Oh Boy

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Oh Boy
Date of Cutscene: 03 March 2019
Location: Central City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Impulse

Location: Star Labs Speed Lab Central City
Time: 1500 hrs
Date: 23rd June 2998

Bartholomew Henry Allen watched as the virtual environment he had spent the last 16 subjective years of his life in started to fade, gone were the trees and the sunlight what was left was a virtual recreation of the lab that his VR pod was being wheeled into, the cosmic treadmill set in the center of The Speed Lab.

Soon that too faded as the top of the pod opened letting Bart see the real world for the first time in memory, brightly lit, the virtual representation aligning perfectly with it's real world counter part. The only difference were the people, all seeming to be standing perfectly still his parents standing side by side in the observation and control room caught him off guard, the teen taking a full minute to study their features to burn into his memory the first time he has gotten to see them 'in the flesh' before turning to the treadmill.. Slowly making his way up onto it the teen started to run, getting into a rhythm feeling the track moving under him soon everything else faded away except for the feeling of speed and the feeling that something was just out of reach, if only he ran a little faster.. just a little faster, and with that, Bartholomew Henry Allen was gone, into the speed force, leaving a control center of excited scientists, and worried parents behind.