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Date of Cutscene: 16 April 2017
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star Shimmer

The morning is dark, The sun hasn't risen yet on the gritty city that is Gotham. For some, the night hasn't ended. Even as Autumn sips another cup of tea, Her mind wonders. The things she was told just the night before hounding her like an old stray dog that just won't stop following. She's tried everything to escape where her mind has been running. Nothing's worked. Not the games on her computer, not the music she tried playing, Not anything.

Even as a gentle calm coursed through her veins, it warred violently with her mind. The constant reminder that is her own reflection held, cut like a serrated knife right into her heart. How she hated how she was born. Still that gentle calm persisted, Chiseling away at that loathsome hate that had stayed rooted in her heart for almost a decade and a half.

The young transgirl set down her tea cup, now empty. The war raged inside. She needed out. Out of this place. Air. Air was needed. She quickly moved to the window that just hours earlier, Batman had both entered and exited. She opened the window and looked up. Her apartment was pretty high up, Two floors from the top. Thankfully there was a fire escape right there. She stepped out and climbed up. Up both of those floors to the very roof of the building. From that point she could see for what felt like miles. She could almost see clear to Gotham Harbor.

The young girl smiles a little. The dark sky is beginning to turn from dark blue to violet and orange now. Quietly she looks around for a place to get comfortable. As she does there is a little splash. A puddle on the roof top from the rain just a few days prior. Her gaze drops to the puddle as it ripples out. The image reflected rapidly distorted and altered from what she normally knew. In that moment, she drops to her knees. The person she is seeing is not the one she has come to despise. No. Its the person she wants to be. For the briefest of moments, the hate vanishes and she simply smiles.

A few minutes pass as she continues watching the water puddle, long after it steadies. The loathing she feels toward her own body starts creeping back in, with a quick motion she splashes the water with her hand. "No. I don't want to be like this. I don't want to hate myself." She speaks as she looks out across the horizon. A sliver of light shatters the remaining Darkness. "I am going to beat this." She moves to the very edge of the building. Throwing her arms out, as if to embrace the new day she shouts with all she is. "I'm Going to beat this!!!"

Much to her surprise she gets several responses. "That's great, now SHUT UP!!! I JUST GOT TO SLEEP!"

"HEY *&$# YOU LADY!"


She winces a little as suddenly, joining with the chorus of rather rage filled people, Dogs start barking. Then a few sensitive car alarms join in. Quietly she shrinks away and makes her way back to the fire escape stairs and returns to her room..