talia stops in to see Dan; gives him instructions.
Images from the Past April 8th, 2018 Talia arranges to meet Jason and offers a deal.
Old Memories March 10th, 2018 Damian meets his mother, who he thought was dead.
The Man of Tomorrow and the Demons Daughter February 20th, 2018 Talia joins The Light
Just Between Us Girls February 15th, 2018 Summary needed
Hiring Staff January 26th, 2018 In which Mr. Weston is recruited.
The Kolkata Kitty Caper January 4th, 2018 Summary needed
Who Is Hunter, Who is Prey December 8th, 2017 Riddles wrapped in mysteries tied up in enigmas
The First Move December 2nd, 2017 Summary needed
Returning to the League September 7th, 2017 Summary needed
Rock Em Sock Em Target Time August 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Music and Machinations August 28th, 2017 Talia meets with Catwoman to gauge her interest in a job.
One Night in Madripoor August 13th, 2017 Summary needed
Fated meeting from the past. July 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Freakin Ninjas July 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Leviathan: End Game July 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Leviathan: Counterattack June 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
Leviathan: A Helping Hand June 15th, 2017 Summary needed
Leviathan Rises June 11th, 2017 Summary needed
An the Way to Culture June 9th, 2017 In which the Museum of Natural History draws all manner of people.
Interrogatus Interruptus June 5th, 2017 Jessica Jones tries to interrogate one of the participants in the latest streetfight, but has an encounter with Talia al'Ghul instead.


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Title Date Scene Summary
According To Plan July 21st, 2019 A hunted figure tries to sneak past pursuers
More from Mutant Town December 1st, 2017 Summary needed
Somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains November 21st, 2017 Summary needed


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