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Vicky (Scenesys ID: 1618)
"The world is much darker than I ever imagined..." Vicky
"When the angel's away, the devil comes to play." Starr
Full Name: Victoria Jones
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Runaway
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Varied
Education: High School
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 29 February 2008 Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
Height: 6'3" Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Vicky - Blue, Starr - Red
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Vicky has a complicated past that goes back before her birth. With a demonic heritage and two souls in one body, there is constant struggle for supremecy. After escaping the institution her parents put her in she fled to New York City and is now one of many teen runaways in the city.



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Victoria is a tall young woman in her late teens. And by tall she is easily talled than most men standing over six feet. She has an hourglass figure whether she wants it or not, and the way she slumps she probably doesn't. Eyes the color of ice stare out from bangs and locks of hair that fall across her face. Her auburn red hair falls to midback and looks to need a wash. That said she looks a little dirty and grimmy all over.

She would just be another teenage runaway if not for the wings that sprout from her back. They are darkly colored in reddish tinted flesh and resemble what many artists have deemed dragon wings. The sail membranes are leathery and light can be seen through them making them glow like fire. The finger spars end in sharp points that have a deadly sharpness to their look. At the bridge of the spras are two black bony spikes that match the tips of her wings. These wings are not hideable as even folded they either drag on the ground or tower over her by a foot and a half. The size is probably necessary to be able to carry her.

All of her shirts have been cut so that their backs are wide open, allowing room for her wings. An old long sleeve blue shirt has been rigged with a snap at the neck so that the shirt doesn't keep falling off. She wears holey jeans and simple hiking boots. She would look like a normal teenage...but...


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Her story begins before birth. Her parents were followers of a cult that worshipped a 'demon'. They actually had a small amount of real magic among them and were able to make contact. Plots and deals for power were made and Vicky was conceived in a dark ritual. One that tied the soul of a child of the demon, Starr, intrinsically with the child. The plan was that another ritual would be done once the babe was born that would awake the demon soul slumbering inside which would devour the soul ever human is born with and take its place.

Instead her mother was killed as the result of a car accident while driving to the site where the ritual and birth would happen. She survived to the hospital and perished minutes after Victoria was born via cesarean section. Her mother never saw her and she never knew her. No one came forward to claim the baby and authorities were unable to track down any record or relatives. She went into the foster system and was quickly adopted by her childless foster parents.

She was raised in Statford, Connecticut. Her parents were well off and saw she was well educated in private schools. Starr remained dormant until Vicky's own self awareness really began to cement as a child, around the age of four. For a couple of years she was too disoriented to do anything but whisper in dreams. By the time Vicky was entering the 5th grade Starr was starting to cause problems. Whispering encouragement to do the wrong thing, making her doubt herself, and otherwise causing no end of distraction and upset.

She was a good person, Vicky. And she fought it until she couldn't stand it anymore and everyone could tell she was distracted. Her grades fell, she withdrew, and was quickly diagnosed with depression. Soon schizophrenia was added when she mentioned the voice. They tried to insist the meds would help, but they never did. When she told them they would switch drugs. All they did was make her sleepy or hyper, but they never shut Starr up. Soon Private school wasn't an option and she had to have private tutoring at home. She would argue with Starr, tell her to be quiet, and soon even her parents had enough.

The day they were taking her to an institution was the day her powers, and Starr, awoke. The car crashed and her folks were hurt. Starr had taken control for the first time and was clumsy, awkward, and slow. She tried to escape, but was quickly apprehended by authorities. She was affixed with a control collar and sent to a mental institution specifically for mutants. It was also a place for illegal testing on mutants for the company that ultimately owned the institution. Vicky and Starr never knew this part, of course, being only a patient.

The days after her awakening were full of pain and endless hunger as the wings burst, quite literally, from small lumps on her back. In those first few weeks the mental battle that waged left her often in catatonic like states. Vicky finally understood that her 'voice' was way more than that. Starr was furious at being caged physically as well as, sometimes, mentally. So Vicky was often treated as violent, even though it was Starr who was the violent one. Due to her schizophrenic background the staff didn't buy it and to subdue her pumped her full of sedatives. It allowed for Vicky to stay, mostly, in control.

Her parents had some sway, and money, and while they wanted nothing more to do with her they didn't want her to suffer. They saw that her education was continued as it could be inside. On her birthday and Christmas they sent gifts, mostly stuffed animals, and cards. Vicky was depressed and sedated and her will was constantly sapped in her battles with Starr. So the urge and effort to escape only surged when she and the drugs faltered and Starr forced through.

