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Have to stop meeting people this way.
Date of Scene: 18 October 2023
Location: Harry Dresden's Office, Kingston Falls
Synopsis: One more dreamer crossed Harry's threshold tonight. Now Cassie is drawn into the weird activities in Mexico.
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Wonder Girl, Painkiller Jane

Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry is sitting at his desk. He has a few books open and a ledger as well. He scowls at them and mostly seems to be balancing the books. Laying by the desk is a large foo dog, Tibetian Mastiff, that Cassie would recognize pretty quickly.

Lounging on one of the file cabinets is a cat, well a cat in the feline sense of the word. A massive as the dog is, so goes the mass of the cat. Porportionally, not the same size.

The big dog looks up suddenly and looks towards the door, rising and padding towards it, his tongue lolling and panting to meet whomever might be there.
Wonder Girl has posed:
Wonky dreams about monsters and energy blasting doggos are weird enough. Getting an address and a name that turns out to be real is like a doozy.

But then weird comes with the life of a super hero and demigoddess at that.

Which is why there's a curvy athletic blonde knocking at the door dressed in street clothes. A blue denim miniskirt and a red leather motorcycle jacket sipped up to cover a black collar that might have been a turtle neck if it wasn't for the wide, gold colored ring pull on a zipper set right where neck and chin meet. Some knee high lace up boots on her feet, wedgeheeled to she looks taller while gold coloured laces match the zipper of her top and the buckle of her belt.

"Hera I hope this isn't just some some goose chase. Probably should stop eating Gar's vegan cheese." it might have been cheese or it was just milk that was in the Titan's fridge waaaay to long.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Mouse makes one chuffing sound and meets Cassie at the door. The main door is open, the screen letting in a little air. He wags his tail at her and it is abundantly clear that he recognizes her.

Harry looks up from the desk and says,"Someone out there?" He rises and moves around the desk to the door, walking up behind Mouse. He takes a moment to give Cassie a once over and motions,"Come in. He looks worse than he is so long as you don't mind getting slobbered on."
Painkiller Jane has posed:
Harry opens the door for Cassie, and a woman dressed all in red steps round the corner. Red are trench coat, leather pants, bustier and boots. Even the lenses in her shades are red. And under that coat is a conspicuous 2-gun holster rig riding low on her hips.

Jane has the address to the office, of course. She's only just now getting around to stopping by. Just a glance to one side then the other, and the redhead starts across the street. "If I'd known you were having a party, I would've stopped for a bottle of wine."
Wonder Girl has posed:
There's a big dog at the door through the screen. Well a big dog is probably as good a security system as it can get when it also seems to have energy blasts.

And meing a big lovable looking doofus of a mastif just hits Cassie in the squees.

"Oh my god, you are real. You are the realest doggo ever!" okay she might be trying to scritch the mutt everywhere all at once while there's no door in the way and Cassie is making an entrance.

"Umm, so. This might sound off. But I had a really weird dream that left me with your names." the blonde looks to Mouse, the dog, and Harry. "You're Harry Dresden? Why it name dropped you I dunno. Normally I'd bug my friends for help in this kind of thing but way too specific in details means probably should follow up." she says awkwardly before maybe also getting distracted by Jane's entrance soon after her own. "Uhh, Hi! Cassie Sandsmark!" she adds as an introduction.

Dog ears still getting light scritches from red painted nails.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry mutters a soft incantation and the wards lower long enough for the both of them to enter. He glances at Jane as she approaches and smirks a little,"Mac's brews in the ice box. Get what you like, but don't tell him it was cold. He'll end us both." Apparently he is at least familiar with her.

He looks back at Cassie and raises a brow,"All right. I am really starting to think there is more to this than I gave it credit." He smirks as Mouse soaks up the loving. The big cat looks at both new arrivals and gives both of them the typical cat response, that being none.

Harry indicates the desk and the chairs around it,"Come in Cassie. Yes I am Harry Dresden. That is Mouse." he indicates the woman in red,"That's Jane."

Once everyone is in, the wards go back up and Harry turns to the desk asking Cassie,"You want something to drink?" He pauses and studies her a moment, avoiding her eyes for very long,"You remind me of someone. Not identical, but very similar."
Painkiller Jane has posed:
Painkiller Jane smiles and just walks right in. Giving Cassie a once-over, she perches the red glasses on top of her head and offers. "Hi Cassie." Harry gave the introductions, after all.

