Overheard at a Gotham Deli

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Overheard at a Gotham Deli
Date of Cutscene: 01 August 2017
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Poison Ivy

"You know that park? Over by St. Mary's Church?"

"Yeah, never ever go there at night."

"Police used to have to go there like every night, due to like... muggers and gang activity and the like."

"Yeah, like I said, never go there at night."

"Except the police haven't had a call there the last three nights. /And/ I heard that this whole freaking gang wandered in there for a meeting and never got back out again."

"Huh, you think it's the Batman or some other superhero?"

"Maybe, I dunno. But it's a nice park, maybe it'll be nice if the gangs and crime get outta there."

"Or they'll just stay out of the park."

"I wonder what's in there..."