It would be just after her seventeenth birthday that the fire happened. Many of the inmates escaped or were set free by the terrorist group that had attacked the place. Vicky and Starr had been locked in another mental battle as the fire rages around them. Finally Starr won out with, for once, reason. Starr didn't ask why they were freeing people when a suited and masked terrorist approached her with the collar key. And as soon as it was broken she put her heat to melting the lock around her wings. Then freedom.

It has been a little while since the escape and in that time she has fled south to New York City and Central Park. Vicky remembered visits and only through grudging cease fire have they managed to avoid recapture and survive as a likely wanted runaway on the city streets. Vicky wants to find one of the mutant groups for help, while Starr rebels against the very idea claiming good folk will only see them locked up again. And so slowly they're contention begins again.


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Vicky: If anyone would be considered the primary soul of their shared body it would be Vicky. She has experienced life as the one in sole control. Despite this Starr has always been there, a dark voice urging her to violence and wickedness or just outright causing her headaches and distractions. No one believed her and the medication for schizophrenia and depression and ADHD did nothing didn't fix it. It has caused her to be withdrawn about her problems and unsure of herself. Despite this she knows she will always fight to do the right thing, if only to go against Starr and her constant badgering and dark comments. Vicky is a light of hope despite this. Caring and deeply nurturing. In a lot of ways very maternal though she is young. She cares and she hopes and she does what she can to fight the darkness inside.

Starr: She is a demonic essence crafted into a human soul. For most of their life she has been trapped and unable to do anything but watch as life played out. She could make herself heard and often did causing no end of misery for Vicky. Torment became her only form of enjoyment in life. Starr is cruel and vindictive. Prone to sudden fury just as much as drastic hurt. A life bound behind someone elses eyes has not prepared her for the intensity of feelings. Starr considers human life beneath her though she doesn't quite understand why, not that it really matters to her. She believes the strong should rule and through her powers she can bring even the mighty to their knees. Her opinion of course. Over confident, sometimes cocky, and drawn to new experiences she is often has childlike wonder for the world around her when she does experience them.


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Vicky is your own personal A/C unit if you will. She can drop the temperature in an area to arctic winter levels. Her lowest recorded environmental drop is -128 degree Fahrenheit, cold enough to freeze water very quickly to immediately depending on depth. It also can cause hypothermia and frostbite to begin setting in within a minute or two in normal people, more if there is a wind. She is limited to a 200' sphere around her that can be effected.

Living Things: She can drop a person's internal temperature. Luckily for her a person isn't dead until they are warm and dead. A person must be within her line of sight. As she cannot use her thermographic vision and Cold Manipulation at the same time, she cannot use it on people out of sight. Once they are affected, however, she can continue the effect until they are outside her sphere of influence. She is able to drop someone who is willing or unconscious, and not struggling, into a state of cryostasis. It lasts as long as Vicky is focusing on them. When doing this the only thing she can do is speak, eat/drink, and perform basic tasks (No reading, not in depth discussions, flying, etc). They cannot leave her line of sight. Waking them, however, is something she can't do, but Starr can. When she stops they will start to thaw, but will need medical intervention to warm them up and possibly shock them to revive. If they have any kind of super-human stamina it won't work, but they will suffer immediate onset of hypothermia and the start of frostbite. The more resilient they are against the elements the less they are affected. She can lower a person's internal temperature to as low as 90 degrees. This is likely to cause a normal person to be immediately afflicted with severe hypothermia and all symptoms associate with it. Vicky will only do this in a life and death situation, as it almost certainly means permanent nerve damage in the extremities and other life-long complications.

Objects: Sudden temperature changes can cause many normal materials to become brittle and fragile. While her environmental manipulation is limited to -128 F, she can focus her sphere of influence down into a soccer ball or smaller sized sphere. This is detailed in Cold Sphere in more depth. These spheres get as cold as -340F, the freezing point of nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen has negative effects on many normal substances. Granted, she can only effect a soccer ball sized space and smaller at any time. And ONLY that, no other powers beyond Flight.

While she can only bring the environmental temperature to -128 F, when she shrinks her focus down to a soccer ball or smaller sized sphere the temperature drops even more. Vicky has put less effort into training this ability than Starr and has no interest in hurting or killing, so it is more utility than offense. These spheres reach -340 degrees F, the freezing point of nitrogen which creates liquid nitrogen. As long as she focuses on the sphere and uses no other Cold abilities, she can move it anywhere within a 200' sphere around her that she can see. If it goes out of sight her control vanishes and a soccer ball sized sphere of liquid nitrogen will fall and splatter whatever is around it. Whatever liquid nitrogen normally effects, she can effect.