Jane looks around quickly, then spots the ice box. As for the animals? Jane isn't phased in the least.

Rummaging around in the ice box, she picks up a couple of Mac's brews. "Anyone -else- want anything?" Setting one down, she deftly pops the cap of the other using the edge of a table and the heel of her hand.
Wonder Girl has posed:
"I'm a short thicc blonde, we're common enough that trips memories all the time. I do have a more famous sister though. Princess, tiara's, lassos, all that kind of thing." she adds while slipping the cuffs of her jacket back, some silver bracelets. No apparent means on unclasping them.

"Sure I could do with a drink. Whatever everyone else is having." she accepts and smile as she stands a bit straighter, hip to shoulder with Mouse.

"So I'm not the only one that got the message? Sounds kind of out there when like you probably could have used like craigslist or something."
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry moves around behind the desk and clears it off to settle,"Not the first. Several have told me a similar..." he pauses and looks at Cassie,"Diana? Diana is your sister?" He studies the bracelets and her stature. A nod as he seems to have already settled on that.

He lifts ae bottle from his desk and tells Jane,"I am good thanks." Settling into the chair he tells Cassie,"I'd be interested in hearing what you saw. I have heard the story a few times, but it is always a little different. My apprentice, both now I think, and a few other magic users have told me the story."

He settles into the seat a little and Mouse drops on the floor by the door, watching those that pass. Wards are in place, but Mouse gives the impression of protection even with the wards up. He makes it far more apparent.
Painkiller Jane has posed:
Painkiller Jane lifts a brow towards Harry, then he declines. Taking a deep swig of her bottle, she passes the other to Cassie and fishes out a second for herself.

"Message? What message?" she asks, between swigs. Harry gets another look, then, but she doesn't vocalize the question. Her gaze shifts back to Cassie.

"So who's Diana? Sorry, but I don't follow the news much. And is this the same story?"
Wonder Girl has posed:
Cassie nods her head to Harry. "Yeah, we've got another sister Donna. I'm the youngest. I was actually born this century. We share a biological father." she explains that part of things.

the drink is accepted and sipped with a smile. "Thanks!" she says with the expression aimed at Jane.

"Okay, so dream. I'm out in some rural middle eastern village. Could be Mexico. Not sure exactly where. But I'm mid stroll, lovely night. Then goats get attacked by these weird creatures. My brain is guessing Chupacabra. details on exact looks get fuzzy. But as I'm about to fight them off so the locals don't lose more goats or locals. Mouse here comes in like big damn hero and blasts them till they flee. Other than pets and slobber I wake up, hand soaked in drool and not mine. And your names and address. So if it's not you, someone is trying to send me, or others? Your way!"
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Apparently she had the same dream we talked about. The one I want you to come with me on for backup." Harry tells Jane. He looks back to Cassie and nods when she starts her tale.

"Amazon then." he says thougtfully,"I have encountered Diana when dealing with Justice League: Dark. I don't know Donna." he admits.

"Chupacabra seems to be the common consensus on the smaller creatures. Did you see any larger creatures before Mouse showed up? Other's have mentioned canine looking creatures walking on two legs."

A soft chuff comes from Mouse when she mentions a hand soaked with drool. Harry smirks a little and tells her,"Mouse says you're welcome." He is teasing of course and Mouse looks back, chuffing again,"All right, all right." he tells the big dog.

He takes a drink and then considers,"We are working on putting together a team to go through the Ways to Mexico, most of the others are convinced it is Mexico and one has narrowed down the coordinates. I will warn you both, not everyone on this is little journey wears a pure white hat."
Painkiller Jane has posed:
Painkiller Jane drinks, scooting back on the edge of the desk. She tilts her head, holding the bottle by the neck and swirling it slowly. "Amazons, Chupacabra, Justice League. And I thought this was going to be a normal night."

Not that Jane -has- normal nights.

Finishing the first bottle, she pops open the second and takes another swig. "Well in case you hadn't noticed, white isn't exactly my color either." When Harry first met her, Jane was fresh from a shoot-out (and still bleeding). Turning to Cassie, then, she adds. "Harry thought having a shooter along might be useful on this little trip."
Wonder Girl has posed:
There's a nod of her head. "Donna and I are Titans. Teen formerly but I'm kind a ways from that now. And also just Demigod. The other titans were my grandparents." she adds keeps her drink in one hand while the other one armed hugs the Mastiff. Mouse getting a wink as Harry transposes what may or may not be going through the canine's mind.

