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Date of Cutscene: 03 July 2019
Location: Montanta
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Soundwave

Soundwave stood in the vast emptiness of the Montana wilderness looking up at the stars of an alien sky, his T-Cog twitching as his body shifts and changes ports opening and shifting out of his body to start glowing a pale blue as he lifts into the air.

Timing his launch echo that of a near by research outposts high altitude weather experiments he rises the wind whistling around him as he picks up speed. Appearing as a sensor echo from the launch to the organics sensors he quickly activates his stealth systems when his speed is sufficient to allow the loss in power to his flight systems.

Soon the whistling ends the atmosphere left behind as he turns to look down at the blue and green globe. "Information is needed, our Lord's success will be upon the intelligence we supply." he speaks sharing a scan of a cube-sat with his Recordicons as his chest opens small cube and spherical shapes exiting the open port of his chest as both to his Recordicons, and the automotons are ejected "Gather resources from the refuse of the satellites they have discarded and build." he commands the Recordicons. "Consume and multiply." he tells the automotons as the small group of robotic beings move, old, abandoned and discarded machines being reworked and rebuilt with Cybertronian science to start studying the planet below, to skim the radio waves, encrypted and open.

Quietly he floats the small army of cube sats floating out to surround the organic planet floating far below.