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Painkiller Jane (Scenesys ID: 7020)
"I want you to think very hard now. First one to tell me who you're working for gets to keep your fingers. Look into my eyes, boys. I've done this before. No more games now."
Full Name: Jane Vasko
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: Vigilante
Citizenship: USA
Residence: New York City
Education: Police Academy
Status: Approved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 1 April 2000 Actor: Jessica Chastain
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 64 kg (141 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "I Like It Rough" by Lady Gaga


Jane Vasko was a New York detective on an undercover assignment to gain the trust of a Mafia Don, Joey Fonti. Planted with a bomb, Joey sent Jane to meet his rival, another gangster known as Adam. The bomb exploded, seriously injuring Jane but not affecting Adam at all. The non-human Adam revived Jane and somehow granted her healing abilities in the process. She now operates as the gun-toting vigilante known as Painkiller Jane.

Current Player Approved: October 09, 2023



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Red. The woman's short hair is almost crimson in color, worn somewhere between a bob and a pixie cut. Her features are soft with a strong nose and slightly pointed chin. Cat's eye shades with crimson lenses cover her eyes, beneath slender, dark brows. Tanned skin, she wears no makeup other than lipstick the same shade as her hair, mouth usually curled into a smirk.

A red leather jacket hangs loosely from her shoulders down to just past her hips, worn open with the collar flipped up. Beneath the jacket a red halter top supports her full figure while baring toned abs. Red leather pants cling to her muscular legs and backside, riding low on her hips along with a double-holster rig. The pants tuck into matching boots, and she wears red shooting gloves as well.


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Jane Vasko grew up in New York City, and was accepted into the NYPD Police Academy along with her friend Maureen Quinn. The two became partners, and both were promoted to Detective. Jane was working an undercover assignment to infiltrate the Fonti mob, trying to gain Joey Fonti's trust. Unknown to Jane, Joey plants a bomb on her and sends her to a rival gangster named Adam. The bomb explodes, seriously injuring Jane.

The story should have ended there, except Adam was much more than Joey or Jane understood. He was not only uninjured by the explosion, but he also transferred some of his ability to Jane and revived her. She woke up on a table in some underground lab, without so much as a scar. Jane assembled enough information to put away Joey Fonti and passed it to her partner, Maureen. Seeing more advantage in remaining 'dead', Jane left the police force and now works as a vigilante.


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Jane started out as a cop, first working a beat and then as a Detective. She knew the law, respected the law, and followed the rules. Her job was to bring in the bad guys to be handled by the justice system. From there, she trusted that the system worked well.

Then she got blown up, nearly died, and she recovered. Being shot and beaten and stabbed and blown up over and over again really plays havoc with one's moral compass. Optimism? Oh that left the building a long time ago. It was replaced by anger, mostly, although apathy vies for a close second.

Jane goes after results, first and foremost. While she still tries to follow the rules, at least at first, things frequently go off the rails. She's okay with having to hurt, maim or kill someone to make it happen, so long as she's not hurting innocents. And of course Jane makes the call on who's 'innocent' or not.


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Technically it's not an 'ability', but Jane Vasko is legally dead. This means she's outside the system, doesn't file taxes, and can't be located via DMV records.


Jane has a healing factor that is off the charts, making her nearly indestructible. She heals minor injuries in seconds without so much as giving pause. Major injuries usually take a few minutes, especially if major organs are affected. Her healing factor works from the outside inward, so while she may look okay on the outside she may still be healing internally. This doesn't mean that bullets or explosions or axes don't affect her. Jane still takes the injury, bleeds, and makes a mess. She just... gets better.

Her regeneration only repairs actual injury. Poison still affects her, but as it runs its course and damages her organs or nervous system her body will repair itself. Likewise, fatigue toxins still build up in her system and she still gets tired. This also means she can get drunk (which is a very good thing).


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Hand To Hand:
Over the course of her vigilante career, Jane has developed her own style of mixed martial arts. With her police training as a base, Jane's fighting style focuses primarily on hitting hard, fast and often. Defense is sort of secondary when you recover from a punch before the next one can land. She can handle a small group of gang-bangers without having to draw guns.

Police Detective:

Jane Vasko graduated from the Police Academy, completed her rookie training, and was promoted to Detective before her life changed. She's a range-certified marksman and has been trained to take down, apprehend, and detain a suspect. Jane knows police procedures, how to set up a crime scene, and how to run an investigation.


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22 Brides:
Early in her vigilante career, Jane took down Mafia Don Joey Fonti. Fonti was blackmailing an all-female vigilante group known as the '22 Brides'. Free of Fonti's control, the 'Brides haven't forgotten Jane's help and follow her activities fairly closely. Mostly their help is indirect, in the form of cleaning up her messes.

Jane usually carries a pair of semi-auto pistols when she goes out, acquired through various means (legal or otherwise). She's not picky about model or specifications, so long as the magazine is large and the caliber starts with a '4'.

Maureen Quinn graduated from the Police Academy with Jane. They were partners on the Fonti case, and after Jane was 'killed' Maureen worked with Seth to get her declared legally dead. Maureen remained on the Force, and still acts as Jane's unofficial contact with law enforcement. She usually regrets her help, but she also takes some responsibility for Jane's condition.


It was Dr. Seth Hillier who found the 'Jane Doe' and arranged for her to be buried under the headstone with Jane Vasko's name on it. And while she heals quickly, Jane still has her bad days. Dr. Seth keeps her alive and he has a really hard crush on her as well. Since Jane feels like she owes him, their relationship is complicated.


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Jane is nearly indestructible. Her clothes are not. One simply does not walk away from a shoot-out or a house fire without some degree of wardrobe malfunction. She tends to wear a lot of red, because it hides the blood, and leather, because it's a durable fabric. Likewise she often wraps her face and exposed skin in bandages, both to disguise herself as well as to soak up the blood.

Being legally dead is not without its disadvantages, of course. Jane can't vote, she doesn't have a valid driver's license, can't open a bank account or apply for a credit card. Anything that requires a legal and valid ID or Social Security Number is not available to her.

Honey Badger:
Honey badger don't care, and neither does Jane. You don't keep getting badly hurt, over and over and over again, without developing mental issues. Life and death really no long have any personal meaning to her, so she tends to blur those lines when it comes to the bad guys she hunts. In some professional circles they'd categorize her a psychopath.

Only Human:
Having a healing factor doesn't make Jane anything more than human. It doesn't make her any stronger or faster. She still gets tired, still gets hungry, and still needs to breathe. Moreover, if she gets hurt *badly* enough, Jane can pass out from the pain.

Still Hurts:

Jane may be nearly indestructible, but when she gets hurt she still feels everything. Bullet wounds? Shotgun blast to the face? Axe in the spine? Jane will walk it off in a few minutes, but she'll definitely feel it. Every. Time. Jane has been injured so many times that she knows how the healing feels, and can usually tell what is hurt and just how badly.


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