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Optimus Prime (Scenesys ID: 7997)
"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
Full Name: Orion Pax of Iacon
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Supreme Commander of the Autobot Commonwealth
Citizenship: Autobot Commonwealth
Residence: Decagon, High Pavilion, Iacon (Iacon Plateau, Cybertron)
Education: Academy of Science and Technology, Institute for Higher Programming
Status: Retired
Groups: Cybertron-OOC, Autobots
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 28 July Actor: Peter Cullen (voice)
Height: 575 cm (18'10") Weight: 1916 kg (4215 lb)
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "The Touch" by Stan Bush



Optimus Prime will stand against any threat. For millions of years, he has led the Autobots in their war against Megatron and his Decepticons. Optimus Prime's unwavering courage in the face of eons of desperate combat is an inspiration to his comrades. He is an unstoppable warrior and a flawless leader, pushing ahead through the darkest times in the history of Cybertron and remaining unbowed, unbroken, and always committed to victory.

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This humanoid shaped robotic form stands over 18 feet tall. His coloration is mainly in red for the body while blue dominates the lower legs and head. Glowing blue eyes with no pupil are in a face that is vaguely humanoid as well. When necessary, a face shield closes over the lower half of his face to protect him from damage. ( https://i.imgur.com/91JXSzp.jpg )


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Optimus Prime began his life on Cybertron as Orion Pax, a scholar doing research and learning about the Universe. Unfortunately, that wasn't his destiny, as the planet became more and more chaotic. When discovered by administrators of the Gladiator Arts, Optimus became a warrior and swiftly became the gladiator champion of Iacon. At the time he had a fierce rivalry with another gladiator - the Decepticon who became known as Megatron. When civil war broke out between two rival city-states, Optimus was asked to be the personal bodyguard of the Overlord.

When attacked while escorting the Overlord to safety, Optimus left Megatron and a few others behind to guard Overlord while attempting to find assistance. When he returned, the Overlord was dead and the other bodyguards were gone.

After this War was over, several years later, Optimus joined the Autobot ranks as a medic after deciding to do something different than just being a warrior. Noticed by others within the law enforcement sector, he was then recruited. As an Officer of the Rodion Police Department, Optimus used his skills in several fields to be a law enforcement officer and a healer.

After several years of distinguishing himself in this field, and in battle above all others, the leadership of the beleagured last city of freedom, Iacon, named Optimus the next Prime and leader of the Autobots. Leading his people into battle for 1000 years, Optimus tired of ever seeing an end to the war against the Decepticons and Megatron.

When all seemed lost, Optimus called for his friends and fellow warriors to follow him. Leading his best warriors aboard "The Ark", Optimus attempted to get off the doomed Cybertron in an attempt to discover a way to save his people. Hoping to lead these beings to safety, the Ark was attacked by the treacherous Megatron and the Decepticons. Plotting a suicide course for an unknown planet, his ship went down with all of his greatest friends and warriors aboard...

...crashing into a mountainside on Earth, now is the time for Awakenings. Now is the time to take back their home. Now is the time of the Autobots!


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Orion Pax was a young, brash, courageous, strong, and difficult youth as a Cybertronian. He was one of the greatest gladiators his planet had ever seen, his legacy matched only by one other - Megatron. As he witnessed over 1000 years of war, that brash young Autobot became a changed being. After years of seeing his friends die, his comrades destroyed, his planet ravaged by war, and his beliefs questioned time and again, he only became more forged by events.

Optimus Prime is a true hero. When he received the Matrix of Leadership for the Autobots from his mentors and leaders, this only solidified his paragonic virtues. Only the greatest, most noble heroes of his people ever received the honor he was bestowed. With this honor came great responsibility, a responsibilty that he felt truly blessed to carry.

Optimus Prime is a warrior. He is strong. Noble. Self-sacrificing. Brave. Charismatic. An unchallenged leader and mentor. A teacher and a poet. Optimus is a Paladin of virtue for all living beings, not just his own kind. If there was a super hero analogy, it would be Superman. They would be kindred spirits, believing in truth and justice and the true sanctity of life.

Optimus has always been at the forefront of battle. He leads from the front, never sending his soldiers in to do battle without sharing that burden with them. His is bold and tactical, but also able to see the big picture. A martial strategist with over 1000 years experience, his will is strong and he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Optimus Prime is confident yet cautious. Honest and caring, yet careful with trusting just anyone. This has kept him alive for centuries. He is passionate about the cause of the Autobots, and that cause ultimately leads back to freedom for all Cybertronians.


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Alternate Mode

In alternate mode, Prime takes on the form of a large 18 wheeled tractor trailer. He is capable of transforming without summoning his trailer from his sub-space pocket, and can even separate his front 'tractor' cab from his trailer, and transform into his humanoid form without it rejoining him. His alt mode consists of three segments, each capable of some independence, though still linked through subspace. Any damage to his components will result in feedback affecting the whole. He can either control all of his component parts from his primary module, or allow the other two to operate as independent drones, each with a fairly sophisticated AI. His segments include...