She has demon blood in her veins, whether Vicky likes it or not. She believes she is simply a mutant, not a metahuman, but someday the truth may be revealed. It has gifted her powers, wings and flight, as well as eternal youth and long life. She is resistant to most normal diseases and could live to be 1000 years old. She heals at a slightly accelerated rate, but nothing phenominal. A laceration will heal in two days, a broken bone (depending on severity) in a week or two, and organs can repair themselves over months as long as she is alive. This healing ability will not save her life or bring her back from the dead.

She is able to send other demonic presences on par with her own power level. Those of great ability are able to mask their presence from her. Her range is 200'. The close she gets the stronger the feeling will get.

Vicky and Starr share this ability. It is part of their demonic heritage. Max flight time is four hours with a needed 8 hour rest after. Her maximum speed is 85 mph. She can awkwardly hover for a few minutes, but her wings are made to keep her moving and not hovering. It tires her out very quickly. From the ground she can reach 30mph in 30 seconds. From any ledge over 10' she can reach top speed in 20 seconds. She is capable of carry around 250lbs, but her flight maximum is cut in half and she can only fly at 50 MPH.

Genetics have gifted her with one handy thing. Despite only being 18 Vicky looks to be in her early twenties. She has for several years now. Likely she will be one of those people who ages almost imperceptibly. When she is 80 she will look 40. From there she will only age so that at 100 she looks and feels to be only 40. Every hundred years she survives she ages 5 years. Eventually she will be old and die if she survives. This is likely to be somewhere between 800-1000 years.

Starr is your own personal heating unit if you will. She can raise the temperature in an area to deep dessert summer levels. Her highest recorded environment was 128 degree Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to begin the process of heat stroke, especially if the sun is already out and shinning. Sweating, exhaustion, and disorientation will set in within a few minutes. She is limited to a 200' sphere around her that can be effected.

Living Things: She can raise a person's internal temperature like a fever. A person must be within her line of sight. As she cannot use her thermographic vision and Heat Manipulation at the same time, she cannot use it on people out of sight. Once they are affected, however, she can continue the effect until they are outside her sphere of influence or she chooses to stop. The more resilient they are against heat or the greater their stamina the less they are affected. She can raise a person's internal temperature to be as high as 110 degrees. Taken from Mild or moderate states of fever (up to 105 °F 40.55 °C) cause weakness or exhaustion but are not in themselves a serious threat to health. More serious fevers, in which body temperatures rise to 108 °F (42.22 °C) or more, can result in convulsions and death.

Objects: High heat can melt objects, or make them malleable. While her environmental manipulation is limited to 128 F, she can focus her sphere of influence down into a soccer ball or smaller sized sphere. This is detailed in Heat Sphere in more depth. These spheres get as hot as 1500F, the melting point of Iron. She can make it less than this if she wishes. She may only create spheres, one at a time, and cannot use other abilities beyond her Flight.

While Starr can only bring the environmental temperature to 128 F, when she shrinks her focus down to a soccer ball or smaller sized sphere the temperature can raise even more. Starr has focused on making herself more dangerous and deadly and so the temperature she can focus is higher. These spheres reach 1500 degrees F, the melting point of Iron. As long as she focuses on the sphere and uses no other Heat or thermal abilities, she can move it anywhere within a 200' sphere around her that she can see. If it goes out of sight her control vanishes and the sphere of heat will dissipate. Anything flammable it touches will be set on fire. Anything that has a lower melting temperature than 1500 degrees F will be effected. Starr isn't a fan of incineration, the pain isn't as epic, so often her spheres are merely hot enough to char flesh and cause fires.

This ability is always active and both Vicky and Starr are immune to temperature extremes. Also their body temperatures are always perfect for comfort. They don't burn or freeze or suffer from temperature extremes. They can survive temperature extremes of magma and the cold of space. Anything past this will burn or freeze her.

This ability is available to both Vicky and Starr. They are able to see in infrared through a conscious effort. It causes severe eye-strain to do and can lead to debilitating headaches when they use it too long or too often. Yet it can be an invaluable tool of survival. Her iris dialates all the way to the max, making her eyes appear black, when she uses this power.

Vicky and Starr share the body and so share the wings. They are an oddity compared to her other powers, but their origin is very simple. They are the telltale marks of her dark magic beginnings. A gift from the demonic heritage that would have been fully Starr's if rituals had been done in her infancy like they should have. The wings and the ability to fly are a vestige of that. The skin is as strong as steel and the barbs can pierce stone and some metals. They are sharp enough to pierce and tear through steel, but not tungsten. The bones, likewise, are dense and hard to break. Again comparable to steel.


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Despite being in a facility for two years, they were descent enough to continue her education when they weren't poking and proding her. She has everything she needs to get a GED, but escaped before gaining hers.