"Yeah there were bigger ones as well. So what are we actually expecting to find there? I'm guessing I'm muscle. But I am studying through a masters in archaeology. So I know my way around old ruins." she doesn't mention she used to be a tomb slash grave robber before the Amazon thing.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"I told you it was never dull around here." Harry tells Jane,"If I didn't, I should have." he adds and takes another drink. He sighs and rests his arms on the desk,"OK. I have a shooter.." he starts.

He looks to Cassie and says,"If you want in we'll have some muscle. The rest of the team will vary. One is a Vampire Slayer, one is a White Court Vampire, and one says she is the daughter of Lucifer. Lastly is a Wiccan that is far more powerful than she realizes. I think we have about the team we need."

"The last creature sounds like cryptid stories of the dogman. Damn near unkillable bastards, hence the extra firepower and muscle would be welcome." He studies Mouse and admits,"Still on the fence taking him. He's not going to like Satana at all. She is an energy vampire as well as a magic slinger."

He considers and says thoughtfully,"I have a friend of mine down there already that is scouting for me. I don't know if he will show himself or not. If he does you will know him. He looks like...well Bigfoot...because he is. Very intelligent though."
Painkiller Jane has posed:
Painkiller Jane gives Harry a little shrug at the 'never dull' remark. "You didn't mention Demigods, either." she replies. The others she's heard about earlier, of course. Another swig from the bottle, then she adds. "It sounds like there's still a lot of unknowns. For the record, I do know my way around a ...police investigation."

Jane almost hesitates with the last, and she doesn't elaborate. "That was a long time ago, but I still know the ropes." Jane looks over to the big mastiff, then. "Much as we could probably use the help, I really wouldn't want to see Mouse get hurt. We're talking supernatural creatures on both sides." And Jane has seen too many friends die.
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Well I guess you can add an Amazon Demigoddess that'll come armed to the teeth. Hopefully the vampire and the slayer can keep it in their pants. There's at least a half dozen demons claiming to be The Devil at any one time and the real one I heard does not actually want the job." Cassie states and chuckles.

"I actually am a daughter of Zeus. He really can't keep it in his pants." she adds and grins. Though Jane joking about ropes actually gets a more boisterous laugh and maybe a blush.

She is an Amazon after all.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"All right." Harry comments thoughtfully,"It sounds like we have a plan. I am hoping to get down there this coming weekend. I can lead you through the Ways, but if you would rather make the trip on this side of the world, I don't blame you. A trip through the Ways is a trip through the fae folk country and it's not to be taken lightly."

He nods first to Jane and says,"Investigation might be a good idea. If I knew we were going to make it this weekend I would have you scout it out tomorrow night or the next night."

He looks to Cassie and takes a drink of his home brew,"I have met some of the Greek legends come to life. I can't say that I have had the pleasure of his company however. I have heard he has trouble keeping his pants on, but I don't want to know for sure." A smirk and he considers. He slides a card to Cassie and says,"I don't have the benefit of cell phone, so just leave a message on that service." If she looks around, she will note there is nothing technological in the room, candles lighting it, no radio or tv. Nothing.
Painkiller Jane has posed:
"I'll take the magic trip, since I don't have a passport." Jane offers. She's also technically dead, for census purposes.

Then Jane looks Cassie over more closely as well, ending in a smirk. "Daughter of Zeus? Yeah, I heard the stories about him. Wonder how much is genetic..."

Yeah, Jane noticed the blush as well. "I prefer handcuffs to ropes, normally. But I'm pretty open-minded." Since her accident, that is. Jane collects her empty bottles and finds a place to toss them.

"I should give you my number or something, Harry. Maybe just a place to leave a message. It's... complicated." Being officially dead and all.
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Sounds like a plan. I can meet you guys there. Just need some deets to land." Cassie says and maybe shows off a little more. She seems a taller but a look down will just show she's hovering off the ground. "I don't need to take commercial airlines. Too slow." she states as she sets down once more.

With the card looked at, the blonde slips it into a pocket in her jacket. Jane gets the same sort of wink she had given Mouse. "Oh you would be very popular over at the Embassy!" she states. There's a lot of flirtatiousness in all that.

"Got a couple more cards and a pen?" she asks. Her number will go on them before being handed to the pair. Once her drink is finished and Mouse given more scritches and a hug she beams. "Just say when I'll switch to some work clothes and see you on site. Or earlier!" That goes to Jane before she makes her own exit. And then skywards to fly home.