The Primary Module: Optimus Prime himself. Either in his primary humanoid Cybertronian form, or as a tractor trailer vehicle separate from his other two components.

The Combat Deck: The trailer can either remain folded, or it can unfold into a tactical command station, complete with an anti-aircraft laser array and service-drone capable of providing minor aid and shelter by using its arms to draw a combatant inside. The combat deck also has radar and communications capabilities. Its primary use is as a mobile command base in the field.

Roller: A small wheeled open vehicle capable of swift independent mobility. It is capable of carrying his Ion Blaster as its primary weapon, or can be deployed without it. Roller can carry up to four human sized passengers and can act as a scout returning to the Primary Module with information. This component in particular seems to carry its own personality and is treated with respect and care by Optimus who talks about Roller as if it were a long time friend.


Like all Cybertronians, Orion Pax was born with the extraordinary strength and durability inherent in their species. Since gaining the Matrix of Leadership and becoming Prime, his endurance and strength have been enhanced to a degree that makes him stand out even among his own kind. As a Cybertronian, he is extraordinarily long lived and can count his lifespan in the millions of years. Barring accident, being killed in battle, or a major run in with the forces of entropy, he is effectively immortal.

It is estimated that he can lift weights of around 85 tonnes in a 1G environment. In terms of strength, very few are his match. His rival, Megatron, being counted among them. His chassis is extremely durable, and he has demonstrated an extreme resiliency to mortal wounds even coming back from damage that would have surely sent other Autobots to the scrap heap.

Data Link

Optimus has the somewhat rare ability to communicate with computer systems and networks. In other words, he can form a data uplink and communicate with cybernetic and electronic devices. With direct contact, or with an existing wireless network access point, Prime is capable of a certain level of hacking and manipulation, especially when it comes to primitive constructs and networks. Using this ability he can communicate across a network, gather and manipulate data, and thwart some security systems. Such activities are time-consuming and may leave him vulnerable while he focuses his attention into accessing a device or network. There are others under his command that excel at this far more expertly than he, but it is a good capability to have on hand when the need arises.

Energy Weapon

When retracting his hand to give access to his energy conduits, Prime can through force of will form a golden energon axe, or in rare instances a sword. He reserves this ability usually for gladiatorial one-on-one combat, either with a challenger in physical combat or when duelling for honour with the likes of Megatron. It is possible for him to form other simple shapes and weapons in this manner, but he would be unpractised with the new shape, and he would be at a disadvantage due to the concentration required. These weapons are extremely durable, and can cut through most metal and shields, however they are not strong enough to cut through, say, adamantium.

While in his main robot mode, Optimus Prime can fly and super-sonic speeds. He is capable of antigravity flight, and is one of the swiftest autobots outside of the "fighter jet" autobots, even considering his size. This can allow him to reach space with significant effort. Optimus prefers to use his vehicle mode for travel, however, and only uses this ability when he needs to.
Holomatter Avatar

Like many Cybertronians, Optimus Prime is capable of projecting solid or phantom holomatter images. While he is not as adept or capable as say Hound with his large scale extremely realistic projections, Prime can create an interactive humanoid form as well as project small scale maps and other data into the air before him to communicate information or strategies with others. His range is relatively short and can only project a solid avatar within a hundred or so metres of his location. Fortunately, his avatar can be carried by his vehicular alt form and appear as if it were the operator of this mode. No one has to panic that there is a runaway 18 wheeler on the loose.

Human Holomatter Avatar Picture: https://www.unitedheroesmush.com/images/0/0d/Optimus_Prime_Holomatter_Avatar_1.jpg

Mass Displacement

Mass Displacement is at the heart of every Cybertronian's t-cog. It is the ability to transfer mass and matter into and out of a subspace pocket dimension, allowing a transformation to become larger or smaller than the Cybertronian's primary mode.

Optic Beam

Rarely used, but Optimus Prime can concentrate the energy behind his optics and release it into a pair of blue energy beams of highly charged plasma. Prime does not employ this weapon very often for obvious reasons. While using them, he cannot clearly see, only perceiving enough to keep his beams on target. There is a lingering effect afterwards as residual energy and heat dissipates around his optics that can interfere with his sensors. This ability is not limited to just his primary mode and can be deployed from his 'headlights' in his alt mode.


Like most Cybertronians, Optimus Prime has excellent optical sensors, which allow him to perceive into much of the electromagnetic spectrum. Thermal, ultra and infra frequencies of light, and even some radio graphic frequencies and x-rays.

