Of Good and Evil

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Of Good and Evil
Date of Cutscene: 26 January 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Redstar

Satannish had crushed the mind and soul known as Vicky until she was small, tiny, and weak. Mental shackles bound her to Starr's whims. Yet despite that she struggled, stubborn, whispering to the one person who had always been with her. ~They don't care about you.~

Starr blinked as she lays sprawled on a chaise, in a protected penthouse, somewhere in New York. The other sins, all but Wrath, lazed about them. Even Sloth had returned from Hell irritated and shooting dagger-eyes at Starr. The former seven were her handmaidens, but that didn't mean they liked each other. Or cared.

Black and flaming her eyes lifted to look from face to face of the demons, possessing their chosen girls, and enjoying Earth and all it had to offer.

(Demons don't care. We obey...) O o Starr thought, finding it hollow even to herself. It made her scowl as she scanned the group. And the six quieted, noticing.

"What?!" Sloth snapped at her first, sneering slightly.

Starr let a slow and cruel smile spread across her face, showing off white and sharp teeth, though it never reached her eyes. "I am just wondering which of you will betray me first," She said coolly. It was inevitable one of them would, it was the way of things, always scrabbling for power.

There was a pause and then the group broke into cruel laughter. The comment was enough to release the tension and turn them all back to their own individual projects. Gluttony was devouring somebody, Pride draped herself in a chair watching the news, while Envy had books piled about her. Greed was sorting through a bag of diamonds, Sloth lounged in the double-wide recliner, and Lust sulked. The last had just returned to them after an apparent exorcism and she did NOT want to talk about it.

~You're practical. There are too many heroes. The plan will never work anyway,~ Vicky's voice echoed whisper-like in her mind. ~You always looked out for yourself first. What has changed?~

Nothing and Starr's eyes blazed slightly as a plan, an idea, a betrayal began to form. None of these would have a chance to betray her, for she would betray them all first. And hopefully get them sent back to Hell, along with her father. Another smile spread across her face. There was nothing better than ruining your father's careful plans, especially for an angry teenager.