The last month she has finally been able to learn, practice and improve her ability in flight. She can hover awkwardly now and her top speed is increasing as is her stamina. She can currently fly for two hours straight in decent weather with ease. Pushing herself she can go four or five, but then has to rest for at least 8 hours. Wing strain is a thing.

Her mother insisted she know how to defend herself. She went regularly every week to a Kenpo school and had gotten her green belt when her mutant abilities, and Starr, exploded into her life.

Vicky was in the girl scouts. She earned numerous badges involving wood craft and some urban survival skills as well.


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Central Park is filled with nooks and cranies and forgotten places. Vicky has found a long unused storage closet built into a concrete overpass walkway. The door melded with the wall due to the murals, graffiti, and other things. She has managed to scavenge blankets and sleeping bags to make a sort of nest. What cans of food she has are here. The door can be closed, but not really locked. Though it opens inward so she can brace it. WHen she found it there were metal shelves and old paint buckets and random dead janitorial supplies.


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Starr was meant for great things. To devour Vicky's consciousness and soul to gain greater power. To become a leader of her father's worshippers and minions on this plane. But the death of her mother, while nine months pregnant with her, saw things changed. The car crash killed both her parents, but her mother survived long enough for the doctors to perform an emergency cesarean section. The police were unable to trace any living relatives and when no one came forward she was put up for adoption. There is still potential in her blood and somewhere out there a fanatical cult that wonders where their demon-child went. This may some day come back to haunt her, especially if her demonic father decides to find her.

Starr is unable to enter hallowed ground. When Vicky does it makes Starr weak and unable to take over or fight her. Of course her family went to church every Sunday, but were otherwise not very religious. Those who use faith as a power can cause severe damage to Starr, while Vicky will remain unaffected. Faith magic is designed to attack demons. However she can never be exorcised, the two souls are bound together and to the body. Any attempts to do so will cause illness and wasting away until death takes them. Holy Water will burn her as will crosses and relics of Christianity. Though crosses will not ward her away from a person, they are a source of pain and danger so she treats them with the respect anyone would treat a gun or similar weapon.

Vicky is a true and pure soul. The idea of hurting someone, let alone killing them, goes against the very core of her being. The only thing that would make her kill another human being, or human-like, would be through some sort of mind control. She just can't do it and the thought of potentially causing it makes her put her own life at risk rather than using most of her powers. It also means she will only ever progress in her control and strength very slowly if at all. She is terrified of her abilities, but she also recognizes that they can be very useful, even helpful, and is willing to try. But she can never take a life. If somehow her powers result in someones demise she will then suffer from PTSD, which would cause her to be unable to use her cold powers at all until she has somehow come to terms with what she has done.

Because of the circumstances of her birth, Vicky and Starr are susceptible to magic. It likely wouldn't have lasted if things had gone the course they should have, but unfortunately or fortunately they didn't. Their ability to resist magic is extremely low and only very weak magic do they have any remote chance of really fighting. Damage done by magic causes more damage as well and often will kick the current soul out of control of their body.

Large draconic wings sprouted and grew from Vicky's back when her powers awoke. There is no way to hide them and it makes life difficult. From fitting into tight spaces to finding clothes. She wears a lot of unitards or altered halter tops. Most people assume she is a mutant or metahuman, the later being correct. More often she is thought to be a mutant and subject to all the scorn and hate they take.

Her parents love her, but are terrified of her after Starr attacked and severely and permanently injured their mother. They want her found and put back in custody for the safety of herself and others. A private detective has even been hired to try and find her. There is a missing persons report out with notes that she is violent and to use extreme caution. Her parents believe she is a mutant, as has everyone else, but she is really a metahuman due to her demonic blood.

Not only did Vicky run away, but she ran away from the facility where her parents had her tucked away for 'special care'. She is on file as a schizophrenic and no one but her really understands the depth of her duality. This will cause no end of trouble if and when she encounters authority and government. It makes getting medical care tricky to boot.

A normal person doesn't have to compete with another conscious and soul for control of the body. But that is Vicky and Starr's daily struggle, fighting and struggling against one another. If one or the other feels the issue worth it they can force a challenge of wills, causing her to pause and be unable to act until one or the other gives in.

Starr hungers for living in her own way. For most of the last 18 years she has contended with the fact she could not control or enjoy the world beyond watching her counterparts all too sweet and innocent life. So she has a tendency to go over board and give in to basic urges such as anger, lust, and even fear.

Starr has attacked and hurt people, caused fires and damage, and is basically not someone that the Police want on the street. Unfortunately Starr and Vicky look exactly alike except for their eyes. That means Vicky is blamed for the violence and horror that Starr has caused. She wasn't charged for her attack on her parents because of their influence, but since her escape she has been listed as a possible terrorist linked to those who attacked the institution. As such authority is likely to react violently.


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