Also like most Cybertronians, Prime can hear and communicate across limited subspace and conventional radio frequencies allowing him to contact allies nearby, or within a limited range, planet wide. He can receive easier than he can broadcast. In space without the atmo


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Optimus Prime is one of the greatest fighters in Cybertron's long history. As a Gladiator matched only by Megatron in skill, he has spent the last 1000 years in almost continuous combat, and is incredibly efficient, and when necessary, brutal. Most of his skills are for fighting against other Cybertronians, as when faced with a humanoid opponent, he tends to over-compensate and pulls his punches, knowing a full powered strike would kill most humanoids and that would be against his code of honor.

As a former officer of the Rodion Police Department, Optimus Prime has an understanding of criminology and the use of forensics to uncover clues and mysteries. Like any good detective, he knows that every problem has a solution. All one has to do is take the time and care to study the evidence in detail. This skill has come in handy on the battlefield, as it gives insight into the opposition's movements and motives.

Culture (Earth)

During his time on Earth. Optimus Prime reached out into the primitive networks through Teletran One's connections and found a universe of networks filled with human indulgences and curious obsessions with things like cats. Strange people these humans. Such variety, and yet they also have a thirst for self-improvement, growth, charity, and great 'humanity' in their words. Prime sees potential for these people who are so unlike his own. He has delighted in their culture and their colloquialisms are contagious. Prime has even found himself and his fellow Cybertronians using very human expressions to describe concepts and events. In a way, it is almost insidious how it wheedles its way into your synaptic processors.

Galactic Lore

Optimus Prime is familiar with the subtleties and complexities of ancient Cybertronian history. Plus that of many other cultures he has visited and protected from the Decepticons. There is sometimes surprisingly valuable information hidden between and behind the lines of fables, parables, and legends. Myths are made up of the experiences of those who created them, and within them are small truths and wisdoms hidden there waiting to be uncovered. All cultures share a universal set of wisdoms and truths. His adversary seeks out their artefacts of power missing the true treasures they represent. More than once he has followed a trail of clues, or beaten Megatron on those trails, that led him to something of use in the long struggle for his people and for all sentient life everywhere.

Optimus Prime is one of the oldest living Cybertronians, and he has made it part of his legacy to remember where his people began and where they are today. Many of his speeches contain anecdotes or comments on the planet's past, always fitting for the moment. He remembers most of the planet's history that many, even the oldest amongst the Autobots and Decepticons, forget. He is a walking history book.

A born leader, Optimus Prime has cultivated a long honed skill for inspiring and organising others into action. His leadership is nearly legendary among his people. Though much of his is hero worship is due to his deeds, he has earned a place in history as one of the most inspirational leaders of his kind.

Optimus Prime began his career, believe it or not, as a Medic. He has kept those skills fresh over the last 1000 years, patching up and assisting Ratchet whenever he could be spared from his duties as a Prime. He knows the inner workings of Cybertronians, how they "tick" and also, where the most vulnerable spots are on all Cybertronians. This makes him a great healer...and a deadly opponent in combat.
All of the Autobots look up to Optimus Prime. He has been there since the beginning, and many of them (if not all of them) hold Optimus in reverence and awe. These feelings are well earned, as Optimus is a teacher and a mentor, passing on knowledge, experience and training to all the Autobots, easily. He offers positive reinforcement in all endeavours, and helps his troops learn how to see things in a different way, offerring alternate solutions to problems, teaching each and every one of them to become better AUtobots.

Optimus Prime's speeches are legendary and often inspiring. Among the varied histories of thousands of sentient worlds, a few speakers rise to this level of fame. His words have inspired many to follow him through millions of years of conflict and war for the dream of a better life. Many an Autobot has also lived to regret being taken aside and given one of his long speeches about duty and honour, or doing the right thing. While instructive and certainly necessary, Prime is capable of making you take a really hard long look at yourself, and that is not always a comfortable thing to experience.


Orion Pax excelled in intellectual pursuits from an early age, graduating from the Institute for Higher Programming and enrolling in the Academy of Science and Technology. He interned as an archivist at Iacon during this time, and later would go on to study Cybertronian Law. For a time he served in the Rodion Police Department, where he learned basic combat training. Later, when he took upon the mantle of Prime and the Matrix of Leadership, he gained insights that opened up new worlds of knowledge for him. An adapt learner, Prime delved into researching anything that could help him lead his people during a time of war.


Tactics are defined as "the art of disposing armed forces in order of battle and of organising operations, especially during contact with an enemy. An action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end". For Prime, years of warfare and battle have been a cruel and unforgiving teacher in the art of tactics. Fortunately, Optimus Prime has discovered within himself the makings for a fine tactician. On the battlefield and in other more mundane matters of life, he has a gift for leadership and strategy that can turn meagre resources into victory after victory.


