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Polar Boy (Scenesys ID: 9190)
"It's what any Legionnaire would do."
Full Name: Brek Bannin
Gender: Male
Species: Tharrian
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Galactic
Residence: Metropolis
Education: 31st Century Schooling
Status: Dropped
Groups: Legion of Superheroes, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 31st Century Actor:
Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 64 kg (140 lb)
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice


Brek Bannin, 'Polar Boy' of the Legion of Super-Heroes, is an eager and cheerful teen hero who's looking to pitch in and help anyone else trying to make the galaxy a better place to live (whether in the 21st or the 31st century). Some joke that he looks a little short to be a super-hero.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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A short, young humanoid man dressed in shades of purple. His hair is wild and white, swept back from his face like icicles. His eyes are blue and his face is clean-shaven. The man's outfit has a long left sleeve, but his right arm reveals a shift above the elbow from skin to a translucent blue substance. His jacket and boots are trimmed with white fur, and his belt displays a large Legion 'L' symbol.


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Born in the 31st century on the planet Tharr, Brek Bannin grew up wanting to be a hero but having no means of doing so--at least until, as a young teen, he heard about the Legion of Super-Heroes. Brek traveled to their headquarters to try out, and he tanked in the audition when he lost control of his natural cold-generation powers. Undeterred and cognizant of his need for training, Brek opted to found a 'Legion of Substitute Heroes' that would assist and support the main Legion.

For several years, Brek improved his control and helped cultivate a more skilled team of Substitutes before he was called to join the Legion itself. Excited to play the part he'd dreamed of nearly his entire life, Brek threw himself into his work--and, as a result, was among those tossed through time into the 21st century. While the Legion works on a way to return home, Brek is content to know that, even so far away from home, he can try to make life better for others--although he's not always sure that he's capable of doing so.


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Brek is a cheerleader for his fellow Legionnaires and any underdog looking to improve the world (or the galaxy). Having known what it's like to fail, Brek wants to help everyone succeed, and he's happy to serve as a temporary sidekick to help make that happen. On a similar note, Brek's frequently aided others by working as an ad-hoc leader--his ability to recognize the potential in others allows him to see how that potential might be realized in a pinch or crisis.

Where he's less confident is in his own abilities, and he constantly doubts himself. Even though Brek has a lot of experience working well with others, he often sees himself as the failure he once was, and he's worried that he'll never really be good enough to live up to others' expectations.


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Cold Generation:
As a Tharrian, Brek has the innate ability to generate and project intense cold around and from his body, allowing him to make and manipulate masses of ice, snow, and freezing air, such as to create offensive projectiles and fire them at enemies, thick walls for defensive purposes, icy limbs or claws, obscuring fog, and the like. Similarly, Brek can alter the ambient temperature in his immediate vicinity. Generally, Brek's cold generation abilities are constrained by atmospheric conditions (like heat sources that may compromise the integrity of any icy projections or creations), but he might momentarily approach several hundred degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) before passing out from the physical exertion of drawing on his abilities to such a degree.

Heat Tolerance:

As a corollary to his Tharrian cold projection abilities, Brek has an incredibly high resistance to extremely hot temperatures (capable of comfortably surviving in several hundred degrees Fahrenheit), only potentially risking injury from the heat generated by exposure to white-hot fire or lava.


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While Polar Boy is not necessarily among the universe's greatest fighters, he has spent considerable time training with his fellow Legionnaires, learning from experts like Karate Kid, Timber Wolf, and Night Girl to make competent, if not effective, use of his options in any given combat situation.

Covert Ops:
During his time in the Substitutes, Polar Boy became adept at running covert missions to help support the Legion from the shadows and to take care of situations that Legion was unable to. As a result, Brek is well-versed in well-oiled operations that require skill and focus to survive, let alone to succeed.

Natural Leader:

While he suffers from impostor syndrome regarding his role as a Legionnaire, Brek's time among the Substitute Heroes has demonstrated that he has a natural affinity for leadership, capable of recognizing the unique roles that different individuals bring to a situation and guiding them to make most effective use of their capabilities in those roles.


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Legion Flight Ring:
Polar Boy wears a Legion ring that affords him several abilities. Most frequently, it is used for flight via the generation of an anti-gravity field. The ring also provides a protective aura that enables its wearer to survive the vacuum of space, and the ring serves as a communicator that links its wearer to other rings' wearers even across the span of a solar system.

Legion Gear:
Like his fellow Legionnaires, Brek has a range of useful equipment issued to him for field missions. These include an Omnicom for data scanning, storage, and retrieval; translator ear plugs for cross-cultural and cross-species communication; a transuit, a transparent full-body outfit to assist with protection from space vacuum and extreme or toxic environments; and a number of portable tools for various mundane purposes.

Legion of Super-Heroes:

Polar Boy's single greatest resource is his team--his social circle, his siblings-in-arms, his chosen family of Legionnaires. He knows he can rely on them for help with anything he might need, just as he would do anything for them.


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Impostor Syndrome:
As a former member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, Polar Boy is acutely aware that he has been seen as a loser in the past, and that some might still continue to view him as such. As a result, he often doubts himself--his drive, his abilities, his decisions--out of a fear that he's still too much of a risk or unreliable problem for his teammates to trust him, that his critics are correct in their evaluation of his skill. Whether this fear is accurate or not, it nonetheless informs many of his interactions with others.

Intense Heat:
While Brek himself is incredibly resistant to extreme heat, the cold he generates and manipulates is not. With a hot enough source applied for an appropriate period of time, Polar Boy's abilities can effectively be neutralized.

Missing Arm:
As the result of a run-in with one of the Legion's enemies before they were displaced in the 21st century, Polar Boy lost his right arm at the elbow. Since then, he has generated an artificial arm out of ice, but in the event that his abilities are neutralized (or if his ice arm is shattered by an opponent), Brek may only have a single arm to work with at a crucial moment.


Like his fellow Legionnaires, Brek is stranded a thousand years before his own time. While he's able to rely on his teammates to get by, he's separated from his family and home with no way of returning--or even of letting them know he's alright.


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Dire Circumstances February 16th, 2024 Mon-El, Night Girl, and Polar Boy take on an unexpectedly magical incursion threatening the leisure planet Ventura.
The Panacea Project: Epilogue 3 - 'We're All Doing Great' January 12th, 2020 The Legion continues to deal with the fallout of the conflict with COMPUTO.
How Dare You January 11th, 2020 Polar Boy tries to force a confrontation with Brainiac 5 over the latter's desire to leave the Legion. It doesn't go as well as he'd hoped.
The Pancea Project: Epilogue 2 - A Battlefield Execution December 30th, 2019 Arguments are had over what to do with the Stellaris siblings, and Brainiac 5's desire to quit the team.
Environmental Impact Assessment December 29th, 2019 Invisible Kid and Polar Boy investigate a heavily polluted planet, discover native fauna, and attempt to perform science accordingly.
The Panacea Project: Astrix Innovations Investigation November 25th, 2019 The Legion finally discovers the true culprit behind their latest troubles....
The Panacea Project: Morally Bankrupt Or an Idiot November 20th, 2019 The Legion learns more disturbing news from Azeilia Stellaris.
The Qomet from Qward! November 19th, 2019 The Silver Surfer saves reality by returning the anti-matter aliens to their home universe, and all is right with existence once more.


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