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A leader is nothing without those who would grant their gifts to them by following. More than just his people, his companions, his fellow warriors, the Autobots are Optimus Prime's family. They provide to him through their loyal dedication many assets; lending their bodies, their skills, and their very sparks, so that he may prosper and succeed in his endeavours. This is of no small value.


Even when Optimus Prime is cut-off from home, Cybertron serves as a symbol of hope. It is the one place he feels a connection deeper than any other. The Cybertronian people, some scattered throughout the universe in various (and sometimes forgotten) colonies, can be called upon for assistance in the long fought struggle to save Cybertron, and possibly the entire universe from the Decepticon's misguided ambitions.

Ion Blaster

A form of laser rifle, Prime's Ion Blaster fires a beam of concentrated ionised particles. It has an effective range of about one and a half kilometres, and is not designed for precision pinpoint fire, though the focus of its beam can be adjusted to fire a more diffuse discharge making the weapon less than lethal when desired. While not a sniper's weapon or as destructive as Megatron's, Prime's weapon is very effective in battle. His blaster is unique in that it has been accommodated into his alt mode for use with his drone Roller, though the weapon itself seems far more effective in his hands than others.


One of the very few surviving artefacts from the time of Primus, the Autobot "Matrix of Leadership" is said to contain the wisdom and experiences of each prime who held it before. It is said to be capable of miraculous transformations once it accepts its new master, immediately reformatting them permanently into a stronger and more capable form, matching their spark's potential for growth. When severely injured, or an altered state of consciousness is obtained, the wielder of the matrix can commune with its previous holders gaining by their wisdom. This process is hazardous however, and can result in the Autobot Leader becoming one with the all spark before their time. The Matrix is also capable, through a specific and difficult procedure, of birthing unique sparks, though what lasting effects this has is currently unknown, and may result in its eventual destruction. The Matrix is said to be capable of further miracles but what form this may take is currently unknown. Legend only states that the Matrix shall "light our darkest hour", though what calamity the prophesy refers to has yet to be fully revealed and understood.

Bearing the Matrix is said to be as much a burden as a boon. It is believed that it will only interface with the spark chambers of those who have a special affinity. Those capable of bearing the Matrix within them are marked by certain signs of that affinity: such as having optics the same shade of "liberty blue" as the Matrix, finding Sentio Metallico wet to the touch, becoming giddy when standing on a hot spot, and the ability to make a photonic crystal "snap" when placed in their chest. It is also rumoured that they must be a "Point One Percenter" to be able withstand the burden of integration.


Carried within his alt mode's trailer, along with other gear, Optimus can retrieve a large shield capable of being enhanced by his own energon stores. While rarely used, the shield represents one of his "knightly" attributes and comes into play during moments of high drama, such as individual battles of honour or duels.


As a Cybertronian, Optimus Prime has access to advanced technologies and weapons. Where such items do not exist, he understands many of the principals behind their creation and use, and can use whatever is available to recreate them to whatever degree is possible with what is at hand. He is certainly at the level with some of the more skilled Autobots when it comes to engineering, but he can assist in most endeavours with very little direction. Optimus can make basic items, make general repairs, assist in advanced repairs, and assist in major repairs and replacement of parts without any difficulties, especially when it comes to the Ark, his ship.


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Code of Honour

Optimus Prime draws inspiration from the tales of legends past. Despite doubting their existence in his early days as Orion Pax, Prime has adopted some of legendary codes of honour belonging to the Knights of Cybertron. Viewing the past mistakes by the previous Primes and the Senat,e he idealised a better way, adopting moral code that is rational and empathetic to everyone. The role of the strong is to protect the weak. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. True dishonour is not from cowardice, but from failure to uphold one's beliefs.


Optimus Prime is burdened with the duties of leadership over the Autobots. They are his people. His companions in war. And more than that, they are all his friends. He also feels responsible for the actions of all Cybertronians everywhere and will seek justice either in their name or to bring them to in its name. Furthermore he has more recently taken on a duty as Humanity's protector against the manipulations and exploitations of the Decepticons.


Though largely formed from Sentio Metallico, which is not affected by magnetism, Prime's gear and other effects are made from lesser materials. Some of which can come under the effect of magnetic fields.

Sanctity of Life

Optimus Prime believes that all life is sacred. Even the lives of his enemies. No matter who they are or how deserving, all living beings deserve a chance for life and (if needed) for redemption. Prime is willing to lay down his own life in exchange for others. While he is not suicidal by any measure he believes that every existence has a purpose and must be protected.
War Weary

It has been a long and brutal war. There are days when heavy weighs the crown. So many lives lost, so many chances for peace ripped away by circumstance. Close friends especially but for every spark, for every life lost he feels the burden. In many ways he blames himself for not being strong enough, inspiring enough, clever enough, lucky enough, even when it is the lives of his enemies, if only, if only...


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